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  1. (I was quicker than expected at listing them 😂 ) - we only have the 3 if they are of any interest? https://www.bleyerbullion.co.uk/pre-owned-10oz-scottsdale-stackable-silver-bar
  2. I have had some cross my desk this week - they are pre-owned and they look well loved 😅 They should be up on our website next week once I've got them photographed and listed!
  3. Well I'm biased so YES they are looking good - those ripples are off the charts 😎👌
  4. BleyerBullion

    Coin capsules:

    10oz coins will come pre-encapsulated 👍 It might just be an oversight on Atkinson's part or typo on their website if it says that they don't come in capsules 🙂
  5. As BYB will confirm, I have particularly large stash of these scattered across my desk 😂 They make excellent makeshift stress squeeze ball executive office gadgets 😜
  6. We are always open to suggestions - we would love to help if we can! 🧐
  7. We are not that far off the goldsilver.be price once you factor in the shipping they charge BUT they are always going to win on pricing as we are UK based. We do our best to be competitive but cannot win them all! 🤔
  8. @Fastnick its sat at around £175 ish at the mo https://www.bleyerbullion.co.uk/10oz-silver-uk-queens-beasts-bull-2019 I had been starting to freak out a bit that no one else has had it up (was beginning to think I was going mad) so it is quite a relief to me that another dealer has it now too 😂
  9. *cough* we've had it up for pre-order for over a week *cough* 🧐
  10. We have a few left https://www.bleyerbullion.co.uk/30g-silver-chinese-panda-coin-2018