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  1. gazer

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Beautiful coin worthy of being rare.
  2. Fancy a swap, probably not, but a excellent set of coins.
  3. Excellent price for this coin, I cannot afford it, but I wish I could.
  4. gazer

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Well done great result beautiful coin looking great.
  5. gazer

    for sale Gold coins for sale

    The 2017 Perth and the 2017 Sydney. Sold. Now 5% off every coin so if you like any coin take 5% off the price stated. I will be putting up for sale quite a few, if I get the prices wrong please bear with me, sometimes it is what it is. I am open to offers. I will start with just a small amount. All full sovereigns unless stated. And includes delivery unless stated. The photos are all over the place sorry I cannot see the photos properly as uploading, if interested I can upload photos of your choice. A 1917p mint MS62 £300 NOW £275 this includes delivery A 1928p mint £385 NOW £355 A 1885 S AU53 mint £365 NOW £335 A 1872 GB £350 NOW £325 A 1923m mint £360 NOW £334 A 1861 GB XF45 £325 NOW £305 A 1917s mint MS60 £300 NOW £280 A 1914 c Mint MS62 £950 NOW £915 A 1892 GB XF45 £280 NOW £260 A 1911c mint MS63 £435 NOW £407 A 1868 GB AU53 £355 NOW £330 A 1926SA With a Coa from the royal Mint at least extra fine £325 NOW £305
  6. I have for sale a 1923 Melbourne mint gold Sovereign. Graded by NGC MS63 The price is £365 Includes delivered in the UK. Outside the UK Please ask for delivery price.
  7. gazer

    for sale 2002 Gold Sovereign

    Sorry Dan I understand been like that for me lately. Cheers gazer
  8. gazer

    for sale 2002 Gold Sovereign

    For sale is a 2002 gold Sovereign coin still in the protective case. Selling for £252 this includes special delivery signed for tracking, royal mail. Payment by PayPal F/F please.
  9. gazer

    completed 2005 Gold Sovereign

    IV for sale a 2005 Sovereign, it's as some small marks, I will try and upload some photos but on my phone they are not the best. Price is £235+ delivery of your choice. Payment by PayPal F/F please. Cheers gazer
  10. Can't afford to buy, but great set. And with offers tops.
  11. gazer

    withdrawn Gold coin

    IV for sale a 1914c NGC Graded Sovereign. If sold payment through PayPal F/F. Price £1,100 this includes Special delivery signed for inside the UK. Now £1,000 +£7.45 delivery. I cannot drop further. If no interest I will withdrawal on Friday afternoon, and will try sometime next year. Cheers gazer.
  12. gazer

    for sale 2016 limited edition proff set

    Good morning sorry late to reply I forgot about this listing, that's a good strategy, well done I like the cut off your jib. Thank you Cheers gazer.
  13. gazer

    for sale 2016 limited edition proff set

    Morning I've just read your message, I forgot about this advert yes you are right I 🐝 checking sad, I'm not sure whether to keep or sell, still a beautiful set. Thank you Cheers gazer.
  14. Excellent prices.
  15. gazer

    for sale 2017 Piedfort Sovereign NGC PF70

    Great price