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  1. The nautical design is very cool I can definitely see why you choose it.
  2. gazer

    Red Spot Gone

    Would this method mean its classed as when grading or selling, especially gold Proof and silver collectable? Added 0 minutes later...
  3. We all deserve a bit of good fortune. Ie have your cake and eat it.🥮
  4. Good evening I'm looking around for a Queen Victoria Jubilee head iv seen many sites and found a few I like condition ext, mind you I can't remember which company is which. Anyway if anyone? Interested in selling one I would be interested to purchase as you know it all comes down to condition year and price. I will be honest with you I have got up to £400 this will be including delivery, I'm not particular what year I would rather a great condition because I'm trying to get coins in Mint state rather than scarce or rare. Please contact me if you have any questions or a coin, and please do not be offended if I say no to your particular coin. Cheers gazer
  5. Looks a excellent condition coin, lovely colour excellent details.
  6. Reminds me of the 303 I first used in the sixties. Fine rifle great for precision shooting.
  7. Excellent looking coin I believe its the best one out of the 50p.
  8. Thank you shawy do you want to work out the details with ilovesilver and let me know if sent payment details to ilovesilver? Small Dragon Sold. Thank you both sold..
  9. I am selling silver at scrap price. I have for sale on another well known site. And tomorrow I will drop the price that I'm asking down to the price I'm asking here, obviously I sell to anyone interested here first. My scales are for some reason are fluctuating between 5gr. 555gr £265+£645 Special delivery service and signed for. The other is 275 gr is £130+£6.45 Special delivery service and signed for. Please I can't do any deals on the price above. The only difference is if someone buys the 2 the postage is probably £7.45. Cheers gazer