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  1. Those 2008 brits are probably the only coin which nearly sucked me to the silver darkside. 6 months on from my original post, I still advocate (and am currently stacking) fractional gold. How is @ChrisF stack 6 months on?
  2. Got an email. I don't know if the prices are competitive , but here you go. https://spinkbooks.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=91
  3. Due to VAT (even low German levels) stacking silver is a waste of time in the UK. If you are a collector fine, but for stacking, choose gold. Whilst it is still VAT free anyway.
  4. What the graphs fail to show is how much money has been pumped out via QE since 2000. Taking that into account I would say the FTSE is fair price. If it was over 9000 I would worry. Of course, people have been saying a crash is imminent for years (I was one of them), and will be right eventually. All we can do is hedge our bets. I would not be fully invested in PM's or equities at the moment.
  5. FTSE is up about 4% in same timeframe anyway, but 2 months definitely too short a period to judge. 0.6% charge seems hefty against competitors.
  6. Hello Chris +1 for gold. In 25 years you will have a nice collection of spotted silver, which will be worth about spot. So, if you are a collector, good luck, but for stacking, get silver as cheap as you can and hope the metal appreciates in the future or stick to gold. ATB Bob
  7. Hello Madstacks Sorry, not been on for a while. That was a ridiculously low offer, but debt will ruin a company, and I can't blame you for not hanging about. I left shortly after the extension. Was just dragging on too long, and I had better places to put the cash. A good lesson for newcomers to stay away from these bulletin boards, some of the dreamers were predicting £1 a share.
  8. Just Google 'every day items that contain animal fat'. The new £5 note is the least of your problems.
  9. Madstacks....as you mentioned them, I used pcspecialist.co.uk to build my own about 4 years back. Spent extra on the gaming parts and cooling. Nearly 5 years on I am still happy. Just across the Pennines.
  10. Who then will tell their friends, who will then come and rob you. On the plus side it is easier to beat an intruder to death with a 1 Kilo than a tube of 1 ozers
  11. Surely they can just decline them if offered in their change. Why do the 99% always have to suffer for the rest? I wonder if they will be so keen to stick to their principles once they see the ingredients of those life saving drugs they need.
  12. Thanks Gents 1 micron...classy!, oddly not worn off so probably never been worn, and if you saw it you would know why. Try rubbing the chain between your palms - if there's a metallic smell after doing it for 10 seconds or so, it's more than likely to be plated. Top tip.
  13. Hello All One for the pawn, or gold workers amongst us. Wife has an old chain to dispose of (it doesn't shout 'quality' at you :), probably French, acquired 30 years back, can't remember where from. It is about 70cm in length and weighs about 10g Using a loupe, stamped on chain is 'SM' above a horse head with a capital 'R' below it. On the other side it looks like '1.MCR' So, any ideas, is it brass :D. Might throw it in the next package to HGM with some other stuff Thanks Bob
  14. Daughter just back from Church Parade, so I think I will make her watch 'Cruel Sea' with me. A classic. Lest we Forget.