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  1. Just curious as to what others have found to be their best precious metal investment over the past two years - bars or coins, etc. My best bar investment is by far my pickup of a 1 ounce pamp fortuna rhodium bar - which I purchased for $900 in 2016. My best coin investment was the 2015 1 ounce platinum eagle which I purchased from the us mint directly - got it graded by pcgs - and was able to flip it for a $1,000 profit. my biggest losses are just all my billion holdings currently - as precious metals are taking a beating to pound town as of late. We will see what the future holds
  2. In looking at the sales - can it really be assumed that the years from 2008 to 2017 were all done by stackers - my gut tells me that JP Morgan or some other big investment firms probably bought the majority of the production.
  3. SOLD the 5 oz bar on Friday - at the end of the day it was just bullion anyway!!!
  4. I have been debating with my self as to what part of my collection do I sell to fund a trip with my kids to Europe. I could very easily sell my 5 oz bar from the master collection - or I could sell off all the other individual coins - from my 1/4 oz collection. Collecting this stuff is great - but other things have more value in life. I’m tending to think the 5 oz bar - cause it took me years to piece together the 1/4 oz collection. Just wondering If other members have had this dilemma and what they did / would do.
  5. Just looked at apmex website - prices are crazy for 2 oz queens beast griffin — $133.58 per coin, lion @ 73.58 per coin if you buy 20+. Whats going on ???
  6. Does anyone know what is happening to rhodium and why it is skyrocketing up in price?
  7. Pampfan

    Rhodium is on Fire - what’s up

    Rhodium now at $2250 per ounce - Wow
  8. The 5 oz bars are very common - the coins would take me a lot longer to get - if I could find them all - so the bar will Go!!!
  9. Just saw this listing on Ebay - 7 left https://www.ebay.com/itm/2018-Great-Britain-1-4oz-Gold-Queen-s-Beast-Black-Bull-NGC-MS70-ER-Flag-Label/132567612602?hash=item1edda53cba:g:8-4AAOSwoGNaxBVX Pamp
  10. Pampfan

    Ms70 gold 1/4 oz griffin on ebay

    Anyone looking for the griffin 1/4 oz gold - someone has four of them on eBay - for $1000 each or best offer - seller id bigbarry725
  11. Looking at mintage - they only mad 180,000 of em. LOL
  12. Just sent the royal mint a freedom of information request for the mintages and sales of the queens beast series - gold and silver - proof and bullion. Will let everyone know how they respond.
  13. I think that there may be more collectors who prefer 1 ounce coins as opposed to 1/4 oz (I prefer the 1/4 ounce ) - What is very interesting is the very low mintages of the bull - This may be the key to the set.
  14. I think it means if they wanted to mint more they could.
  15. Here are the bullion only figures - As soon as I receive the proof figures I will update. Standard Alloy Theme Fine Oz / Size Mintage Limit Despatched Sales to End March Bullion GOLD Dragon 0.25 No Limit 10,421 Bullion GOLD Dragon 1 No Limit 14,456 Bullion GOLD Griffin 0.25 No Limit 10,758 Bullion GOLD Griffin 1 No Limit 13,159 Bullion GOLD Lion 0.25 No Limit 20,094 Bullion GOLD Lion 1 No Limit 22,707 Bullion GOLD Unicorn 0.25 No Limit 10,193 Bullion GOLD Unicorn 1 No Limit 12,268 Bullion GOLD Bull 0.25 No Limit 5,066 Bullion GOLD Bull 1 No Limit 5,612 Bullion Platinum Dragon 1 No Limit 3,020 Bullion Platinum Griffin 1 No Limit 3,051 Bullion Platinum Lion 1 No Limit 4,135 Bullion SILVER Dragon 2 No Limit 195,263 Bullion SILVER Dragon 10 No Limit 5,077 Bullion SILVER Griffin 2 No Limit 183,939 Bullion SILVER Griffin 10 No Limit 8,286 Bullion SILVER Lion 2 No Limit 259,204 Bullion SILVER Lion 10 No Limit 16,305 Bullion SILVER Unicorn 2 No Limit 155,700 Bullion SILVER Bull 2 No Limit 107,564 Another Success under the belt!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. My contact at the royal mint has stated that they are almost complete sorting out all the information and I should be hearing back from them by weeks end.
  17. Should be getting an email from the mint any day now. I am very curious as to if any of the early releases have very different sales numbers from last year - remember there were no mintage limits on any of the bullion items - so is it possible that the mint may re-issue - or possible come out with a complete set of the beasts at the end of the run???
  18. Pampfan

    Got Buffalo’s ?

    Let’s take a look at two beautiful coins - 1 oz US gold Buffalo’s normal proof and reverse proof. -
  19. Pampfan

    The effort that goes in to your £12 oz silver

    I always felt like I lean to the left a lot - Must be my solid gold left hand.😜
  20. Pampfan

    The effort that goes in to your £12 oz silver

    Arent’t we all just space dust and stuff? 😀
  21. I’ve done this before Start off with a bottle of blue label - take drink Then one large jar/penny = converting £ into $. At this point I take a pint and drink it, I calculate the pint glass against the empty blue label bottle = 15 the large jar /penny = 600 divide that by some number so 5650 pennies
  22. Pampfan

    Multitude of Fakes! Beware this Ebay seller!

    I would think it is a real 10 gram bar of silver - cause who would go through all the trouble of faking it. That said - credit suisse’s version of the fortuna is just poorly done.
  23. Pampfan

    Got Buffalo’s ?

    2010 is the regular proof
  24. Pampfan

    Queens Beast Gold Coin Premium

    One ms70 lion sold on eBay for $675. All I can say is wow!