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    gazer reacted to Fivepoundfred in 2014 PCGS Gold Panda five coin set   
    2014 Gold Panda five coin set graded MS69 with 30th anniversary labels.
    This high grade set contains a total of 1.9 ounces of gold.
    The coins are in excellent condition and the holders are as new and unmarked.
    I have owned these coins from new, they were sent to PCGS Paris sealed in original package.
    Selling to fund another coin purchase at a very competitive price of £1995.00
    Payment by PP F + F or BT,  free Royal Mail special delivery to UK address.
    Any questions, please ask

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    gazer reacted to Skelator88 in 2005 Full Sovereign PF70 x2   
    Two 2005 full Sovereign PF70
    both come with box and certificate
    £925 each 
    posted special delivery 
    PayPal FF or add the fees

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    gazer reacted to Gildeon in Silver coins   
    If I'm not mistaken 2000 (not 200) grains are about 4.16 troy ounces of sterling silver, meaning a little less than 4 ounces of silver.
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    gazer got a reaction from MickD in Silver coins   
    Does anyone want to take whatever is left for £480 I'm trying hard here. For this price I will pay £10 towards the postage. So probably around £490 including postage. For the 10 Coins that is left. Ta.
                         I have 2 Sets Potter Proof coins 2017 that I purchased from the Royal Mint for my daughters they want to sell, I think this is the last few silver coins they have left.
    2017 Peter Rabbit x2
    2017 Mr Jeremy Fisher x2
    2017 Benjamin Bunny x2
    2017 Tom Kitten x2
    Each set of 4 is £200 this includes delivery 
    2017 Platinum Wedding Anniversary HMQ/PRINCE PHILIP UK £5 Silver Proof coin £60 includes delivery.
    There is a1974 Republic of Panama 20 Balboas with a Certificate of Authenticity slight toning around the edge Although I can’t see it with my eyesight, nice heavy weight to the coin 2000 grains = 4.16 ounces  Sterling Silver with Original box And Original  capsule Lovely coin. Unsure of the pricing of this coin £55 this includes delivery.
    I can and willing to wait for payment up to 4 weeks as not in a hurry.
    payment by Paypal F/F or bank transfer please.
    Please contact me if you need any information 
    cheers gazer.


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    gazer got a reaction from Lindeman in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    Very nice happy days for you. 🤗
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    gazer reacted to Alun in Latest box stock   
    I have the following coin boxes back and  available at the moment for imediatete delivery.
    All are constructed using Hardwood and are of the highest quality and craftsmanship. With sleek lines and concealed hinges and a magnetic catch. 
    Queens beast box finished in Black is designed to hold the 2oz silver and will come complete with 10x deep capsules.
    Gold sovereign finished in walnut will hold 48 full gold sovereigns.  The appatures are cut to 28mm so will accomadate a variety of capsules.
    The T.I.M.E. box will hold the 5 coin series.
    The Route 66 box has been designed to hold the entire 8 coin Icons of Route 66 shield series and has a laser cut foam interior cut to shape for these little shields.
    Queens beast is £43 (only 2) customer failed to make contact.
    Gold sovereign is £56
    Time is £41
    Route 66 is £41
    Postage is 2nd class signed for postage within the UK at £4 and 2 boxes can ship for the same fee.
    Payment by Paypal FF or +3.4% or bank transfer. 
    Many Thanks

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    gazer reacted to Numistacker in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    The 5oz Gold Proof Raven and the gold proof £5 raven arrive.
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    gazer reacted to Tomcbol in 10oz Silver Queens Beast Red Dragon of Wales   
    I have a 10oz Silver Queens Beast Red Dragon of Wales for sale.
    The coin comes in the mint capsule and has not been removed or handled.
    Price £185 including postage via Royal Mail Special Delivery. Payment via Paypal FF. 

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    gazer reacted to Alun in Latest box stock   
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    gazer reacted to SilverStan in GSM Buffalo Indian Full Tube. 20oz   
    Nice and shiny fresh in the tube, ready to go.
    20 x 1oz .999
    £330 posted UK.
    Special delivery.
    Thanks all. 

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    gazer reacted to kneehow2018 in Gold 2018 1/4oz Coin (Korean Tiger) & 1998 Proof Krug   
    UK Based. Paid postage offer uk mainland only. Payment by bank transfer. 
    1 x 1/4 oz 2018 Gold S.Korean Tiger w/box, sleeved and COA (numbered between 350-360)......... SOLD

    1 x 1/4oz 1998 Gold Proof Krugerrand w/box & COA (lovely condition)....SOLD



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    gazer reacted to Sparrowlegs4 in 2018 Proof Sovereign NGC PF70UC £500   
    2018 Proof Sovereign 65th Privy Mark
    NGC Graded PF70UC 
    Comes with RM Box & Cerficate, nice condition 
    £500 complete price includes RM Special Delivery
    Thanks Tim

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    gazer reacted to Tn21 in First 6 silver 2oz Queens Beast   
    For sale are the first 6 Queens Beast silver 2oz Coins. 
    QB lion, QB Griffin, QB Unicorn, QB Dragon, QB Bull, QB Flacon all as one package ideally.(6 X 2oz coins). 
    Reason for sale is because I would like to purchase some items from stacksellrepeat here on the forum. 
    Price is £245 Inc Special delivery postage
    Pictures will be uploaded late Sunday evening. 
    Thank you for looking

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    gazer reacted to DarkChameleon in Finally own the sun, the moon and the earth.   
    They are sweet, and three of only five domed coins I own.

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    gazer got a reaction from silversurf in Information   
    I checked the site, it's seems close but having a detailed look the Owl side the legs are different and the feathers are different.
    Thank you for your time in looking, I now have a much better idea of what the coin details are. I appreciate your time and help. Thank you gazer.
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    gazer reacted to richatthecroft in 2017 Pistrucci 200th Anniversary Proof Sovereign ***Last Bump at £655 Delivered SD***   
    2017 Pistrucci 200th Anniversary Proof Sovereign as per photographs and price (s) include Special Delivery postage. 
    As per photos  £675  £655
    PayPal F&F or Bank Transfer please


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    gazer reacted to Roy in 2004 Proof Double Sovereign   
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    gazer reacted to Michal in 2018 BRITANNIA 1oz SILVER   
    Hi all,
    I am going to sell some of my coins lets say about 22.
    Price is £16 per coin  + 30p packing + shipping of your choice.
    If you want capsule it will cost additional 20p 
    I don't realy want to sell them but would be nice to gain some reputation and good relations at forum.
    Payments by Paypal F&F, Revolut or bank transfer, but prefer first two options. We can meet in person as well if you are somewhere in Tayside ;).

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    gazer reacted to Cornishfarmer in 1988 1/4 gold panda   
    1988 1/4 gold panda £285 delivered to uk

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    gazer got a reaction from GrahamDiamond in 1989 Sovereign PF70 Ultra Cameo   
    The one and only, IV seen some of the Coins you have on Numi video.
    Lovely jubbly.
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    gazer reacted to RegalStacker in 1989 Sovereign PF70 Ultra Cameo   
    For Sale 1989 Sovereign PF70 Ultra Cameo
    This coin is a great example and graded PF70 Ultra Cameo these coins will be sought after and a lot more expensive in the coming year, so grab this Bargain now
    NGC Coin Grading for 1989 Sovereign PF70 Ultra Cameo below
    My Asking price is £1900 ONO you can make me an offer send offers to paul@silverdays.co.uk


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    gazer reacted to Harry in 2002 Golden Jubilee Gold Proof £2 Double Sovereign NGC PF70   
    Hello SF,
    Selling this wonderful coin, truly stunning on the eye 2002 Double Sovereign graded PF70 by NGC.
    Price - £895.00 Inc postage / cash on collection / bank transfer or PP Friends & Family
    Any questions, please let me know!

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    gazer reacted to rob6 in World of Evolution   
    1oz Silver coin 2016 (Burkina Faso 1,000 Francs CFA ???) with embedded Ammonite fossil up to 65 million years old.
    Encased in an Acrylic block,with case, COA, and outer box. Issue no  008 of 500 minted. £90 plus p&p of choice.