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  1. Been picking up individual PAMP silver bars when I see them for a decent price, and especially after the older Chiasso bars. A few other silver pickups - proof and BU slabbed QB Mortimer Lions; a couple of 1982 Engelhard Prospectors ( like these so much more than the ASEs that led to their demise in1987) and a stack of the stunning Korean2018 tigers. Only one piece of gold - but a real collectors Libertad 1/4 PF70 from 2013. Really low mintage that year. I try to buy raw Libertad gold quarters and grade them, instead of buying already graded - but could not resist this one !
  2. You are right @Frenchie - thanks for the correction.
  3. Yes - thanks @johnnyhann. Had not seen that one coming. From the ZA Mint website they state that the mintage of the 2 oz will be 10,000, lower than the 20,000 for the standard 1 oz proof. 10,000 was also the 2017 inaugural mintage ...so you may well be right. Will try to get some of these.
  4. Its that time of year again....anyone have any intel on when the 2019 gold Libertad proofs come out ? Hopefully still in 2019😉.?
  5. Great question @ZatStackz! Partly because I recently sent two of those exact coins to @Numistacker for grading ....so I have a vested interest ! Personally - i would like the REV PF or the REVERSE PF, but most of all I would like the PF70 😂😂! Lindeman
  6. I am already looking forward to the greyhound ....or whichever QB is next (presumably in Q2 2020). Cannot be worse than this ...unless they use the same dog designer that did the UK Lunar terrier ( that was a new low for the Mint ).
  7. Lindeman

    White Lion

    I am still unimpressed - especially by the vast swathes of blank fields left and right of the humanised Lion... next to the Bull this is my least fav design. Still have to buy it though 😊
  8. Thanks guys. Good to learn the difference @sovereignsteve. I’m glad I got it graded still because at least I will remember why I graded this one out of my (limited ) shield collection. So Steve - if I was ever to sell this coin, what would be the correct terminology “ double struck on the date “?
  9. @Xander We requested the variety and paid the fee...but I did not quote any reference ( they surely should do some of the work!) 😉 I am learning...
  10. I think I have found the right spot on the forum to ask your collective sovereign wisdom! Recently via @Numistacker ‘s fine services I sent an 1857 Vic Young Shield Sovereign into NGC asking for a variety designation. , as it clearly has signs of a clear double - die / overdate variety. While it came back as genuine, and AU50, I was certainly disappointed that NGC assigned no variety at all, despite (in my view) this being a clear overdate on 1857. Here are some pics. Would love to get your view: was I over ambitious expecting NGC to grant a variety here ? In Marsh there is no specific call out for this... Would PCGS have been a better bet here? Cheers Lindeman
  11. Thanks to @Cornishfarmer - this super 1932 gold $10 Indian head.
  12. received the black QB box today for 10 slabs. Stunning ! Thanka @Alun Cant wait to see it filled.
  13. @GatorandAli - that would be an extra £10 for tracked and signed postage of a small parcel to Romania; confirmed at the Post office today
  14. Let me look into that for you - for how many coins ? Will ask at the Post Office.