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    Mariner1961 got a reaction from StonedMofo in **NOVEMBER** Group order   
    My 10oz Unicorn received safe and sound, thanks BYB 🙂
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    Mariner1961 got a reaction from BackyardBullion in **NOVEMBER** Group order   
    My 10oz Unicorn received safe and sound, thanks BYB 🙂
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    Mariner1961 reacted to BackyardBullion in Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?   
    I am not affiliated with them in any way. We use them for some group orders but I have brought in The European Mint for group orders because I feel more comfortable having €30,000 worth of orders going to them rather than GS.be
    Gs.be don't even advertise on the forum and unless @ChrisSIlver can confirm otherwise have absolutely no affiliation with them.
    "Thesilverforum.com" you refer to seem to be the large customer base that have never had an issue with them that are happy to share those experiences here on the forum. 
    So any thoughts or suggestions to the contrary are in my opinion fairly ludicrous.
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    Mariner1961 reacted to StackingItAll in Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?   
    Dude uncalled for @BackyardBullion has done nothing but try his best over this. Has put it out to the forum for all to decide on future group orders. Also this has nothing at all to do with him he ain't holding someone's silver this lays firmly with the company and their crappy attitude to this mess. 
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    Mariner1961 reacted to BackyardBullion in Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?   
    And then I would be chastised by the other 50% of the forum for doing so....
    I have a dual group order open, customers can vote with their feet if they want, but don't criticise me for giving them the option, that's just not fair.
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    Mariner1961 reacted to Attilio in Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?   
    That’s unfair,he has already stepped up and givin fourth right comments about this very bad state of affairs,the members of the forum will have the last say on this.They can choose who they want their orders  placed with.
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    Mariner1961 reacted to AppleZippoandMetronome in Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?   
    I think that is an extremely unfair comment especially given the amount of work he's done promoting the European mint and sorting out discounts which have given the members here more competitive choice. Any member on here can read through this and make up their mind as to whether they want to keep shopping with GS.be - @BackyardBullion even set up a poll dedicated to that exact topic. I personally won't be shopping with them in the future due to this incident but @BackyardBullion shouldn't be given any sort of flack for trying to offer a better choice to the membership here. It is up to people as individuals to decide for themselves.
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    Mariner1961 reacted to Lowlow in The end of Silver Stacking in the UK - Brexit is to blame!   
    Well, yeah, but it would be free money if they just took everything everyone owned too ... but obviously there are limits to the "free money", voters and the silver special interest group just have to make it a priority.
    Yeah, I think UK citizens should support Backyard Bullion as the leader of the silver special interest group, the lead activist to get the law changed and save silver.
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    Mariner1961 reacted to AppleZippoandMetronome in Boycotting GS.be   
    This isn't just a question of bad customer service. The problem (at least the problem I have) is the full on to borderline (depending who you ask) illegal actions GS.be have decided to take against one of their customers. When I first heard of GS.be I did the (IMO) sensible thing of looking for reviews and I was admittedly put off by what I saw on the surface. As I kept looking though I decided that most of the negative reviews were on things like GS.be's attitude or people ordering bullion coins only to be shocked by them coming in bullion condition. In the end I wasn't too phased by these as so many people reported receiving the goods they ordered so that was fine. They've crossed a line here though by acting in the (borderline to full on) illegal way they have. I see their actions and again I have to ask...  if this is how they treat a customer spending €9000 what confidence does that give me for my £500 order? Also as their (borderline to full on) illegal actions seem to be an escalation in how badly they deal with customers one has to ask what else are they willing to do? There is clearly a lack of morality on show there that just flat out makes me uncomfortable.
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    Mariner1961 reacted to Mcgrimes in Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?   
    @Kleiner - Can I cancel my order
    GS.be - Of course, have a nice day.
    @Kleiner - Can I place a larger order?
    GS.be - Ofcourse, please pay immediately
    @Kleiner - Here’s 9k, wire transferred
    GS.be - That’ll be another €390, pay it or lose everything
    Some members of this forum - OP at fault!
    My opinion - GS.be are acting unlawfully, according to their terms they should have cancelled the order within 1hour! Anyone who defends their actions should be ashamed. The OP requested a cancellation, and irrespective of his reasons, they accepted (formally through email!). 
    Also GS.be : In the event of the buyer failing to proceed to payment by email for the order following the instructions on the Website and within the deadline of an hour of the confirmation of the order by the vendor, the order will be automatically and irrevocably cancelled.
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    Mariner1961 reacted to silverdocket in Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?   
    I have the same problem with lapdancing clubs..... 
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    Mariner1961 reacted to Pete in Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?   
    Good reason to quit the EU with or without a Brexit agreement if that's how business is conducted across the Channel.
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    Mariner1961 reacted to sixgun in Numismatic Coin Collectors Must See This   
    In my reply to a newbie on advice for collecting on another thread, i said to be careful with proof silver. Spotting will ruin the coin. i forgot to include graded coins. Having coins graded may add value to your special coins but buying them - you are paying a top price. i have never bought a graded coin.
    This leaflet promoting the high relief proof 5oz Wedge Tailed Eagle is like the adverts for special commemorative coins you might see in the Sunday papers colour supplements. You pay top dollar. It is an area we have discussed before, it is a trap those thinking with their heart and not their head fall into. A message worth repeating.
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    Mariner1961 reacted to Money2Metal in Best Looking Coin   
    For silver it's the old style 1oz Mexican Peso. It's nice and chunky like pirate treasure! For gold it's the buffalo.
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    Mariner1961 reacted to engire in Best Looking Coin   
    I love this portrait of Britannia. Bit too expensive nowadays.

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    Mariner1961 reacted to CosmikDebris in Best Looking Coin   
    $10 Indian head eagle, a definite contender in my opinion...

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    Mariner1961 reacted to Xander in Best Looking Coin   
    This is one of my favourites.

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    Mariner1961 reacted to Marko in Royal mint 10oz Valiant silver coin out soon   
    It is from the Royal mint, I hope it comes to the UK 🙂
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    Mariner1961 reacted to MIKER0070 in New Member   
    I am a new Member, recently started Silver stacking. Looking forward to following Silver Forum.
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    Mariner1961 got a reaction from Gordon in Is unopened or opened better   
    i would open them and check they're ok. If you sell them on and there's a problem the buyer will come back to you. After what happened with the proof silver Krug 2017, sealed isn't a guarantee of quality.
    Just my view of course.
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    Mariner1961 got a reaction from LeeRead in LPM   
    I used them once, price was good, item was very nice but hit with charges at this end. However, if like me, it's something you want then it can still be worth using them.
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    Mariner1961 reacted to BackyardBullion in In Focus Friday Series!   
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    Mariner1961 got a reaction from xthomasx in Perth mint pig 2019 design.   
    I bet this was the year designers were not looking forward too lol
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    Mariner1961 reacted to Martlet in Most consumer safes are garbage and can be opened in seconds   
    Convinces me more that simple key based safes are preferable.  
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    Mariner1961 got a reaction from jonrms in Random marketing email from the RM   
    Doesn't look right to me.