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  1. forgottenmemorie

    Metal Detecting

    Stonecutters Symbol From the Simpsons? ?
  2. forgottenmemorie

    Queen's Beasts ?

    Which coin in the series do you like the most so far?
  3. forgottenmemorie

    Soppy story

    Women have expensive tastes, the price she quoted was not correct. More like £60
  4. forgottenmemorie

    Soppy story

    @Roy You are her sugar daddy..
  5. forgottenmemorie

    Crypto buying soon?...

    Not sure if all the drops are done.. maybe 1st august. Best to jump on a masternode coin to make some passive income
  6. forgottenmemorie

    Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    Big players moving money out..
  7. forgottenmemorie

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Will my pandas remember me..
  8. forgottenmemorie

    Shipping to China-Confiscation likely?

    If the postal office is warning you, I'd personally listen to them. Nothing worse than losing a coin and your money..
  9. forgottenmemorie

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Are my Panda's x 4 back in the UK? @Numistacker
  10. forgottenmemorie

    The 35th Anniversary of Chinese Panda Gold Coins Issue

    Looks like the gold ? just unplugged from the matrix..
  11. forgottenmemorie


    Looks like the GREEN PARTY is going to have a shock win.
  12. forgottenmemorie

    Silver Deals.....

    That koala looks evil or angry. Great find.
  13. forgottenmemorie

    1 oz Rwanda Proof silver lunar rooster tarnished

    Surprised is thread got hardly no attention.
  14. forgottenmemorie

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    What were the grades for the first submission.. Did I miss it?
  15. forgottenmemorie

    Freedom of information request - Royal mint

    Hi Pampfan, Queen's beast series mintage: A lot. Sadly, we don't count how many we produce. But you are free to come to the mint and track this for us. Sincerely, RM