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    gazer reacted to StackSellRepeat in 2016 Queen Beast 2 oz Lion   

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    gazer reacted to Marc in 1804 George III half guinea NGC AU55   
    1804 George III half guinea NGC au55 £650
    S-3737, KM651, 7th laureate Head, look at the pictures and yuo will see a bold strike, perfectly centered with high rims, lustrous with gorgeous gold color. The nicerst I have seen (this is the only one I have seen). About the same price as a 2016 modern proof butler design sovereign an dthis is over 200 years old. In the UK for easy postage which is included. 

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    gazer got a reaction from Wackattak924 in Figure eight's, wedge tailed eagle's & more   
    Just to say I had some of these coins, they are some of the nicest coins I had. Lovely design and great detail Good luck with your sale.🤗
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    gazer reacted to Wackattak924 in Figure eight's, wedge tailed eagle's & more   
    For sale 
    2018 Perth mint figure eight 2oz dragon (mintage 8888)
    2019 Perth mint figure eight 2oz koi (mintage 3888)
    £220 for the pair including special delivery
    2015 - 2019 wedge tailed eagle high relief proof (2017 is reverse proof) (10000 minted in each year)
    £220 for all five including special delivery
    2015 & 2016 Perth mint wedge tailed eagle proof (5000 minted in each year)
    £75 for the pair including special delivery
    2018 1oz east India company spade guinea £16
    2019 1oz Germania 5 mark (slight crack to capsule) £16
    2011 1oz Austrian philharmoniker £14 (sold)
    2012 1oz Canadian maple leaf £14
    2016 1oz Canadian superman £14
    2018 1oz Perth mint dragon bar (capsule cracked) £14.50 (sold)
    Add postage to single one Oz coins 
    If you would like to see more photos please drop me a message. 

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    gazer reacted to Marc in Victoria Proof "Gothic" Crown 1847 PR45 NGC   
    Victoria Proof Gothic Crown 1847 PR45 NGC KM744. A Proof only issue, with this example having been used as a pocket piece for some time and considered one of the world's most beautiful coin types. I recently submitted to Numi for grading and it came back a PF45 which is not bad for a circulated coin which is over 170 year old.
    Priced to sell at £2,195 or will consider an exchange. Coin is with Numi in the UK so delivery can be quick. Postage included.

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    gazer reacted to Numistacker in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    May submissions are complete and final coins will be handed over to NGC UK Monday. The next deadline is 30th June. 
    Some great coins are being submitted to NGC this time which should get good results.
    Heritage Auction consignment for ANA World’s Fair of Money is due by May 30th so please contact me for the address to send coins you would like to consign.

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    gazer reacted to goluckystayhappy in 2002 4 Coin Gold Proof Sovereign Set £2500   
    A few more photos, may do the NGC certification thing.

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    gazer reacted to vw1972 in 5 kilo silver bars   
    I just Got my 5kilo bar. Damn that feels Nice

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    gazer reacted to mr-dead in 5 kilo silver bars   
    my 5kg brick

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    gazer reacted to Sovereign in 2017 SOTD sovereign. NGC MS70 DPL   
    2017 struck on the day , plain edge 
    NGC MS70 DPL 
    only 1817 minted 
    comes with box and coa 
    £750 posted by special delivery 
    paypal f&f / bank transfer 
    thanks .

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    gazer got a reaction from richatthecroft in NGC Graded SP70 Gold Mercury Dime- £195 Posted limited time offer.   
    Very nice coins and in my opinion collectable. 👏
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    gazer reacted to Marc in 1879 melbourne sovereign MS63   
    1879 melbourne sovereign MS63 - Wait for it.......................EXTREMELY RARE medium tail that is it not even listed in spinks and only 54 known examples in the medium tail variety. If anyone has one please let me know so I can update my information. If someone is a serious collector and collects rare sovereigns this is a gem. I am not going to list the price since would like to hear from serious collectors since this is not a melt priced coin but I would be thinking of offers north of £1,300. This coin is just not available anywhere. 

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    gazer reacted to Lindeman in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    @terakris- immensely impressed with that last Libertad PF70 REV PF.  Very nice coin.  Think i have to track one of them down now ....👍
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    gazer reacted to jonrms in Hand poured Silver, by me.   
    I am listing MY Silver for the FIRST TIME!! I know I did a Launch Party. These are the Silver pieces. I will be giving them a GREAT polish before I send them out, But I wanted to show them here FIRST...… If it wasn't for @BackyardBullion @kimchi and Many more including @ChrisSIlver Then I would have never joined, and never been able to take part in so many events, such as giving my first pour away. And now being able to actually sell.
    I have the fronts of each one shown. I am happy to send more photos of any item on request. I do have them stored.
    I am offering ALL Silver forum paid members Free Delivery within the UK.
    Outside the UK All Silver forum paid memberships get a 50% off discount .. So postage is just £5
    Note Tracking on ALL deliveries, PO Box's I can only Track up to the PO Box.
    Normal deliver in the UK is £5 or Special £8
    Normal Delivery outside the UK is £11 or with insurance £15
    All items are F+F via PayPal .


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    gazer got a reaction from richatthecroft in Today I Received.....   
    Thank you for the update I'm glad you like them.
    Best regards gazer.
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    gazer reacted to Numistacker in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    The coins have now been sorted and marked up they are ready to get back to owners

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    gazer got a reaction from Downs523 in 1kg Johnson Matthey vintage silver bar PRICE DROP!   
    Great price 👏
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    gazer reacted to Downs523 in 1kg Johnson Matthey vintage silver bar PRICE DROP!   
    1st and final price drop to £585. I will keep it if it doesn't sell at this price. 
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    gazer reacted to terakris in 2018 Paddington @ Station Gold 50p PF69UC   
    Lovely gold coin minted to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Paddington Bear.
    I purchased this item direct from the Mint on release day - I then sent the coin to NGC to get it the "First Release" designation.
    The coin was graded as PF69 Ultra Cameo and comes with the Great Britain label.
    Comes supplied with all original paperwork, boxes and original capsule, all in perfect condition.
    Looking for £850 including special delivery postage.

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    gazer reacted to Marc in 1887 and 1893 proof half sovereigns for sale.   
    Two rather nice half sovereigns available. Together they are 4,000GBP or on their own they are 2,100GBP each.
    1887 proof half sov PCGS PR63Dcam Mintage 797
    1893 proof half sov NGC PF63Ucam Mintage 773
    Postage included. 
    I know almost all SF members check prices carefully and so you should but these two coins are really limited mintage and on the 1887 the last archived price I found was more than 5 years ago on Heritage and that was about £1,850 so I feel my price is reasonable and both of mine have a Deep or Ultra cameo destination. The same for the 1893 which is even more expensive and less mintage.

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    gazer got a reaction from MickD in Beatrice Potter Coins   
    Hello for sale is 2 Mr Jeremy Fisher Proof silver coins in superb condition, please check the photos.
    I'm selling for £38 plus delivery of the buyer's choice.
    These are the last 2 I have for sale for my daughters.
    Any questions please contact me.
    Regards gazer.

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    gazer reacted to MickD in Various storage boxes   
    That's a fair price, go on then 😊
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    gazer got a reaction from MickD in Various storage boxes   
    I have a lot of various coin boxes for sale I will upload photos as hard to describe as can be used for various sized coins. All the cases are second hand and in different conditions but very useful and useable. Among those for sale are 2 oak sovereign boxes only the  outer boxes are a bit scruffy the actual coin boxes are in excellent condition. The silver aluminium case is fine but used excellent for putting coin trays inside to hold and safeguard your coins gold or silver. Please see the photos for information on condition and contact me if you have any questions.
    Every items in the photos are what you will receive.
    The total weight is just over 4kg the cheapest delivery i can find is about £9 for signed delivery.
    I will sell for £38
    this includes delivery.
    If sold bank transfer please.

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    gazer reacted to StackSellRepeat in CHEAP STACKING SILVER   
    2 X 10 oz bars - sold
    2 X 5 oz bars - Sold
    5 X 1 oz bars - sold 
    plus postage of your choice, all bars are classed as bullion condition payment through bank transfer please  

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    gazer reacted to Silvermedal in Offers please. Boxed Royal Mint Golden Jubilee Crown Set. A treat for the eyes!   
    OK Guys,
    Offers over current spot of £235 please.
    There is a total of 633g of Pure Silver in this Royal Mint set, which comes with all COAs and capsules.
    Some coins have light areas of toning to the perimeter, as well as the odd barely perceptible hairline but all appear in very good condition overall and are an attractive set.
    Original price was just shy of a grand back in 2004.
    I was going to list these cheaply and thought...hang on a minute....these look pretty sweet and should worth more than spot to someone, especially with the wooden presentation case...
    So, please let me know if you're interested and how much you'd be willing to pay.
    I am a realist and not easy to offend, so all offers will be considered.