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  1. @BleyerBullion I think an article on the topic would be great!
  2. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately as to why am I stacking silver? For me - being in the USA- it started with “constitutional silver” - as it was stuff that I was familiar with cause my parents collected some when it was still in circulation - they put it in a jar and threw it in the basement on a shelf - were it sat for many years with out a thought given again by them. (Lucky for me - 😜) I am sure that others did the same exact thing at the time. But is that when silver stacking began? When it was used in circulation as money - people of course would save it and collect it because it had a monetary value - just like Dollars and quarters of today. - if we just happen to put away a box of copper pennies in 1981 - is that when stacking copper began- for comparison thinking. My real question is why is the silver market so big and is being pushed by so many people and dealers when it obviously isn’t a “rare” precious metal like gold? (No offense to all the silver stackers - but i Just don’t get it!) (In addition - All this being said - I still find myself buying silver Pamp bars and American silver eagles for my collection.) What do you think?
  3. Just thought I’d share this information was at Bullion exchanges in nyc the other day and I was curious as to what the buy back price was on a 1 ounce pamp suisse rhodium fortuna bar. The nice guy at the counter stated it was spot -$400. I thought to my self wow - that is a crazy spread from spot price. So if you look at the difference in the bid price - which is already $200 less than the buy price - that is a $600 spread. Bid was at $3,150 and ask was $3,350. So if my math is right - they would pay $2,750 for a 1 ounce rhodium bar. Just something to think about for everyone heavily invested in rhodium - if you buy it at current prices - it will take a huge increase in spot just to get your initial investment back. (I was very lucky to add my one bar to my collection a few years ago when it was still cheap - LOL)
  4. I bought lots of silver and frequently take baths in it to remind of how much I lost to hold a metal that takes up lots of space and is difficult to store. All kidding aside - my bathroom needs a new floor - so I was thinking on placing some colored silver eagles down as tiles and putting a nice shinny clear coat over it. At least that will take care of the storage aspect and it might actually look really nice. I have seen it done with copper pennies - I will test it out and take some pics.
  5. Looking to clear- out a bunch of stuff in the next few weeks - I am listing here my just recently purchased - 1987 proof sovereign. asking $325 PayPal ff - free usps priority mail shipping.
  6. Today at the local coin show I picked up this beautiful proof 1987 sovereign in the original box and coa and a roll of 1961 proof quarters.
  7. I thought it would be interesting to start a thread on how the silver forum has affected your collecting/stacking habits. For me, it definitely gave me an insight into the world of sovereigns, @sovereignsteve, Mexican libertads, @Numistacker, and so many other items out there in world of collecting coins and bars that I probably would never have been exposed to had I not joined the forum a few years back. Not to mention all the good people on the forum I have meet and dealt with and who helped me get some bars and coins to add to my collection. the top 5 things I learned from the forum are: 1) sovereigns are a big thing - (I managed to get the 2017 proof one- probably my most favorite sov that I own.) 2) Gold libertad mintages have no ryme or reason to them - but I managed to get my hands on a 2014 1/4 oz gold - which had a mintage of only 350 3) Vat on silver sucks for you guys in Britain 4) the royal mint quality control is A+ (😉) 5) I started out collecting only pamp bars - but there is so much other cool stuff out there that I wanted after I saw it on the forum. here are some pics of stuff I would never have picked up:(I apologize for the 2017 brittania - but I really like it)😜
  8. This beautiful pamp gold honeycomb bar found its way into my hands today. I have seen this bar a lot in silver but this is the first one I’ve seen in gold. Very rare bar
  9. What type of bars are you looking for? Gold/silver - pm me
  10. Pampfan

    Colored Silver Coins

    In the USA I have been able to purchase a lot (couple hundred) of colored Silver eagles - at close to spot. For some reason - dealers just blow them out as junk silver eagles at the local coin show I attend - I always buy them all when I see them. (I say I’m picking them up for the kids - 😉)
  11. The newest additions to the pamp family (finally got them all together) - the complete fortuna size collection in platinum from 1 gram to 20 grams - also a 5gm platinum liberty bar. -
  12. Today I received an amazing 250 gram pamp Rosa bar.