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  1. Relax ....its my coin and my experiment, and its not being sold to any of you or anyone else. Yes - I am fully aware that its now a “cleaned coin” but its one I enjoy looking at again. We all got to learn a little along the way.
  2. Must admit Steve i rubbed the centre of the coin more than the outer edges - so I never really noticed those ones. Was amazing though to see how black the cleaning cloth came up - suggesting quite a bit of silver contamination.
  3. UPDATE !! @sovereignsteve / everyone - I gave it a good dousing and wipe with silver polish, took a deep breath - and here are the results. Spots dissolved, gold intact, and a great start to Sunday morning ! Here is a before and after picture Honestly I feel like the guy in the Fosters ad who phones in for advice and gets a solution; that is the joy of this Forum👍😊. Whether I would do this on a proof Libertad is debatable , as you need to rub the polish on and off the coin ...but for bullion coins that I just want to keep nice - I will do it again. Finally - whether this was copper or silver , I don’t know. Maybe these polishes work on both.
  4. This has been a really interesting discussion - thanks to all for joining in. Now - I am tempted to rub the Goddards silver polish onto the surface as suggested @sovereignsteve ! It is a bullion coin with a few nicks ....so i was never tempted to grade this Libertad ...so maybe not much to lose 🙏. I did go back and found more red / blueish spotting on another 2015 Libertad so maybe that was a year they changed the alloy, i don't know. A few months ago I sent a different BU Libertad through NCS to NGC and they did an incredible job removing the red spots ....so they can be “cured”. Whether spots can come back after their initial removal is another topic - anyone had that nightmare!. .?
  5. I love all of my gold Libertads - I really do, but when checking over some bullion coins I have stored safely in Airtites and in tubes I was pretty miffed at the red spotting that has developed in the last 2 years on this 1 ounce BU Libertad. Both sides now spotted. I know it does not alter the bullion value, but personally I like the semi - numismatic value of the gold BU coins as they are all pretty low mintage, but this degree of spotting will not help in retaining any premium. Is it just me or are the red spotting issues with Libertads getting more common compared to 4/5 years ago. ? I have seen it now on BU and brand new proof coins. Anyone have any tips to avoid ? Lindeman
  6. Wow @motorbikez- you are right! Does that mean I have a rare collectible “error slab”..? 😂😂
  7. Filling a gap in the series....the PF70 Falcon. Is it laziness, poor spelling ...or simply lack of space that excuses NGC for not making it “Plantagenets” ?? 😉 Anyway - the design is growing on me. Initially I thought it was a bit of a scrawny Falcon... lindeman
  8. @terakris- immensely impressed with that last Libertad PF70 REV PF. Very nice coin. Think i have to track one of them down now ....👍
  9. Slowly trying to get the series in MS70 ...its a labour of love and grief with NGC.
  10. Thanks for sharing that @Alphakaz and frustrating to read. I have been buying a few of these Korean medals from different buyers and there is one thing (at least...) i have noticed also about some of the European dealers on eBay. Its that some of them show on the first picture the proof coin ....but in fact they are selling the BU coin (which they show in later pictures). Sneaky tactics. But your issue is a different one, I know. Personally I think its fair that here on the Forum you can name the particular seller so that the rest of us are aware who they were. Was the seller one of those listed in our “recommended mints “ list here? Lindeman
  11. Some great results in those Numi ! Nice to see the Yale gold proofs getting PF70, but even more impressive to see an Ms70 Lion and MS70 Yale that will please @RegalStacker😊 and @Oldun😀. The Swiss1902 5 rappen is mine, but would like NGC to give it the correct variety (I over tilted I) 😩 ! Also happy with the early Gillick design 1957/1958 sovereigns - decent grades on those. Thanks @Numistacker. lindeman
  12. I am still collecting the series - but mainly because i like the visual designs more than any faith in these becoming hidden semi-numismatic gems! I agree that its odd to go from a simple ZiSIN annual design to the 3 variants of the Scrofa in 2019. Gotta love the Scrofa Ghost though. At that pace it will become unattractive pretty quickly. Still - the Cheonwang series is also running in parallel, again with a strong design in the series (so far). Are these a better bet (as investment) than Engelhard or Scottsdale Reserve rounds? I doubt it. One nice thing for the KOMSCO series is the matt finish to them, which makes it less likely to show spotting and imperfections.
  13. Last week ..but just got one into a deep capsule today: a pile of silver BU Yales. Also a gold 1/4 Yale ....sadly got a tiny visible mark on the Queen’s neck, so this will not be going for grading. Yale side is magnificent.
  14. OK ....a silver onza, not a Libertad. But still a fine Mexican coin.
  15. When I first looked at the picture I sort of assumed it was a 1 ounce silver Elephant and a 1/10th ounce gold Elephant....until I looked again and saw the 1kg and 1oz!!!😇. Seriously impressive double there @Cornishfarmer