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  1. Trusted place to buy? without VAT.
  2. For anyone that has liquidated thier semi numi and bullion coins. What lessons have you learnt. Watched Shadowstacks video and wanted to hear your wisdom.
  3. He has good trade rating so i hope its just a misunderstanding. But then again I would be annoyed to say the least.
  4. We will never be able to leave. They will drag this out until 2020 .
  5. If the queens dies and no other set is produced the from royal mint. Im trying to gauge if there will be demand, or we just move on to the king.
  6. Would you buy 6 Queens beats lions 1/4 oz X 6 for 2K... 🤔
  7. Anyone know if they are going to do another one? Hopefully with better designs..
  8. Does anyone know when they get released.
  9. What sizes are you buying and versions. Might just collect the 1/20 gold