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  1. Thanks to @Cornishfarmer - this super 1932 gold $10 Indian head.
  2. received the black QB box today for 10 slabs. Stunning ! Thanka @Alun Cant wait to see it filled.
  3. @GatorandAli - that would be an extra £10 for tracked and signed postage of a small parcel to Romania; confirmed at the Post office today
  4. Let me look into that for you - for how many coins ? Will ask at the Post Office.
  5. Bump - and reducing prices as follows ( all including Uk first class delivery}: Selling at £50each delivered in the UK via First Class mail; would sell two for £98 and all four for £195.  PM if interested. Thanks Lindeman
  6. Queens Beast Lion now SOLD, the 1870 Sydney Sovereign still available - and price reduced to £425 now for UK buyers. Thanks for looking. Lindeman
  7. Bump and price reduced to £85 including UK First class delivery.
  8. Bump, and reduced to £42 delivered in the UK.
  9. Up for sale - some of my bullion grade 2016 2 ounce silver QB Lions, each in a deep XD black ringed Airtite. Four coins available - all in essentially the same condition; see the photos for condition. Some gentle signs of light toning around the edges on the Lion side visible. All bought in 2016 and put immediately into these capsules. Selling at £52 each delivered in the UK via First Class mail; would sell two for £102 and all four for £200 delivered. Ideal opportunity for those going back to complete the set with the first QB ! PM me if interested. Thanks for looking. Lindeman
  10. Lovely silver coin from the Rwanda Nautical Series - 2nd coin being the 2018 HMS Endeavour 1 oz silver proof. Only 1000 minted. Asking £92 including UK First class delivery - which is cheaper than any of the German dealers offering them today on eBay. Please PM if interested. Thanks for looking Lindeman
  11. Nothing wrong with a bit of PAMPering 😆. First one i have bought in the Lunar series, the 2012 Dragon. I love the design details on all of them. Then a couple more Engelhard 1982 Prospectors - in really nice condition, and a 2011 Panda. Lindeman.
  12. Thanks @Serendipity- yes , some of my favs too. These are both duplicates - thats why they are for sale though ... Lindeman.
  13. PMs sent guys with payment details - the Brits are yours (no exchanges dropped in). 😊 Thanks for your interest. Lindeman