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  1. For sale is a 70th Anniversary Royal Wedding of Her majesty the Queen wedding to Prince Philip. 1/4 Gold Proof, with the certificate of authenticity and a booklet. All the information contained. Cost of the coin is £345 this includes special delivery tracking and signed for, Royal mail. PayPal F/F or bank transfer for payment. Please contact me if you have any questions. Cheers gazer
  2. I know this is no use really, I'm selling at the moment, if I wasn't that is an excellent price for an excellent price. It's got to sell at that price. Perhaps waiting for pay day? Added 0 minutes later...
  3. gazer

    completed I need Proof!

    Excellent price Roy, good luck with the sale. Gazer.
  4. gazer

    1937 Proof Grade Opinions

    I will give 1% below spot
  5. I have 2 Gold 2017 Graded one by PCGS one by NGC The PCGS is PR 70DCAM Piedfort Double Sovereign. The NGC is a Strike of the day PF69 ULTRA CAMEO Sovereign. I am trying to sell both together All Packaging is included I don’t mind waiting for payment up to 6 weeks no hurry if interested I will put them aside for anyone. Total for both coins £1,925 this includes special delivery by Royal Mail signed for. payment PayPal family and friends please. please contact me if interested.
  6. gazer

    200th Pistrucci Sovereign Current Price

    Hi Creative if you are still interested in the 2017 I have a 2017 strike on the day NGC PF 69 Ultra cameo. Or a PCGS Piedfort double Sovereign PR 70DCAM IF you can contact me if interested. Cheers gazer.
  7. gazer

    for sale 2019 Full Proof Sovereign

    Hi silverRomantiX I've pm you when you get a chance can you please contact me. Thank you gazer.
  8. gazer

    for sale 2019 Full Proof Sovereign

    Pm sent. Cheers gazer.
  9. gazer

    Rotated Shield Back Sovereign !

    Take a good look around before deciding, I know this sounds obvious, but sometimes we just jump in. Then you can compare and make your mind up better. Good luck.
  10. gazer

    Today I Received.....

    Beauty that coin. Worth the wait.
  11. gazer

    My medal

    Hi Stack looking at it yes I see in the face especially bottom right, he resembles Egyptian. I never noticed before. Thank you for pointing it out. Cheers gazer
  12. gazer

    My medal

    Hi everyone I just wanted to show off my 1066 bronze medal what do you think... With a tapestry genuine, The metal is darker than what is in the photos the horse and the rider who are in depth and stands out not flat.
  13. gazer

    for sale 2019 Full Proof Sovereign

    Nice coin I'm selling at the moment. Good luck with the sale. Ps looks a good price.
  14. Excellent coin, excellent condition. Good luck with the sale.