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  1. Good morning can you please let me know if any still available and price please.
  2. I just wonder how many, I expect a very high proportion of items going missing don't get a mention. The Royal Mail should give a statement because the name is ROYAL MAIL THIS SERVICE IS IN HMQ NAME.
  3. They look amazing great design, and it's nice to see totally new (designs) thank you for sharing.🥇
  4. Agree with the comments real nice. 👏
  5. gazer

    withdrawn .

    What a set of coins superb
  6. Please check out my other listing it explains what coins are what. This advert you can buy either 4000g of 50% silver or you can buy 1000g of 50% silver. Thank you I will check the price on the 99% and adjust if needed. Photos it might be a short while. Cheers gazer
  7. It probably will good luck thank you gazer.
  8. The 2 2018 are £20 fine silver also the Winston Churchill is a £20 fine silver coin. The Cayman 1972 is a 5 dollar 92.5 silver coin. The other Cayman islands is a 2 dollar 1972 92.5% silver coin. All the rest are 99.9 silver coins. Thank you hope I have replied properly. Cheers gazer.
  9. Hi again I had to update my 99% silver as follows. There is 276 grams of fine silver I will upload photos underneath please check them for an idea also there is 70 grams of 92.5 grams silver coins. Total 10 items 9 coins and 1 bag of fine silver shot. Total including delivery of royal mail Special delivery service and signed for. Total=£136 Cheers gazer.
  10. Just update price on the 99% I calculated wrong sorry thank you Gildeon.👏