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  1. The big reason I buy silver is because I like to have some of my portfolio in various sized beautiful works of art that I can enjoy that have a monetary value. Take a 1 kilo Pamp suisse Fortuna bar. When you hold it in your hands it has substantial weight (impressive), then you look at the actual beauty of the artwork of the bar (impressive), the fact that it has monetary value associated with it is also a plus. I guess I fall more to the collector side of the hobby and inadvertently have “stacked” a few items along the way (like the couple hundred ounces of colored silver eagles that “belong to my kids in their collections.”😉 To me - it is a very time consuming hobby that appreciates (or depreciates) in value as the years go on but it has become a part of my journey in life. As a side note I stack copper as well - everytime I see an electrical wire I strip off the rubber case to get at the shinny red metal underneath - so far I am probably up to about 5 thousand pounds of it stored in old milk crates. Talk about taking up space! 🤪
  2. I am glad that the silver forum has gotten to be so big that we are arguing over the limit of likes! Can I get 100 likes on this?
  3. These are very serious times - we all need to be concerned. Although we might not be sick - this is a time changing event - possible the new BC! (Before Christ) now might become (Before Corona).
  4. First off - I consider myself to be an optimist -but, Everything is looking worse and worse each day. Everyone is worried about this being the start of a recession - I see this as the start of the next Great Depression. Do the governments have anything left to stop it from happening. What do you think?
  5. Rhodium is dead - oh well - it is just a piece of metal ! life goes on
  6. @zhoutonged i think I have talked enough about rhodium - plus your doing a better job at it than I was - 😜
  7. I think this is a very important issue to discuss as - we all have had some sort of reason to buy precious metals for an actual SHTF event. I am learning very quickly that in the current event - as long as the dealers are open and you can get to them - it is possible to exchange/sell for cash. Cash then needs to be spent on hard goods for survival. As long as the supply chain is in tact - then we should be able to make it. But what do you do realistically if things get bad and the supply chain is disrupted - I think at that point all - only the really prepared people who have thought this out will be in a better position than the average joe. My dad lived through the horrors of ww2 were he lost everything - he would say that this is nothing - compared to what he went through - but he survived none the less -with rags for clothes and barely any food to eat. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that point - but it has in the past many times - so why should today be any different. It is up to each of us to think out our plan and execute it. (PS - I just stockpiled a few cases of whiskey and rum in my basement - along with some espresso pods and a brand new Nepresso machine just in case! Got all my survival vices covered!😜)
  8. Pampfan

    Sixgun vs HawkHybrid

    I am not a scientist - but I thought that all the carbon we have on the earth is a fixed amount - the only problem is that how that carbon is stored - in the ground or as a gas in the air - it would seem to me that we may have messed with the natural cycle of things and released more carbon into the atmosphere, and that has changed our climate. But when has the earths climate never changed - there is evidence of a great ice age only 12000 years ago - Ice sheets as thick as one mile deep. What about the polarity of the earth changing from north to south, etc. We may be living through one of these natural earth events or we may not - our life span is to short to know for sure. So let’s try to start living as close to the old way as possible. I am as we speak - I just pulled out a bottle of johnnie walker blue - I am sitting on my porch and drinking a glass of it while I watch other people hard at work. I think I’ll have a big fat juicy steak tonight (cows release that bad nitrogen- I’m doing my part). 😉
  9. Pampfan

    Sixgun vs HawkHybrid

    It seems to me that we all can agree that we have problems all around us. That is a given whether it be virus, global gases, fiat currency, etc. The times we live in are no different than any other time in history - all humans have faced problems - and the only difference is that these are our problems and our time - so the question I pose to all is - What are you going to do to make this world better - we only get one chance each at it! I have my plan!
  10. I haven’t seen this bar before - the one I have is a pendant style that is only available in from one country in Europe. I would say spot plus $50. I do not know if there are many people looking for this bar. maybe someone else has more info on it. (me personally - I wouldn’t pay more than that to add to my collection)
  11. I do not think that sales tax is charged on any product when purchased directly from the US Mint. Can someone confirm this?
  12. My only problem with silver is the more is better mentality vs. better is better. 100 ounces of silver has mass and weight. You can see 100 ounces and it gives the mind a false sense of having a lot of stuff. One ounce of gold is so tiny yet almost has the same value. I admit that sometimes I have dreams of my small couple hundred ounce silver stack will reach $1,700 an ounce and I’m rich - etc. 😢 But History and reality have shown that will never be the case. 😂😂 Silver is definitely not Rhodium - which one ounce of right now can easily buy 500 ounces of silver!
  13. Rhodium now at 11,200 waiting for it to hit 20k -
  14. Welcome - your stuff is really amazing!
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