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  1. coppernut

    let's talk Football

    Well done Oldun same here.. up the mighty hammers.👍 The dildo twins🤣🤣🤣
  2. coppernut

    completed Pamp 10 oz

    @AuricGoldfinger Is looking to buy one?
  3. @AuricGoldfinger @mickD has one for sale
  4. coppernut

    for sale 100 Oz Royal Mint Bar Stunning!!

    That is the best looking bit of silver I have ever seen, A Stunner for sure
  5. coppernut

    wanted 2001 1oz silver Britannia

    Yeah no problems im in no rush, as and when? Andy
  6. coppernut

    wanted Empty BRITANNIA tubes wanted

    If you could check them and get back to me I will take them, cheers Thanks mate I will let you know if I need them?
  7. coppernut

    wanted Empty BRITANNIA tubes wanted

    Hello all, I'm looking for 1 or 2 empty britannia coin tubes or of a similar size? Let me know the price?
  8. coppernut

    Order has been stolen

    Phew, let's hope you can get this sorted.. What is the idea of them putting medical supplies on a package? This, as proven here does not deter a thief .
  9. coppernut

    Bars vs Coins

    Yeah B&B, that is a lovely looking bar, But too rich for my blood....? Some very sound advice and comments given here by members...👍 I like the comment .... if using more than a kilo to bash , double the sock up....🤣🤣🤣
  10. coppernut

    Bars vs Coins

    Many thanks for this advice, Maybe Johnson Mathey is a bad example, but i can appreciate what you are saying thanks
  11. coppernut

    Bars vs Coins

  12. coppernut

    Bars vs Coins

    Would love to have a few kilos in the stack
  13. coppernut

    Bars vs Coins

    Good Afternoon All, Is there anyone that could explain, why it is that silver 1oz bars appear to hold their money better than say a silver 1oz coin? To give an example: Britannia @ £14.50 v Johnson Mathey 1oz 22.00 I'm looking at this from a weight stacking point only, am I over generalizing? Are bars more collectable? Any advice or comments?
  14. @Kaman If you can make this, it's the place for you. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/crepe-city-11054178359 Crepe city is the place to be for all the collectable trainers, the specials, the one offs, and more. As far as I know the one on 20th October @The old truman brewery, brick lane london E1 is the biggest crepe city? It's held here every year