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    tony got a reaction from StackSellRepeat in LUCKY DIP COIN LOT 1 OZ   
    Can you reserve me 10 x coins.
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    tony reacted to SilverTanner in NEWCASTLE - Safe Deposit Facility - open   
    Well I have now visited.
    Unless you know it is there you would never have any idea - this is a good thing. It is the basement of a shared office block with no mention on the list of companies on the board inside the building which only covers the floors 1-4, some office suites in the building are empty. There was however a flyer on the security guards desk who I had to ask how to get there. Multiple doors with intercoms, like HGM, but they seem much much more robust, like a bank vault, and the place seems to be very well built. Safety deposit boxes vary from 2"x5"x24" (boxAA) at £150 per year upto 33"x16"x24" (boxI) at £3285 per year. Insurance is £4 per £1000 per year. Staff appeared very professional. I saw 3 staff and I was the only 'customer'. I didn't get to see the safety deposit boxes on this occasion.
    Now for the bullion side - this was where the staff were a little uncertain and several people had to try and answer my queries.
    The bullion side is gold only, no silver, platinum, palladium etc. There is no bullion kept on site and it is all ordered when requested. They didn't seem to recognise the names of the common bullion coins other than maybe sovereigns. They couldn't give me values for the premiums as that would be dependent on how much you ordered and didn't seem to have a fixed scale. On further discussion a handful of sovereigns they thought would probably be about 5.5% over spot but didn't seem very sure without actually placing an order. In terms of selling to them, again this is gold only and they will send everything away for testing even for things like sovereigns and the price will be determined at the time of them receiving the test results back which could be several days, price appears to be about 4% below spot at best (this is also subject to the quantity) but again it seems they would need to actually process an order to find out.
    So potentially useful for a safety deposit box, particularly as there is nothing else here in the North which is great, although I think I will carry on picking up sovereigns from the Newcastle Jewellery Company
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    tony got a reaction from Quicksilver in Polish treasure hunters begin excavation in hunt for Nazi 'gold train'   
    "Hunting the Nazi Gold Train"
    Documentary on BBC2 this Sunday evening @ 20:00 with Dan Snow.
    Should be worth a watch/record.
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    tony got a reaction from HelpingHands in Polish treasure hunters begin excavation in hunt for Nazi 'gold train'   
    "Hunting the Nazi Gold Train"
    Documentary on BBC2 this Sunday evening @ 20:00 with Dan Snow.
    Should be worth a watch/record.
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    tony reacted to mr-dead in Gold stacker   
    Updated full stack pic, surprising how much its grown
    will have another 3 full sovs to add next week after I have sent payment to arshimo2012

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    tony reacted to Scuzzle in Who owns their property   
    Being debt free is the best feeling ever, I might not have the best house in the world or the best car or phone or biggest TV but what I own is all bought and paid for, I can sleep at night and I never have to dread whatever mail the Postie delivers.  I've been in that situation and never want to be there again.
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    tony reacted to Kman in Will your nerves hold ?   
    Be swapping them for a hotel soon 
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    tony reacted to HighlandTiger in Silver Premium Watch   
    People have been discussing how low coin prices can drop, and how much the dealers premiums are going to increase if silver continues to fall. So I thought it might be an idea to keep an eye on the premium percentages.
    So every night, at this time, when there is the lull between different world markets, (if I remember) I will put on this thread the premium percentages of STG's two most popular coins, their cheapest priced Phillies and Maples.
    So here goes. We should be able to gauge when the bottom of coin prices is being reached by keeping an eye on these premium percentages. Blue indicates a rise from the previous day. Red indicates a fall from the previous day. My apologies to those viewing on tapatalk, as it is hard to view the table. So it is best to view this thread on your PC or Laptop. 
                                      Philly Watch                                                                                  Maple Watch
    Date            Spot Price   STG Price   Premium   Premium %          Date          Spot Price   STG Price   Premium   Premium %    
    05/11/14         £9.61         £11.95         £2.34        24.35%              05/11/14         £9.61         £12.02         £2.41        25.08% 
    06/11/14         £9.75         £12.11         £2.36        24.21%              06/11/14         £9.75         £12.18         £2.43        24.92% 
    07/11/14         £9.94         £12.33         £2.39        24.04%              07/11/14         £9.94         £12.41         £2.47        24.85% 10/11/14         £9.86         £12.21         £2.35        23.83%              10/11/14         £9.86         £12.29         £2.43        24.65% 11/11/14         £9.86         £12.23         £2.37        24.04%              11/11/14         £9.86         £12.30         £2.44        24.74% 12/11/14         £9.95         £11.87         £1.92        19.30%              12/11/14         £9.95         £12.02         £2.07        20.80% 13/11/14         £9.98         £11.90         £1.92        19.24%              13/11/14         £9.98         £12.06         £2.08        20.84% 14/11/14       £10.41         £12.83         £2.42        23.25%              14/11/14       £10.41         £12.52         £2.11        20.27% 17/11/14       £10.33         £12.75         £2.42        23.43%              17/11/14       £10.33         £12.99         £2.66        25.75% 18/11/14       £10.36         £12.96         £2.60        25.10%              18/11/14       £10.36         £13.04         £2.68        25.87% 19/11/14       £10.31          O / S           £0.00        00.00%              19/11/14       £10.31         £12.99         £2.68        25.99% 20/11/14       £10.36         £13.14         £2.78        26.83%              20/11/14       £10.36         £13.02         £2.66        25.68% 21/11/14       £10.50         £13.26         £2.76        26.29%              21/11/14       £10.50         £13.15         £2.65        25.24%     Updated 21/11/14            
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    tony reacted to Keithoil in Sub £10 silver   
    I have often thought about that if you sell your silver and the economy / interest rates are crap what exactly are you going to do with it, put it on a bank and watch it vaporise or put it into shares and lose all your money!!!
    Best thing I would do would be to pay it off my mortgage.
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    tony got a reaction from Paul in Precious metals/stack Excel spreadsheet - do you need one?   
    Hi Paul,
    Many thanks for the copy of your spreadsheet the other day.
    You must have spent some time developing this.
    I have made a few little tweeks to it, to sort for my needs, but it works excellent.
    The only problem now is ........ the sheet also shows any losses that you may have 
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    tony reacted to Paul in Precious metals/stack Excel spreadsheet - do you need one?   
    Offer of help 
    If anyone out there is not to savvy with excel for a spreadsheets of their stack i would like to extend help.
    if all your stack is in a little black book and you want to come into the modern age, i can help you
    Although i am not at software engineer standard at MS excel i have managed to cobble together a half decent spreadsheet to track your stack.
    Over the past few years, it has certainly took me a few hours to perfect it, as i have added various bells and totally unnecessary whistles like colour co-ordination
    Total invested Current stack value Current profit/loss in stack GSR breakdown % breakdown of stack allocation Price per (g) per item Price per (oz) Mean average costs of stack (DCA) Mean price (g) Mean price per (oz) Dates of purchase Item description Basically everything at a glance where your stack is, nice to experiment if gold/silver goes to the moon what your stack will be worth in fiat £'s
    If anybody wants it i am happy to email it through to you for the princely sum of  £FREE, gratis, zero, nothing, ziltch, nadda
    All i ask for is a 'like' and a 'small thanks or comment' follow up post in this thread
    Just drop me a private message (PM) with your email address and i will send it through to you