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  1. gazer


    Just a thank you to soveringsteve for your help. Top man. Regards from Gary.
  2. I am selling my daughters Beatrix Potter silver proof coloured coins, the set of four 2017 and the set of four 2018. She is selling on eBay for £240 per set. But because of EBay fees she is trying to sell here for £205 per set this includes special delivery signed for. Thank you.
  3. gazer

    Any Intrest

    My daughter is selling her Beatrix Potter proof sets of 2017 and 2018 four of each. I purchased these from the Royal mint direct for her. She is selling on EBay but I thought about here, she is asking £240 on EBay but on here she is asking £207 that is with delivery, as save on EBay fees. If anyone interested I can upload photos. I thought I would ask first on here. Regards Gary.
  4. gazer

    Virginity lost, Piedfort sovereign

    Yes you did well, up there with the good ones. My pocket not deep enough at the moment, otherwise I would like to purchase one.
  5. gazer

    for sale Ship Theme Silver coin

    Thank you I appreciate it, I will get my daughter to post it tomorrow morning, My PayPal account is gazer15@hotmail.co.uk. f/f please.
  6. gazer

    for sale Ship Theme Silver coin

    Hi Dean my daughter will sell the coin but I think it's a different theme, it my be Captain Cook? Unsure but it a ship theme. The cost is £10.50 plus postage your choice Ie first or second class. Cheers gazer.
  7. gazer

    2017 Indian sovereign

    IOSILVER The 2017 Indian gold sovereign you put a photo of it on the photo only link, it looks to me as one of the nicest ones iv seen, great condition, the Indian mint looks to do a great job, even better than the Royal mint? Thank you for sharing. Gazer.
  8. gazer

    Bought my first Sovereign

    sovereigns are very addictive but great fun, what to buy, what year, what run you are going to choose, fun and heartache, like being married but at least you can sell the coins. Only joking. Ha Ha.
  9. gazer

    Gold £2 coin royal mint

    Nice one Greendragon I like your poetry
  10. gazer

    Gold £2 coin royal mint

    Also if you could check out the Royal mint, it will show I believe the next two years coins? Worth a look if I'm right they look better than this year's.
  11. gazer

    Gold £2 coin royal mint

    Hi Cornishfarmer it's all a Theme on captain Cook, sorry a long time getting back to you, I only just seen your message, I was watching the football.
  12. gazer

    Gold £2 coin royal mint

    Hi Cornishfarmer it's a 250th year since I think 1768? I don't think I will make the 300th year so I may as try this one.
  13. gazer

    Gold £2 coin royal mint

    Hello Harry You don't have to commit to the three, you can order just one, or the three.
  14. gazer

    Gold £2 coin royal mint

    I have just ordered the other day a £2 gold coin from the Royal mint, Captain Cook it is a three coin set 2018/2019/2020 they are proof and only 340 mintage, I believe over priced but hopefully they will take off, anybody with thoughts on this, good or bad.
  15. gazer

    'Photo Only Topics' Discussion Thread

    What a beauty.