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    Stu73 got a reaction from JohnA in Old British Banknotes?   
    Also have a look at Pam West's site http://www.britishnotes.co.uk/?page=stock_item&categoryid=45&stockid=45008&pageno=6
    There are many provincial / town bank banknotes on there. Will give you another source of info. She currently has 3 notes from Northamptonshire Banking Company and many others.
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    Stu73 got a reaction from ApisMellifera in Side Hustle   
    I'm in the Foreign Exchange industry so get to see plenty of world banknotes,  currently accumulating fancy serial number US banknotes which have a large following and mark up. Also with the release of the first book on replacement banknotes there seems to be a growing interest in that now.
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    Stu73 reacted to Pete in Queens Beast's Capsules   
    Here are the two issued Beasts housed in caps supplied by @Stu73
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    Stu73 got a reaction from OlliesSilverBars in Air-Tite Capsule for 2oz Queens Beast   
    Air-Tite Capsules with black ring, for 2oz Queens Beast.
    Brought a bulk amount of these over from US.
    95p each
    P&P Large letter
    1-6  £1.00
    7-12  £1.30
    Payment by paypal please
    Thanks for looking.

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    Stu73 got a reaction from ApisMellifera in New Member   
    Not early no , although I got 4 different years 2000 , 02 , 04 , 06 I was unsure if I should go for them or not . First purchase for me was hard to choose starting from scratch it was originally a sovereign, then UK Lunars , then Australian Lunars or Kooks / Koalas. Was so confused then read about the Britts . So pleased I made the right choice it's kind of like I was looking for reassurance before buying anything. That thread was for me perfect and I appreciate the shared knowledge.