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  1. Had a quick question and was wondering if someone could let me know. I have a couple 1/2 oz Perth Mint S2 rabbits that I was looking to sell so I could buy a different coin. I was wondering what there going price was. I have see some on eBay for around $30. Is that about right?
  2. well I got it to work but it says the order is still in progress and I haven't seen it bill to my credit card yet. Was wondering if anyone has had this issue? I did notice they are waiting for more in stock and it say ships within three weeks. Once they become in stock will they then bill me? Also didn't see a place were to make it a dollars payment, it was just in pounds. Thank you in advance and sorry for the hassle. First time ordering from the Royal Mint and just want it to go smoothly.
  3. Was going to order 3 of the 1 oz proofs from the royal mint. During checkout it said it couldn't deliver to the United States. Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone know why they won't?
  4. I have been looking at adding some gold to me small silver collection. My plan is to add a little as I go on with gold. Looking at panda and lunars with some foreign (to America) gold. Wanted to start with lunars and panda hoping to flip them into foreign gold. Looking at prices and the premium you have to pay when you don't get them closer to release. What would you guys think is an acceptable premium to pay in order to flip in less then a years time, if possible? Thanks
  5. Not sure if it was or not Thanks guys now I know it isn't just something I did. Seems to be the case most of the time.
  6. Well I bought some silver off a youtube person. I sent him money via goods and services. charged him money. I messed that up pretty good. First time doing it this way. Trying to make it right.
  7. piddlinginsilver

    Pay Pal

    I sent some money to another person and they responded with Paypal won't release the money for 21 days. Is there any way to speed that along or is that standard?
  8. Would that also work the other way around. I have always like the history side of coins from across the pond. Not sure if things are cheaper over there then compared to US in gold or just currency
  9. The premiums are affordable for me especially since I am just getting my feet wet in silver. I found a new LCS (well new to me) that is selling them for 4.50 over spot. Hoping spot will drop another Dollar or so. That way I can get them cheaper then the $22.10 I spent on the one.
  10. Today I got 2 pandas. One 2013 for $24 and one 2014 for $24.50. I also got a 2016 kookaburra. I really like the 2016 kookaburra look.
  11. It does help. I have been seeing some stay around market price on eBay too (scares me too). I do like the beasts. I thought about buying a couple at 60. One for my personal stash and one to flip later down the road if it goes up more. But if is doesn't go up then I have a few ounces over priced.
  12. Yes Chris, Apmex has that deal right now. I bought 4 1/2 monkeys and a 2oz last week. Might have spent a couple of extra dollars since I only bought singles (not rolls) but now I have them.
  13. Nice website. Easy for a newbie like myself to learn more about pandas. thanks for sharing
  14. I decide to sell some things on eBay and gained a little more money allotted for silver this month. It is only a $100 but it is better than not having in extra. Since I am only about a month into this new and exciting hobby my stack is small but my wants are huge. My wish list Lunars, kooks (2016 & 2008), panadas, lunar skulls, silverback gorilla, a select zombucks (just cause I like a few of them), olympus (god or goddess) isle of man. I am sure I saw a few more that I like but can't remember them all. What do you guys think, should I buy some of these to keep my addiction going or save it for next month? I realize people can't predict the future but I want to get the best deal on any of these. Meaning if I can stack them now before there price goes up anymore that would be great.
  15. Thank you, I enjoy your youtube videos, numistacker. They brought me here as well.