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  1. Lindeman

    2018 South Korea 1 Oz Silver ZI:SIN Canis (BU)

    Thanks guys for the headsup on the MonumentMetals deal. I just bought a few of those double coin sets for $60. I reckon thats a good deal to get a ghost, as the regular Scrofa is about $23 at APMEX and i see private eBay sellers asking $70 for a ghost , so its a good deal for the 10,000 mintage ghost. Loving the whole series.
  2. Lindeman

    Today I Received.....

    Also got my NGC slabs back today from @Numistacker. Lets skip the slight disappointments (MS68s ...) and focus on the bullion winners 😊. Thats the Unicorn taken care of, but I still have plenty other bullion Queens Beasts designs to get as MS70 Its a long road and quite humbling - especially with the next Beast arriving soon 😆
  3. Lindeman

    Today I Received.....

    I was actually at the London Fair to sell some coins more than to buy , so I now have a better sense of which dealers are interested in buying, and what they will not touch. Great fun and lots to learn from chatting to the dealers. Could not leave without buying a little something ....but kept it to a couple of silver rounds for the generic stack. Always love an Engelhard.
  4. Lindeman

    Today I Received.....

    On my travels in the US and eBay. Not sure if there are any EU dealers....have not looked.
  5. Lindeman

    Today I Received.....

    Getting into the silver Republic of Korea Chiwoo Cheowang and Zi Sin Gallus series. Stunning details - and these are just thbe bullion versions from Komsco. Proofs look pretty nifty as well. These are 2017 and 2018 regular and Scrofa privvy. Looking forwrad to the 2019 editions Lindeman .
  6. HH - I certainly agree that averaging in over the next few months may be the sensible approach, as timing the bottom is a big ask ....and as the action since Sunday showed, prices could still drop off this base ! My issue is still BTC or alts.... i know what you mean about alts sometimes being swept aside by newer trendier rivals. My approach has been to hedge with some BTC and use some to convert into alts. Got to have some BTcc
  7. Bump, and prices reduced to £245 delivered for one Sov, or £480 for both Sovs delivered in UK. Thanks for looking.
  8. Tidying up the collection, so these two 2010 BU full sovereigns are up for sale..In original Mint packaging, with option to buy one or botb sovereigns. Price for UK buyers is £250 delivered Special Delivery for one sovereign, and £490 for both sovereigns. Both coins in excellent BU condition. Please PM me if interested. Payment by Paypal F&F. Thanks Lindeman
  9. Lindeman

    2019 oriental border

    The main reason I bought them last year was becuase i really like the novel design ... Agree on the 2017 silver BU krugerrand - that really set the low mark for this: still amazing that that coin is nearly twice the price of the 2018 or 2019 BU krugerrands, just because its called “Premium BU” and was the first year out....
  10. Lindeman

    2019 oriental border

    Not sure what to make of this , as I loved the 2018 design and bought in with a 20x sleeve.....partly because it was called a “One time” design (which is now not entirely true🙁). . So they are being a bit cute just fiddling with the border design. Agree with you @SamCW - the 2019 has too many concentric lines now out past the radials ...if thats the right terminology. In other words - yes, its more cluttered! Here is the 2018 image for comparison. I guess i agree with a few others - will just have to shut up and keep the run going then ! Buckle up for an annual geometry / oriental border competition ....because i am sure a 7 year old with a ruler and steady hand could design a new border for 2020, 2021 etc 😂.
  11. To me this is a key question ( as I failed to take enough gains back in Jan 2018) .....but in fact there is only one choice I can impact now, and thats whether I should be buying loads of CC right now. After thinking about this a lot (as us HODLErs have had plenty time in the bear market to think about it😥) I realize that while its difficult to erase the past, or the prices paid for current positions, my intuition (will not call it skill because its effectively gambling) is too buy big this Spring when sentiment is still rock bottom and prices low. Of course - fewer coins will survivve and rise in the next bull run , and are we really at the bottom? For what its worth, looking at the alts down over 80% those I may be tempted to dip back into include SUB, NANO, OMG, ADA. XRP and XLM did not drop quite so much...and may even have a use-case 😉. Ones that I think will never recover include DENT, NAV, CVC, MCO... For me - jury ia out on ETH and LTC ....so for a base play its still BTC thoughts on your current strategies? I am not rushing back in get , but I hope I dont regret that if a bull season opens ! Lindeman
  12. Lindeman

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Not my coins Numi ,but having sent in a few Indian Heads myself (with varying success, from being returned as “not genuine” to AU58) I must say I am reassured at the 1929 MS60 $2.5 Indian Head. Hard to gauge from the images admittedly, but above the feathers and around the date there is some discolouration (compared to the AU55 1911 for example) and I always worry how NGC view that. Now I know that they will not necessarily punish a coin for it! I am happy for the owner of the MS60, as grading these lovely old gold Indian heads is not for the faint-hearted😊. Bad luck on the body-bag 1912 $5....I feel the owners pain, as I am still crying over a rare 1916 S that similarly suffered.😫 Some great results for many Forum members in this grading.
  13. Lindeman

    Today I Received.....

    Never say no when I see a little JM silver bar....and this is my first Imperial Russian gold - a 5 rubles from 1898. LCS pickups in San Francisco. Nice piece of history, as many of these were melted down in the Bolshevik era and beyond. Small but nice...😊
  14. Lindeman

    withdrawn 2018 silver one ounce Kookaburras (9x)

    Final price cut for last day on sale - to £165 for all 9 Kookaburra coins delivered UK. Cheers Lindeman
  15. Lindeman

    withdrawn 2018 silver one ounce Kookaburras (9x)

    Bump - and price reduced from £190 to £175 for UK buyers, including UK special delivery for all 9coins. Thanks for looking. Lindeman