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  1. Very True Scuzzle What the Mint has done is, bang out of order, on every level
  2. coppernut

    Hi everyone, just joined

    Hello & welcome to the forum mate
  3. coppernut

    Costings & Percentages, ?

    Wow, Thank you all very much.! I can really understand this now, many thanks lads
  4. coppernut

    Costings & Percentages, ?

    Cheers Steve, But i don't understand how you get to the figures '5.09 is 54% of 9.41 How do you work it out to get that percentage? Thanks for the quick reply mate. P.S I am really enjoying the Sovereign Talk thread where you and other forum members are giving people like me lessons on collecting ,sovereigns. cheers keep it up please
  5. Hello all, I am struggling with this one, and was hoping that the forum members could give me a hand.? Is there a formula for working out the percentage over spot? and eg: would be spot for silver is £9.41 oz i bought at £43.50 for 3 oz working out at £14.50 oz but i want to know, what percentage over spot did i pay? i appreciate any help thanks
  6. coppernut

    Ebay Feedback

    So true, it used to be a lot better. and people did rely on their feedback
  7. Paul, very well presented post there mate..! Dune, i really like..the following bit of your post.
  8. coppernut

    Jewelers for Sovereigns.

    I haven't gone into any Jewelers lately, but i did visit some Pawnbrokers local to me and i was shocked by the prices they wanted. http://thesilverforum.com/topic/2453-pawnbrokers-soveriegn-i-was-shocked/
  9. Madness ^^^^^^^ It always good to have a bit extra....just in case!
  10. coppernut

    New member from uk

    Hello & Welcome to the forum Enjoy it mate.
  11. coppernut

    Hello from finland

    Hello & Welcome to the forum Enjoy it mate.
  12. coppernut

    Hello :-)

    Hello & Welcome to the forum Ashley There is a wealth of information on here, the members have great knowledge on the subject Enjoy it mate
  13. Mr Dead, apologies mate but ive got my very slow & stupid head on today, could you elaborate please?