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  1. Pampfan

    Malta First Gold Bullion

    Looked at the website but - how do you purchase?
  2. Pampfan

    Outlook on Silver - Anyone following him?

    Gold and silver is just like any other investment - it is only worth what someone is willing to give you for it when you go to sell it. As for MM - he has produced some very interesting and entertaining videos about the monetary system, etc. I watched them all and will use that information- as well as all the other information out there to make my buying decisions. Which was to basically just buy what I like - and specialize in a certain area - pamp suisse bars, because at my level - I am basically a non-player in the market (I.e. not being able to make markets move, etc.). So my advise is to watch his videos and do your own additional research and make your own decision on what to do.
  3. Pampfan

    Philly spots

    Phillys are prone to milk spots, i had an ms70 graded one spot in the holder - I cracked it out for fun a few years back.
  4. Pampfan

    Why are PAMP premiums so......

    I think the answer to your question is that the gold market is very different from the silver market when it comes down to pamp bars. Most dealers sell pamp gold bars at the same prices as other gold bars of the same size. If they jacked the prices up to the same % markup as they do silver - no one would buy them. Pamp silver bars on the other hand - the dealers jack up the prices because people will buy them at that price. As with all businesses - there are high margin products and low margin products. In addition - pamp bars are considered works of art - so people will spend more to get something artistic over a normal silver bar. But this only applies to silver - since it is more affordable for people to pay $35 for a one ounce silver bar as opposed to $1300 for a one ounce gold bar.
  5. Pampfan

    Sov set - real or fake?

    The real note to self should be - I did what I needed to do in researching the the items for sale - I reached out for advice before my purchase - and because of my efforts I adverted a possible scam. Great job!
  6. My first couple of bucks earned from my paper route was spent on a 1st edition US box of garbage pail kids. 25 cents a pack - damn I wish I still had that - actually I still have some of the wrappers. (The 80’s were a great time)
  7. Pampfan

    Proof coins and milk spots

    I will not buy any silver proof coins for numismatic purposes anymore - I had pf70 graded and slabbed coins spot on me and I just don’t feel like risking it anymore. It left a sour milk taste in my mouth 🥛
  8. Pampfan

    Pamp silver regret

    Pamp silver bars carry a huge premium. I have found if you are in no rush - they can and do pop up at a reasonable price. In the USA - the 10 oz Britannia’s can be bought for at least $50 less than the 10 oz fortuna bar. Personal choice as with everything else!
  9. Pampfan

    Queen's Beast's question

    Well I am glad you are a part of the family!
  10. Pampfan

    Today I bought.....

    Today I bought a very rare St. George and the dragon pamp silver pendant.
  11. Pampfan

    Queen's Beast's question

    It is hard to believe I did that almost 2 years ago.
  12. Pampfan

    Today I Received.....

    The pigs are in the collection - pamp suisse silver pigs - 10 gram, one ounce, and 100 gram. Collection is complete now to date.
  13. Pampfan

    I caught a bad addiction, PAMP gold.

    Ounce upon a time - I bought one pamp gold bar - then this happened - the entire size collection from the .3 gram up to the 5 ounce bar. (I miss my 5 ounce bar - but my vacation to Europe this summer was worth a lot more) this is pamp fever
  14. Pampfan

    I caught a bad addiction, PAMP gold.

    I think you got pamp Fever - the only cure is probably the 10 ounce bar.