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  1. Hi 1000ozs , I sell a $1 Uncirculated repeater for $30 , an Uncirculated $20 I would expect around $80. I do sell to a dealer so get around 60-70% of their value for quick sales. If its in line with what you have seen no harm trying at $100. You may get that if you are prepared to wait a while. Happy searching it can certainly be rewarding
  2. Yes many different combinations to look for. Solid serial numbers e.g 88888888 which is the most sought after sell for $3500.00 plus graded , that's a $1 note, crazy money. The banknote collecting world is a strange thing in general, a newly issued note in Uncirculated condition is worth more than face value to a collector. The new polymer Northern Ireland £10 notes issued this year are selling for £15 wholesale.
  3. Also have a look at Pam West's site http://www.britishnotes.co.uk/?page=stock_item&categoryid=45&stockid=45008&pageno=6 There are many provincial / town bank banknotes on there. Will give you another source of info. She currently has 3 notes from Northamptonshire Banking Company and many others.
  4. Yes I have some more , very popular I'll PM you as this is old thread.
  5. I'm in the Foreign Exchange industry so get to see plenty of world banknotes, currently accumulating fancy serial number US banknotes which have a large following and mark up. Also with the release of the first book on replacement banknotes there seems to be a growing interest in that now.
  6. Only the Silver 2oz beast capsules coming. Yes they do they were 0.85 cents before Christmas I think these are popular , without the black ring I believe. Good to add on if your ordering coins as they still charge 14.00 EUR delivery.
  7. Yes they fit , these come with 38mm ring . Will PM you all when I have them Stu
  8. They are the Air-tite X6D with black ring type , pictures are on my home computer . If you look UK sales posts 3rd page about 9 posts from the bottom there is a picture in my old sale thread. Will post here picture tonight also. Will have around 200 spare so will be enough.I think. Stu
  9. HI I have some of these coming over in a couple of weeks , price would be around 85p - 90p each depending on quantities Stu
  10. I work in the banknote industry and we have been told the removal of notes is due to vast levels of counterfeits , which funds terrorism and also to stop the people who are hoarding cash for the black market. They will be replaced with a new purple 2000 note and a new green 500 shortly.
  11. Air-Tite Capsules with black ring, for 2oz Queens Beast. Brought a bulk amount of these over from US. 95p each P&P Large letter 1-6 £1.00 7-12 £1.30 Payment by paypal please Thanks for looking.
  12. Not early no , although I got 4 different years 2000 , 02 , 04 , 06 I was unsure if I should go for them or not . First purchase for me was hard to choose starting from scratch it was originally a sovereign, then UK Lunars , then Australian Lunars or Kooks / Koalas. Was so confused then read about the Britts . So pleased I made the right choice it's kind of like I was looking for reassurance before buying anything. That thread was for me perfect and I appreciate the shared knowledge.
  13. Thanks for the welcomes Don't mind sharing , 9 Britts from Nordfrim , tipped from a jeweller friend , I assume he read the thread on here he wouldn't say. Wasn't sure they were legit until I read the thread on this site myself.