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  1. For your consideration Photos will be uploaded this afternoon. 10 Silver coins, I have made this a new sale as the other one is hard to follow. 2017 Beatrice potter 2 of each. Peter Rabbit (2) Benjamin Bunny (2) Mr Jeremy 🎏 Fisher (2) Tom Kitten (2) A 2017 platinum wedding anniversary of Her majesty the Queen and Prince Philip £5 Silver proof coin boxed and with a certificate of authenticity. A 1974 Republic of Panama 20 Balboa with a certificate of authenticity toning around the edge 2000 grains 4.16 ounces sterling silver with all original box. £45 each plus delivery of your choice and risk. Payment by PayPal F/F Or Bank Transfer please.
  2. That's awesome coin, but I'm a bit bias, I love them. Ps excellent price.
  3. You are absolutely right my apologies. Thank you very much for pointing this fact out. The 20 Balboas is now reduced to £55 including delivery. Cheers gazer.
  4. Bu Does anyone want to take whatever is left for £480 I'm trying hard here. For this price I will pay £10 towards the postage. So probably around £490 including postage. For the 10 Coins that is left. Ta. IM DROPPING THE PRICE NOW TO £420 FOR THE 10 COINS I CAN'T DO IT FOR LESS THIS IS A GOOD BARGAIN. IF SOLD BUYER TO PAY DELIVERY. 🐼 🐼 I have 2 Sets Potter Proof coins 2017 that I purchased from the Royal Mint for my daughters they want to sell, I think this is the last few silver coins they have left. 2017 Peter Rabbit x2 2017 Mr Jeremy Fisher x2 2017 Benjamin Bunny x2 2017 Tom Kitten x2 Each set of 4 is £200 this includes delivery 2017 Platinum Wedding Anniversary HMQ/PRINCE PHILIP UK £5 Silver Proof coin £60 includes delivery. There is a1974 Republic of Panama 20 Balboas with a Certificate of Authenticity slight toning around the edge Although I can’t see it with my eyesight, nice heavy weight to the coin 2000 grains = 4.16 ounces Sterling Silver with Original box And Original capsule Lovely coin. Unsure of the pricing of this coin £55 this includes delivery. I can and willing to wait for payment up to 4 weeks as not in a hurry. payment by Paypal F/F or bank transfer please. Please contact me if you need any information cheers gazer.
  5. gazer

    1848 sov

    I just seen a 1848 gold Sovereign large head I think? coin, on website Silvercellar.co.uk £449 great price if anyone after this type of coin.
  6. Open To Offer's I will withdrawn for now put back up in the near future. Cheers gazer. Hi I have for sale two gold sovereign coins both graded by NGC, I had them up for sale for £900 but now for sale at £830 delivered special delivery Royal Mail. All original packaging check photos please The first coin is a 2004 proof the other is a 2005 proof please contact me if you need any more information. If sold payment please by Paypal F/F Or bank transfer. I will wait for payment if you would like me to, I totally understand funds sometimes takes time. Thank you gazer.
  7. Hi I have for sale a 2017 Piedfort Gold Sovereign Now £1,150. +Final drop £1,100+ PR70DCAM I'm selling this coin for £1,200 the coin comes with all the paperwork and original box, this includes Royal Mail Special delivery tracking and signed for. I have the coin for sale at another well known site. If you are interested please contact me, I am willing to wait for payment up to 3 weeks if needed to. I would like payment by PayPal F/F Or bank transfer please. I will upload photos soon, I'm out at the moment, and can not find any of the photos I need on my phone. Just seen another advert I don't want to step on any one's toes. When the other advert finished, I will probably realist. My apologies.
  8. gazer


    Just an update you are definitely on the right track, IV been looking at various sites and they can vary in dimensions. 👏
  9. gazer


    I checked the site, it's seems close but having a detailed look the Owl side the legs are different and the feathers are different. Thank you for your time in looking, I now have a much better idea of what the coin details are. I appreciate your time and help. Thank you gazer.
  10. gazer


    3/4in By just under 1inch