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  1. Hi danmc thank you for your bids, you are the winner. When you get a chance please contact me for delivery contact your address and what postage you would like. Cheers gazer.
  2. Anyone would like to bid ends soon at 7pm today.
  3. I'm not purchasing anything at the moment other commitments but that is a very decent price good luck.
  4. For auction is a Platinum Wedding Anniversary Silver proof Coin between the Queen 👑 and Prince Philip. It was minted in 2017 by the Royal Mint. It will come with the certificate of authenticity and box and a booklet 📖. I have taken the photos with a new phone, and the coin is a lot nicer and better than the photos. I accept Returns without any explanation if not happy for any reason, return postage paid by me. The winner pays for delivery of there choice. It is a £5 Silver Proof Coin. Please check the photos it will give the information you may require. It will end on Saturday April the 20th at 7pm. [Starting bid is £18] increments of £1 there after thank you. No reserve If a winner payment by PayPal F/F or bank transfer please. Any questions please contact me.
  5. Thank you message backed.
  6. As if this bunch of lying wast of space, who are falling apart with anyone with a bit of conscience has already have. They are about as much use as a ashtray on a motorcycle. These idiots are ridiculously stupid. Thank God they are falling off the cliff edge.
  7. Hi all I have been trying to sell Beatrice potter proof silver coins year 2017 I understand that a lot of people have already have bought them, but does anyone know where I can sell them dealers ext I have 2 of each. I have tried everything to sell. Appreciate any help. Still need help.
  8. I'm sorry not buying at the moment. But that's one super hard coin to get, and may I say for that price someone is going to get an absolute bargain. Bound to sell. (SHORT-TAILED EVERYONE)
  9. The 500th gold coin will probably be worth it in my opinion, as some people will like to purchase these type of number, as with everything it's only an opinion. Like your collection. 👏
  10. Hi Widerunner, thank you for your message, yes it comes with free delivery. Or if you can put £3 extra I can send them by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery signed for by 1pm the next day. Cheers gazer.
  11. Thank you I enjoyed reading your write up, very easy to understand the process. 👏
  12. I'm not purchasing at present, there are some great prices lately like this one. Good luck with the coin.👏
  13. Some excellent prices, I'm not purchasing at present time, if I was I would have for stacking at the price above. Good luck with your sales.
  14. Must say totally agree with Goldmick. Very nice Coins and very good price. Good luck.🤗