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  1. Lindeman

    Today I Received

    As a Fathers Day gift today: Marsh “The Gold Sovereign” 😊 what a great book - don’t know how I have survived so long without Marsh...Now i dont have to Google up the branch mintages!
  2. Lindeman

    Today I Received

    I admit - I succumbed to the collector gene: a 2018 proof Rwanda Nautical ounce, HMS Endeavour. Nice coin though!
  3. Lindeman

    Today I Received

    Me too Mick. It does look like some 1800s pirate has taken a hot poker to the top of it by the HIS ....so its not perfect, but i am not worrying. 😉
  4. Lindeman

    Today I Received

    A few pickups from the last few weeks. Starting with a nice piece of old Swiss gold together with a modern shiny Swan. The 10 francs Vreneli is not one you see so much of, compared to the 20 francs. Then some auction pickups. Nice haul of bullion Libertads in a mixed lot: happy to find some of the old and lowest mintages (1999 was second lowest year @95,000) and cool to see the transition from 1999 to 2000 in the Mexican coat of arms. In the same lot were a dozen Kookaburras - all in perfect shape. Most interesting was this 2008 in its original card. That happens to be my favorite Kook design ! A really characterful 8 reales from 1763 (with a chopmark in the globe), love these historical pieces. May not grade it though because NGC will probably find something to downgrade: these coins had a colorful life so i dont really care what the grade could be😊. Was after a different year (1860s) - as i already have one, but picked up another 1870 Australian sovereign (this one probably better than my earlier one). Finally - at a price less than the going rate for the single proof, a 1989 double sov proof. Did not realize how low (2,000) the mintage was - so hopefully these will go up over time. This one is definitely headed to Numistacker for NGC🙏😀
  5. Lindeman

    Libertad Photo Thread...

  6. Lindeman

    Today I Received

    A few QB pickups : 13 bullion silver Clarences and a few 1/4 gold Bullion QBs: looking for a nice Clarence and a better Unicorn than my current ones to send in for grading....in pursuit of the elusive MS70s. As many have commented already - the Clarence Bull silver coins are nice in the hand - none of the sharp ragged edges of the earlier designs in the series. I will put 3 into deep capsules and keep 10 in a tube for storage. Will decide what to do once the 10x designs are in the bag. Also a couple of slabbed Clarences for fellow collectors here on the Forum.
  7. Lindeman

    Today I Received

    Soooo ...... just another routine 39 sovereign pickup for about £10,000 then @sg86.? Congrats - big respect.
  8. Lindeman

    Platinum - who's buying?

    @KDave - the rhodium i have yet to get into .... Just to hopefully keep you motivated - here is my full 4x Maple set, completed back in 2016 when palladium was cheap! Like you I was determined to get all four metals. Its a lovely sight - and instructive when showing other people why PMs are interesting, as you can use the set to discuss the different sizes / densities / values of each PM. These are all the bullion versions. Now if RCM did a rhodium Maple that would be cool 😊 Lindeman
  9. Lindeman

    Platinum - who's buying?

    @KDave- i bought a boxed set of 2007 Pt Britannias a few weeks ago, so that was not really related to the bullion price.....but yes, with these drops i may well be tempted to grab another ounce of platinum. I am probaby after an Eagle as thats one i need to keep extending a collection of the different 1 ounce Platinum coins available. So while i am more interested in them because they are nice coins rather than the play on the metals, i do prefer to buy in these dips than when its over $1000 / ounce 😉 I have a single ounce of palladium (a Maple) and that is probably staying as my sole piece of Pd ... lindeman
  10. Lindeman

    World coins & medals

  11. Lindeman

    Today I Received

    😂 I hear you @Kman - its a joy just to see these even come back in a slab , as i am still lamenting my prized 1916S that came back as “not genuine” a few months ago! I am tiptoeing through my set of Indian Head $5s with NGC: so far its as follows: 1910 AU58 1912 AU55 1915 AU58 1916S - not genuine. I will keep going and send in some more as its better to know the truth about what i bought rather than kid myself! Although there are a couple i know will maybe come back as scratched or cleaned ...
  12. Lindeman

    Today I Received

    And the NGC silver results: a tad disappointed to miss the PF70 on the 2014 Britannia and the 2017 Krugerrand proof. I do have a Pf70 2014 Brit already - so cant really complain. PF69 Britannias 2013, 2014, 2016. PF69 Krugerrand 2017 PF70 Britannia 2011. Hurrah 👍, as its my second favorite design after the 2014 iconic design. Thanks again to Numi!
  13. Lindeman

    Today I Received

    It does irritate me a bit - maybe adds an extra cache 😊
  14. Lindeman

    Today I Received

    My NGC graded gold coins back from @Numistacker; thanks for showcasing three of these in your “best of” vid Numi. 1784 Guinea AU55 1910 Indian Head $5 AU58 2017 Sovereign PF69 2017 Libertad 1/4 PF70 2017 Griffin 1/4 MS70
  15. Lindeman

    Today I bought.....

    Absolutely nothing yesterday! Not for lack of preparation - went to a live auction and the viewing beforehand, but every piece of silver or gold (sovereigns, Krugerrands) and nice pre-47 silver went for just above my target prices. Always so tempting to just let rip and overpay for something just to make yourself happy -but i was well behaved and disciplined; refuse to pay £270 for a standard bullion sov or £1000 for a Krugerrand after you add the commission. Can walk into HGM and buy them cheaper.... Besides - i need to save some money to buy some Bulls ....and pay taxes! Lindeman