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  1. Just another bullion sovereign. Fairly boring I suppose but such is the nature of day to day stacking.
  2. Just a QE2 full sovereign. Listed at £217 I missed out on the 20% off ebay extravaganza over Christmas so this makes up for it I suppose.
  3. I bought being a bit cheeky and expecting a polite email explaining the mistake and issuing a refund but they decided to fulfill the order so I don't have much in the way of moral qualms
  4. ~£921 an oz. Better than a kick in the teeth
  5. Order is now dispatched... who dares wins
  6. Bought a QE2 sov at 217, will see what happens
  7. HGM lucky dip half sov. My first Edward half sov!
  8. First PM purchases in months - I had to stop stacking to buy my first house - just easing back in with some small buys at the end of this year. 2003 half sov and some stop/under-spot random ebay silver.
  9. 1987 two coin britannia set. I really like it
  10. Picked up a 1987 two coin proof Britannia set for a decent price. A firstfor me so looking forward to receiving them :-)
  11. Chugnstack

    Half oz coins

    I guess I might not have phrased it very well. I was more referring to designs that come in to their own in a larger size. Perhaps the question is silly but I reckon their are coins that have that phenomenon. I do like the idea of a proof double sov or proof Brit,
  12. Chugnstack

    Half oz coins

    I was just looking to canvas some opinion on half oz coins and which designs lend themselves to this coin size? I'm looking to buy a half oz next month but my gold stack is entirely made up of sovereigns and half sovereigns at the moment. I was looking at perhaps a half Britannia but my buddy has a quarter britannia and I found the design just a bit too compressed for my liking, I assume a half would be better but I could be wrong. I was thinking of just getting a double sovereign but that's perhaps a bit boring. What else would you guys recommend? Krugs, Maples Etc?
  13. It was! However it was sold as 'proof design' rather than proof and was only £2 more than a new 2017 bullion sovereign so I guessed this was the likely reason.