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  1. Rhodium just hit $9,000 an ounce. why can’t gold do this? 😢
  2. For me - if the sovereign became completely worthless - I will become a buyer for everyone to sell too on the forum. My exchange rate would be 1 US Dime (10 cents) for each sovereign sent to me. So no one has anything to worry about ! I can post pictures of my dimes just to show I’m not full of it! 😉
  3. Just saying? - the metal is going crazy! The question always becomes - if you have some - do you take the profit - or hold it and see what happens? Also - Where does it stabilize at - $3,000 isn’t a far stretch at this point.
  4. I would think at your areas biggest precious metal dealer.
  5. The question on selling is a good one - when is the time to sell? I don’t have a good answer for it! I will need to think about it.🤔🤔
  6. I like the call. - I agree with 20k lol
  7. Are you only looking for halves or other 90% junk silver?
  8. Rhodium over $7000 an ounce - nuff said - I was talking about the precious metal for years now - is $10k in sight? unbelievable!
  9. Hopefully you have kept detailed records on all the items you have bought - how much you paid, etc. Since you know you will need around 1000 pounds - instead of selling your stack - try and cut back on current expenses - and raise the 1000 pound that way. You just need to cut back 20 pounds a week and boom - there’s your 1000 pounds and you still have your entire stack. if you need more at Year end then you still can sell it anyway!
  10. I will be sitting and waiting for rare pamp items to pop up. I need the 10 gram gold Scorpio bar the 8 gram gold fortuna bar ( if it exists) maybe some newer pamp releases that’s about it.
  11. The yeezes are as @kman stated. I got them a size bigger - but as you wear them they break in quite nicely. They are almost impossible to get at retail - I paid Close to a sov for them. My Christmas gift to myself. I mean you can’t wear a sov - unless I sew them somehow to the sneaker? 🤔🤔
  12. Rhodium over $6000 - now at $6,250. is $7,000 in reach ???
  13. Digital will probably be the norm at the end of this century as well. Digital needs electricity - with power outages and computer hackers etc. it may be very vulnerable. Also Governments through out all of history - whether it be fiat or actually gold and silver have ripped off their people by devaluation of their currency - it is going on today and will probably be even worse with digital currency, negative interest rates, etc. My solution - I plan on spending my money as soon as I get it in my hands and borrowing as much as I can and buying stocks. The markets keep going up - it must go on forever - Ah, the Roaring 20’s - I remember the first go round - it was so much fun - round 2 - let’s enjoy it as much as we can! I’m heading to the speakeasy on Friday night with a pocket of gold and silver dollars. Gonna dance and drink the night away! (Beep, beep, beep - my alarm just went off - what a crazy dream! Well off to work and the rat race - my reality 😢)