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  1. (I don't lie) I voted to leave because the Leave party promised the NHS will have millions more every week as we don't need to keep paying into the EU. Another thing the leave party told me and you, this is easy to do, also no border for Ireland. I'm an easygoing person but bad that is coming out of yours. Also to answer your question which you say why take 3 years to say anything about the issue am I missing something or have we only just had an election and a chance to vote on it get a grip of yourself read what I have written not what you want to hear. only now after the 3 and odd years anyone has had a chance to say anything.
  2. At first I wanted out of the EU I did not understand the values of staying in at the time, laws NHS immigration ext. Then after receiving more accurate information over the next few years, which I took on board and weighed upon, it became very clear to myself, the immigration was not portrayed properly, i didn't when voting to leave the EU understand the immense negative affect it will do upon our NHS, its fundamentally wrong to turn our attention away from the magnificent import from our foreign friends and to undermine their commitment to helping this country in our NHS. And for my deep regret about looking after the Irish people border ext they deserve better from me and others I'm so sorry I did not even thought about that issue. Also I did not think through the Welsh issue of our farmers being very much poorer being outside the EU. And the Scottish people and fishing investment and loss of power for their own country. The English forgoing a huge amount of financial resources business closing and being poorer through custom ie imports and exports waiting on each and every border with loss of huge amounts of money. So I came to my honest conclusion we as a brilliant diverse country are being and my belief torn apart, please don't get me wrong I totally understand the British are industrious clever and motivated intelligent people's but in my opinion because of what said already better in and part of a larger organisation who will decide our future and more efficient with information and intelligence and workers rights and also very important tolerant for all. There is quite a lot more to say about this subject but too late to little. I believe we as a nation have lost something extraordinary important in taking our future for reasons above, and more. May my children forgive me for not thinking clearly enough in the first place. I am now ashamed of myself and for not trying harder to get what I now believe the lies that were in front of me, and too slow to get the right information out to as many people as I could. But the sun will continue to rise but less warmth. Take care. Cheers Gary.
  3. Good morning It is hard to know how to get started and where to start. This is my rant for the year my own opinion only, i don't want for anyone to take any offence and sincerely apologise if i do. I would like to let you know firstly i voted to leave the EU completely a few years ago, no half in or half out, I'm saying this for people to understand what I'm about to say. The conservatives have one by a very large majority and fair to the decent people in the conservative party for I am very sure them people will try and be honest and trustworthy and try extremely hard to do well for their communities. The SNP have done very well in Scotland and will i believe look to improve their people future enormously. The liberal Democrats are a decent group of people who only want the best for the country. The smaller parties have given their best to put over the qualities they believe in. As said above i voted to leave the EU. I'm a Labour man through and through I'm just being honest so as you can imagine I'm extremely disappointed that we lost the way we did. There are many reasons but no excuses from me. I absolutely love the way they try to look after the country all the country, but fair is fair we lost easily. And as said already I have listened to the conservatives parliament representatives for many years and liked some policies and noticed many of them as decent people. I was brought up with this moral obligation if you have nothing nice to say about someone then do not say anything, I have lived with this for over 60 years, so please understand what i am about to say is very difficult for me. We now have a person who is in power who I honesty believe this. A compulsive liar A racist A dislike for the working class A adulterer many times over A child denier? I truly apologise if I have offended anyone. If not very careful own Irish people will have a border and the Irish people says no as it might ? cause conflict, I sincerely hope not, god bless Ireland. The Scottish people want absolutely nothing more to do with coming out of Europe over 64% says so. Now I am Welsh but all my life consider myself British/Welsh and loved the English Scottish Irish for all the variety they have given the UK and the love for our nation. I nearly finished thank goodness I can hear. Because of the way things are going. Its very possible that Scotland will not be part of the UK in the next 10 years. Im unsure about Ireland for they themselves voted to stay in the EU. I am British but will from today will become Welsh before being British I am so upset for this I truly am. As already said I voted to leave the EU completely. I must now be true to myself and vote Plaid for now on to get away from Westminster and back into the EU. I have been in the forces voluntary and took our beautiful Queens Shilling, so please do not judge me for I love my country dearly. God bless Britain.
  4. Lovely design on the Kookaburra nice to look at also looks in great condition
  5. That's a great collection, the design's are first Class, cheers for sharing
  6. Excellent iv never seen this coin before is it rare?
  7. Really fine collection thank you for sharing
  8. What a great coin and looking in top condition.
  9. They made a good tournament played well, today wasn't theirs, I'm Welsh and proud of my men, be proud of yours they have deserved it. Anybody that does this sport are Special people on and off the pitch they are an example to everyone. Welsh England Scottish Irish and even French. Well done the home nations.👏
  10. Them liberated got to be one of the great designe lovely coin.
  11. Thank you but sorted. Great offer Karl.