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  1. @FillDrummin nice move ! 25 of the 2017s have gone since i posted ....but still over 900 left. All years are on sale - but that 2017 price is a steal for sure. I have a handful of 2017s from previous buys ....have not bought any of these yet, but I will. Would be remiss not to grab a few more 2018s as well 😀 Added 0 minutes later... Welcome to the Forum by the way !
  2. For those fans of the Aussie Swans - Apmex have some remarkable deals on the first 2017 BU edition as well as the 2018 and 2019 BU swans. Basically $40 a piece. I know thats a lot over spot - but the 2017 especially has been way up in premium for recent years, and this is the cheapest price for ages. Just if anyone is a buyer and missed the chance to get the 2017 at a reasonable price; beautiful inaugural coin....and still has the reasonable portrait of QEII 😉
  3. After buying a raw 1916 S Indian Head gold half eagle a few years ago only to find it was a fake....I decided it was time to complete my date set with a verified genuine 1916 - so I paid up for an NGC AU58 graded 1916 S from a reputable US dealer. Still a tasty premium over most of the others in the 1908 -1916 series (paid over £500), but I least I can sleep knowing its genuine !
  4. BUMP - and price reduced to £100 delivered in UK and £105 for non UK buyers. Thanks !
  5. For sale - together in one lot: a 2016 2 ounce proof and a 2016 1 ounce proof. Lovely silver coins, in original Banco Mexico capsules. Price £105 with postage included for Uk buyers. £110 for outside UK. Thanks for looking - PM me if interested. Lindeman
  6. The two silver BU 1 ounce Libertads bought recently, one from Italy (the 1998) and the 1996 from a Spanish seller. Really happy with both, especially the rarer 1998 which is in great condition.
  7. Got to say from those pictures this looks like a possible MS65. I graded a nice one last year and got a MS64 but yours looks better to me !!
  8. From premier gold Libertads something a bit humbler. A few silver rounds, inc my first Thaler restrike, and an 1882 gold Italian 20L.
  9. I know we got excited back in 2017 for the first silver proof Krugerrand ...but the quality issues became an issue and less hype followed in 2018 & 2019 with the subsequent releases. So this years first 2 ounce silver proof is the first SA Mint release that has caught my interest. I must say - I love it !! And before you ask ...mine arrived safely still in its capsule in the presentation box! That presentation box is still cheap looking ...but after all you buy these for the coin, not the box or paperwork 😉.
  10. Nice pre-33 gold! Where is the Double Eagle ? 😉 And the 1909 $5 - may i ask if its a 1909 -D or another rarer mintmark? Lindeman
  11. A small treat to start the year - on its way and will post pictures when it actually lands. From a great Italian eBay seller I have used before for good quality Libertads, I got the 1998 bullion 1oz silver Lib, the key low mintage in the series at only 67,000. Here is the picture from the listing. Looks in good nick. Lindeman
  12. A very specific request /offer for all the gold graded QB fans here on the Forum... I am offering up an NGC MS70 1/4 ounce gold BU Queens Beast 2017 Unicorn of Scotland (pictured below) in exchange for a similar NGC MS70 1/4 ounce gold BU Red Dragon of Wales (preferably in the same classic brown label NGC holder). I am lucky enough to have duplicate MS70 Unicorns I am hoping someone may have had more luck grading the Dragons than I have ! 😊 Please PM if interested, but note this is a very specific exchange request. Thanks for looking. Lindeman
  13. Bump, and price reduction: Now: Santa Maria - £115. First Postage included for UK buyers. Victoria - £105. First Postage included for UK buyers. For non UK buyers - please add an additional £10 for EU). Paypal ff preferred. Lindeman
  14. Bump, and price reduction: Now for £320 inclusive of SD for UK buyers. For non UK buyers - please figure £315 plus postage (£15 for EU). Lindeman
  15. 2017 Santa Maria and 2019 Victoria proof silver Rwanda 50F 1 ounce coins up for sale. Both graded in 2019 by NGC (via Numistacker), with the Victoria a PF70 and the inaugural Santa Maria a PF69 . See photos for exact condition. Both come also with their original COA. Santa Maria - £125. First Postage included for UK buyers. Victoria - £110. First Postage included for UK buyers. For non UK buyers - please add an additional £10 for EU). Paypal ff preferred. Please PM if interested. Thanks for looking Lindeman
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