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  1. I was looking today, the 1/10 started with 2018.
  2. I think we could form a club then , I'm looking for 3. Had a look at the air-tite Z10 but I think it's too small.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a couple, did you source some in the end? The air-tite Z10 looks a bit small for a 10oz QB. Cheers
  4. Lol...I think I'll stick to gold and silver.
  5. I bought 3 from their latest offering. Arrived quickly with no issues. I haven't heard from them since.
  6. Sent back a silver proof QB Unicorn which looked like it had been kicked around a builders yard and as they were sold out I got a full refund. Since the item is defective you're entitled to a refund of postage too which I also got. Tbh I don't buy silver proofs from the mint anymore as their quality control is so bad.
  7. My 10oz Unicorn received safe and sound, thanks BYB 🙂
  8. No problem at all, it is what it is. To be fair, my gripe was with Yodel rather than GS.be.
  9. Yep, I had a problem with the Griffin ( red spot on face ) but they said send it SD and then got a refund on the postage.
  10. i would open them and check they're ok. If you sell them on and there's a problem the buyer will come back to you. After what happened with the proof silver Krug 2017, sealed isn't a guarantee of quality. Just my view of course.
  11. Mariner1961


    I used them once, price was good, item was very nice but hit with charges at this end. However, if like me, it's something you want then it can still be worth using them.
  12. I bet this was the year designers were not looking forward too lol
  13. Will be looking for one for the Destiny series when they're finished if you can do one of them mate? Cheers Clive