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    gazer reacted to richatthecroft in Buy both together- £10 OFF & 1/2 PRICE SPECIAL DELIVERY 2002 Proof Half QEII Jubilee & 1892 Victoria Jubilee Half   
    1892 Victoria Jubilee Half Shield £160 
    2002 Golden Jubilee Proof Half Boxed with COA £195
    £10 Price discount available when buying the two Jubilee’s together
    2019 Sovereign- Harrington & Byrne presentation £270 SOLD 
    I’ll share Special Delivery costs.


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    gazer got a reaction from MikeG1978 in Intaglio Mint limited edition tetradrachm of akragas   
    What a smashing set of coins. 🤗
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    gazer reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Intaglio Mint limited edition tetradrachm of akragas   
    Intaglio Mint limited edition high relief Greek Rounds. 
    tetradrachm of akragas two eagles and hare 2-troy-ounce (999) mintage 1000. £40 each plus post at cost
    Very hard to find now.

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    gazer reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Set of silver art bars   
    Set of 6 TDC 999 Silver art bars from The World At War series 2014.
    20gm per bar in original capsules total weight per set 120gm
    £67 per set (2 available) plus post of choice.  SOLD Payment Pending

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    gazer reacted to ChrisSIlver in Sale of Silver Shield Items on TSF   
    Due to the high amount of counterfeit SS items being sold and a lot of people being scammed through various places on the internet, The Silver Forum has taken the decision to currently ban the sale of SS items on The Silver Forum. This is to protect the members of the forum, these items are harder to verify as genuine.

    This is actually a decision that we took a long time ago, however we have noticed recent sales activity on the forum from a previous scam artist who has scammed members of the forum out of money outside of the forum. This account has now been banned.

    I am putting up this notice to give warning that all future listings of SS products will be removed, in the interest of protecting forum members.

    There are various reputable precious metals dealers in the UK & Europe who stock these items if you wish to purchase them, as well as the official SS forum themselves who directly sell these items, and we will look at the possibility of an official dealer in the future who can supply genuine SS items to forum members.
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    gazer reacted to danmc82 in Beatrix Potter 50p Proof + Gold Tooth Crowns (Less Than Spot)   
    Stephen Hawking Silver 50p Proof Piedfort - SOLD 2017 Beatrix Potter Silver 50p Proof -  ̶£̶4̶5̶  £42.50 Johnson Matthey 1oz Silver bar. Sealed - SOLD 3 x Gold Crowns, Approx 5g Gold weight £40 - (Less than Spot Price). I beleve these are 15ct Gold. I found an article about Gold Crowns which does state they are normally between 15ct - 20ct Gold https://www.dental-picture-show.com/dentists-crowns/a-gold-crowns.html
    All prices exclude postage (Of your choice and risk) BT or PPFF please.


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    gazer reacted to Tn21 in Today I Received.....   
    Gold standard coin from richatthecroft 
    Thank you

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    gazer reacted to SILVERFINGER in Today I Received.....   
    That is gorgeous, is it on wood or a rock, it looks a bit like some of the Yew furniture I have in my house.
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    gazer reacted to Sovereign in 2018 1/4 oz Gold Proof coin Four Generations Of Royalty Reduced   
    reduced to £375 posted 
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    gazer reacted to MANJSK in SILVER COINS FOR SALE   
    Hi all,
    This is my first post selling, so apologies if I miss anything out.
    I have the following silver for sale:
    2 x queens beasts 2oz - yale of Beaufort in capsules £30.00 each SOLD
    6 x panda 2016 30g in capsules £18.00 each - 2 LEFT
    1 x fine silver in tube 100g £50.00
    Buyer to pay postage at own risk. I will only send items via recorded or special delivery.
    Thanks for looking 

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    gazer got a reaction from kneehow2018 in (2) St Georg Russia 1/4oz gold   
    Good looking coins. Nice.👏
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    gazer reacted to kneehow2018 in (2) St Georg Russia 1/4oz gold   
    To the dealers with these two.
    (Not taken out from capsules - as supplied)

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    gazer reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Something different, a silver Boat 🚣‍♂️   
    This is an amazing little piece. Broken chain towards the rudder, but generally in awesome condition. Tests have been run on the very angle and it tests 97.8(!) purity of silver. Suspected Japanese origin from 1970s. 
    Weighs over 202 grams. 
    Special Delivery post included, bargain at £150! Even base metal versions go for more than that. 
    Would look awesome polished and on a stand.

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    gazer reacted to Scorey23 in Date run gorillas   
    price drop to £105 delivered 
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    gazer reacted to Alun in Mint tube Maples 2013 &2014   
    £385 per tube plus special 
    ###REDUCED £360 
    Looking to sell off some of my Maples, as I've seen something I want more 😉
    2x 25 tubes of 2013
    2x25 tubes 2014 maple leaf privy.
    All have been stored in capsules since I've had them directly from the mint. Never handled and  in fantastic condition.
    Prices are plus special delivery and works out at £15.40 an ounce..
    4 nines 9999
    Can be supplied with Caps and tube.
    Payment by Paypal Friends and Family or add the fees..

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    gazer reacted to Roy in 2013 Libertad Silver Proof 3 coin set.   
    Amazing set of 2013 Proof Libertads in 1oz, 1/2 oz and 1/4 oz weights.
    Limited edition: only 1000 sets issued.
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    gazer got a reaction from Roy in 2017 1 Kilo Silver Libertad   
    Agree with the comments real nice. 👏
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    gazer reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Mona Lisa 1/4oz Gold Proof Coin   
    Monnaie does some amazing artwork on their gold coins. 

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    gazer reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Increase of gold sales on the forum, are you buying?   
    Exactly that. I have bought so many interesting coins in the last week off the forum  - many that were on my lists but were selling for much more even when spot was down. Right now am happy to pay the prices being offered for those odd ones. For example @fehk2001 has some nice 1/10- lunars at VERY reasonable prices, @arshimo2012 put up a couple of stonkers that sold pretty quick and would have demanded the same price even when spot was £950.  
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    gazer reacted to Roy in 2017 1 Kilo Silver Libertad   
    Thank you.
    Yes, it is 👍