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  1. Slowly trying to get the series in MS70 ...its a labour of love and grief with NGC.
  2. Thanks for sharing that @Alphakaz and frustrating to read. I have been buying a few of these Korean medals from different buyers and there is one thing (at least...) i have noticed also about some of the European dealers on eBay. Its that some of them show on the first picture the proof coin ....but in fact they are selling the BU coin (which they show in later pictures). Sneaky tactics. But your issue is a different one, I know. Personally I think its fair that here on the Forum you can name the particular seller so that the rest of us are aware who they were. Was the seller one of those listed in our “recommended mints “ list here? Lindeman
  3. Some great results in those Numi ! Nice to see the Yale gold proofs getting PF70, but even more impressive to see an Ms70 Lion and MS70 Yale that will please @RegalStacker😊 and @Oldun😀. The Swiss1902 5 rappen is mine, but would like NGC to give it the correct variety (I over tilted I) 😩 ! Also happy with the early Gillick design 1957/1958 sovereigns - decent grades on those. Thanks @Numistacker. lindeman
  4. I am still collecting the series - but mainly because i like the visual designs more than any faith in these becoming hidden semi-numismatic gems! I agree that its odd to go from a simple ZiSIN annual design to the 3 variants of the Scrofa in 2019. Gotta love the Scrofa Ghost though. At that pace it will become unattractive pretty quickly. Still - the Cheonwang series is also running in parallel, again with a strong design in the series (so far). Are these a better bet (as investment) than Engelhard or Scottsdale Reserve rounds? I doubt it. One nice thing for the KOMSCO series is the matt finish to them, which makes it less likely to show spotting and imperfections.
  5. Last week ..but just got one into a deep capsule today: a pile of silver BU Yales. Also a gold 1/4 Yale ....sadly got a tiny visible mark on the Queen’s neck, so this will not be going for grading. Yale side is magnificent.
  6. OK ....a silver onza, not a Libertad. But still a fine Mexican coin.
  7. When I first looked at the picture I sort of assumed it was a 1 ounce silver Elephant and a 1/10th ounce gold Elephant....until I looked again and saw the 1kg and 1oz!!!😇. Seriously impressive double there @Cornishfarmer
  8. Some near spot LCS pickups - love these 1984 Engelhard rounds, two designs in same year. Never say no to a JM bar or the lovely old toned Pamp 1 ouncer. In original wrapper 1963 Canadian dollar (.8 silver). Then other pickups - proof Rwanda Nauticals from 2018 and 2017. A slabbed Yale and my favorite - a 1993 Mexican 1 onza. Mayan design on the back is stunning! Happy days.
  9. Nice Korean Scrofa ZiSiN 1 Clay medals. Love the ghost design, quite amazing design. And ....remember a few weeks ago I was complaining about two Apmex gold libertad proofs that arrived already red spotted ? Well,- full credit to Apmex for sending me two nice replacements without any fussing ...excellent service I have to say,
  10. Thanks Numi. I will take those MS61s on the 1887s as a reasonable result😊; had hoped maybe for an MS62 but happy enough they did not get bagged with “hairlines” or any other issue ! Congrats to whoever got the MS62 on their 1887 double ! AU58 on the 1871 is a bit of a lesson learned ....as its really the first Vic shield i have had graded, so now i can assess the others i was thinking about. (Might as well just keep them in capsules and enjoy them! ). Lindeman
  11. Hi i am just wondering if anyone knows when (or if) the 2019 Nautical silver series will be released? Love the series - and am hoping for another great design in proof / BU. Any news ? Lindeman
  12. As the happy owner of the first three Indian Head $5, thanks @Numistacker! Always a relief to see first of all that they are genuine, given the challenges with fakes. Still got a few years in the set to get graded examples...and always the temptation to try and get better grades for these years.
  13. 1. Dragon. 2. Griffin. 3. Lion 4. Unicorn 5. Falcon. 6. Yale. 7. Bull. I would melt all the Bulls if i could.....awful design!
  14. I came across this quite nice (but a bit shiny) 1908 gold $5 today in a coin / jewellery shop. I regard myself as a fairly good judge of these notoriously tricky coins ....having bought and graded a bunch, including having found some fakes after sending to NGC, but I need some opinions here. I looked at it under a loupe and its got plenty surface nicks and a bit of wear on the high points, which would suggest its a real circulated coin. The letters and rim look OK - so I am convincing myself its real. Most of the fakes are of S mintmark or rare year /types while this is a plain common 1908 Philadelphia. If this were to grade MS 62 or higher it would probably be a $700+ coin. What you reckon? Is this a good buy for $500? So far my Indian Heads have graded at 55 or 58, so i am trying to upgrade my examples to 60 or higher. Is this a rarely found raw Indian head in good nick, or is it a fake, or a cleaned Genuine ? Happy to hear your thoughts The owner made me laugh; while seemingly knowledgeable about the coin he then declared that it was a rarely seen “E” mintmark ....pointing to the “E” in E Pluribus Unum. I went along with the story for a while before I called him out on it!!! Dealers will try every trick. 😂
  15. Three more KOMSCO Korean designs - the 2016 Cheonwang (needed to backfill...), 2018 Ze Sin Canis and 2019 Ze Sin Scrofa. For the Korean collectors....my ghost Scrofas are on their way (love that ghost incuse design). Well impressed with the Mandala Rhino / stunning design but very tough to get a perfect coin with that plain glossy field. Finally - not so happy...as these two proof 2018 Gold Libertads both ordered new from Apmex have small red spots already😱. Not impressed, as these carry a heavy premium and should be (literally..) spotless. They are going back to Apmex ...as i want to grade them ! Am i expecting too much from Apmex? I don’t think so... anyone else had problems with the gold 2018 Lib proofs ?