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  1. Rhodium now at $5700 per ounce. $6,000 in sight - maybe by the end of the month? let’s see what happens
  2. I just picked up these beautiful pamp bars while in Munich: the rare pamp 8gm gold - tree of life pamp 2.5 Gm gold st. George vs. dragon pamp 2 Gm gold scorpio more uploads you come.
  3. A nice pickup from a friend at my local coin show - Russia is now checked off on my world gold 1/4 oz in 70 condition collection.I really love the ngc label - lol. St. George vs the dragon
  4. Clean that junk silver! Lol no downside at all
  5. @vicamy I was only joking around. 🀣
  6. The real lesson hear is that You need to research and obtain the knowledge of what your buying. We have all experienced a situation like this - myself included, where we needed to get another opinion or expert help. Glad it’s real! ps (I fear if I got my hands on a sigma machine I would be checking everything in my house - just to see if it had any precious metals in it. πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‚)
  7. I need help from any member who is in Germany. I need to know if there are any restrictions on shipping gold and silver from Germany to the USA. Also - what is the best carrier and method to do so. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Total value is approx $2k thanks pamp
  8. Looks like this may be relevant again.
  9. 6 new coins for the world silver collection. All NGC
  10. Ride the waves - rhodium recoops last weeks losses and is pushing forward - over $5,300 an ounce now.
  11. I like @kimchi β€˜s idea. When I’m not home I will put a picture of my face over the frame. No one will want to look twice at it - ie. β€œSafe and sound” - LMFAO