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  1. 6 new coins for the world silver collection. All NGC
  2. Ride the waves - rhodium recoops last weeks losses and is pushing forward - over $5,300 an ounce now.
  3. I like @kimchi ‘s idea. When I’m not home I will put a picture of my face over the frame. No one will want to look twice at it - ie. “Safe and sound” - LMFAO
  4. “Money-grubbing relatives” - that is a very funny saying - I will definitely watch out for those. 😜
  5. @JonCL I bought the frame on eBay. It has a foam liner - with a back board and a clear plastic front - the frame is wood.
  6. Here is the completed project. It took some time to get all the coins - but I think this is a good first start to a world silver coin collection. I am now working on the ngc version with coins I couldn’t find at decent prices in pcgs holders. all coins in 70 condition and 1 ounce of silver.
  7. Today I unpackaged a few coins for my newest project - a collection of world silver Bullion coins. All pcgs so far grades 70. The plan is to make a plaque to hang on my wall to display them.
  8. And rhodium crashes right back down to earth. Down over $750 in just a few days - talk about being a volatile metal? I thought it was inert. lol
  9. I found an 1878 Indian head penny as a child digging in my dad’s backyard. I mistakingly showed it to Him and he confiscated it under the grounds it was found on his property and he was the property owner. A few years later I found a watch in my back yard on the grass. My dad is Still talking about that watch he lost. 😜
  10. It took 1 day for Rhodium to hit $4,500. I cannot believe it! $5,000 is now in sight.
  11. Rhodium is on its way up again, just passing $4,150 an ounce. $4500 is in reach now - will it hit that in September?
  12. COA’s for stacking and selling Bullion don’t mean anything. Dealers will always test the coins for authenticity regardless of what paperwork is accompanied. The only time a COA might bring you a few bits more - is when you sell to a collector who wants the complete packaging with the COA for his collection.
  13. Rhodium just hit $4,000 an ounce. Crazy, just Crazy. I brought this metal to everyone’s attention a few years back - Where is it going next? $5,000? $6,000? Wow!
  14. Bullionbypost is pretty reputable. I would weigh the bar to make sure it is exactly one ounce. It could be a very bad strike on the bar which gives it that appearance.