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  1. gazer

    New member

    Welcome to the forum Steven you will probably find there are members here who are knowledgeable in certain areas of silver gold ext, I have personally found now and again to ask certain questions to certain members as they are excellent in the advice they have given me. It also a good idea to follow certain members for information. 🤗
  2. I have done deals with Bobble great to deal with very honest, and helpful, and hopefully will again. Nice to see you on the forum. Good luck.🤗
  3. Excellent price especially for graded coins. 🥇
  4. Pity I hope you get a bit of luck and wouldn't have to sell them.
  5. Just to say what a set of coins superb great design and details.
  6. Again you have a beauty of a coin. And indeed lustrous. 🥇
  7. Anyone willing to sell £150 worth of scrap silver I'm willing to pay 95% of the scrap price, and I will pay for postage. Cheers gazer.
  8. gazer

    Hi, I am new

    Hello Jim glad you joining the forum, hope you enjoy yourself. Cheers from South Wales. Gary.🥇
  9. Just to say I had some of these coins, they are some of the nicest coins I had. Lovely design and great detail Good luck with your sale.🤗
  10. Nice set of popular coins good luck with selling.
  11. Cheers Roy I have just p/m you sorry took me a while just got in and seen your message. Cheers gazer.
  12. Thank you very much for your message that sounds great i look forward to it. Cheers gazer.
  13. Good afternoon I have up to £80 looking for some scrap silver please be below the scrap price I understand this is a bit cheeky but just trying to collect some scrap and I'm being honest funds are low at present. Thank you gazer.