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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Silver bars, coins, & half sovereigns

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  1. £14.75 Added 0 minutes later... Sorry didn't see the above bid🤔 £15.00
  2. A few 1oz coins for sale. 2015 Canadian maple £16 2016 Canadian maple ( monkey) £16 2018 Canadian maple £16 5 x 1oz OPM Metals rounds £15.50 some showing signs of milk spotting All sold as bullion and plus postage
  3. JM Bullion 10oz silver bar for sale in OMP still sealed £165 plus postage 2 x TD bank 10oz silver bars for sale in OMP still sealed £160 each plus postage Sold as bullion Interested in a swap against a bullion half sovereign or full sovereign? Any questions please ask
  4. Excellent, when does your first book come out @Melon
  5. Hello Jekyll Welcome to the forum mate, I suggest buying from the trade section of the forum some very good deals to be had
  6. Hello Harry, Welcome to the forum mate👍
  7. coppernut


    I wouldn't go anywhere near it to be honest. To me its screams...scam? The whole listing is in capital's, bloody annoying, then I looked at the previous listings , they have used exactly the same wording in all the previous 2 pages of listings, there was more but I couldn't be bothered to go through any more😁
  8. Evening PL89, Welcome to the forum This is a great forum mate, although I've been a member here for some time, I've not been stacking / collecting long. There is a wealth of valuable information on the forum with all members joining in to help another forum member with advice. Enjoy it here 👍
  9. If they are still available, I wouldn't mind any of them please @tallthinkev
  10. Evening Daniel, The forum is a great place to be, there are many members here that have a wealth of valuable information , Also a great place to buy your silver.