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  1. As requested - all five bars next to each other - the silver bar is by far the most reflective.
  2. Pampfan

    What to stack??

    Just one thing to look out for when buying “constitutional silver” is if the coins are heavily circulated vs uncirculated or close to it. Some dealers when they buy it back will weigh it instead of using a face value calculation. This is due the fact that heavily worn coins weigh less than uncirculated or close to uncirculated. It may be wiser just to weigh the coins and then calculate on the weight the actual silver value you have. I used to buy and sell a lot of junk silver and found that it was just easier for me to get silver eagles. Good luck
  3. Here is every pamp suisse 1 ounce Fortuna bar by metal type - 5 bars in total rhodium, silver, palladium, platinum, and gold. In my opinion, the nicest bars ever made - I am waiting for a copper Fortuna bar? Lol
  4. Die cracks usually do not run in a straight line like this - it would be very odd to be a one off and I would think that the great quality control department at the royal mint would have been on top of this mistake like jelly on a butter biscuit. All kidding aside - it would be very interesting to see what ngc or pcgs say about this.
  5. Pampfan

    Three Fakes - from London Coin Show

    It seems odd to me that someone would fake a Scottsdale mint bar. I guess nothing is safe! Please post some pics -
  6. Pampfan

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    I’m in as well i will be donating the following: 1921 Morgan silver dollar - BU/PL condition 1922 Peace silver dollar - BU condition and for fun 3 copper proof Zombucks: the Barber, the walker, and Zombuff
  7. Ukmetalbullions1. they have some interesting bars for sale on eBay - does anyone know if they are on the forum or have dealt with them? thanks pamp
  8. These were/are the real numbers I obtained from the mint. These coins are not rare and should be bought for as close to spot as possible - in the USA - pinehurst coins has them all for the best prices. good luck pamp
  9. Pampfan

    2008 American Silver Eagles

    Most likely these were struck by new dies - I have handeled a lot of silver eagles over the years and have also noticed this.
  10. Pampfan

    Today I bought.....

    Today I ordered some nice Pamp Suisse bars from India with help from a co-worker. They will be traveling to India in January to pick up from a relative to bring back to me in the states.
  11. Pampfan

    Today I bought.....

    On vacation in Germany in Munich - visited Degussa shop - picked up 3 items - gold horse bar, Scorpio bar , and gold 1dm,
  12. Pampfan

    New Pamp Silver Rosa Bars Released

    Just saw that Pamp Suisse has released the following new sizes in Silver for the Rosa series: Beautiful big bars to go along with the fortuna series
  13. Just curious as to what others have found to be their best precious metal investment over the past two years - bars or coins, etc. My best bar investment is by far my pickup of a 1 ounce pamp fortuna rhodium bar - which I purchased for $900 in 2016. My best coin investment was the 2015 1 ounce platinum eagle which I purchased from the us mint directly - got it graded by pcgs - and was able to flip it for a $1,000 profit. my biggest losses are just all my billion holdings currently - as precious metals are taking a beating to pound town as of late. We will see what the future holds
  14. In looking at the sales - can it really be assumed that the years from 2008 to 2017 were all done by stackers - my gut tells me that JP Morgan or some other big investment firms probably bought the majority of the production.
  15. SOLD the 5 oz bar on Friday - at the end of the day it was just bullion anyway!!!