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  1. Dk-viking


    Here are another place that sells coin cases. https://www.meinemuenzbox.de/
  2. Dk-viking


    Just got some 10 oz kooks from gsb, and they came in caps.
  3. Dk-viking

    DHL Tracking

    Did you pay with PayPal?
  4. Dk-viking

    Today I Received.....

    Just recived my 5 gold Danish 20 kr, usally they are to expensive and i buy sovereigns instead. But got one good deal on them Now with a picture
  5. Dk-viking

    Gold Libertad

    I really like this gold coin, look even better when you have it, in your hand :-)
  6. Dk-viking

    20 mark gold coin

    Price seems fair, when i look at the places i buy gold coins. but i never bought that coin, so cant say what to look for in telling if it genuine
  7. Dk-viking

    Today I Received.....

    Have bought a good amount of coins there, and they allways deliver. They ship fast, but you will have to ask for a shipping price for the uk. Can make the coins to expensive. But try to have a look at there silver price, its hopeless :-) Ill take a 1kg coin to :-D thinking of getting a 2oz when we get a dip in goldprice again.
  8. Dk-viking

    Today I Received.....

    Mexican 50 peso beside full soveriegn
  9. Dk-viking

    Today I Received.....

    Lindeman : I found the 50 peso coins here http://www.tavex.dk/index.php?main=421&productID=1124 they are really nice ones. Like it better then the 1oz gold libertad. But the price has risen too much the past few weeks unfortunately. Wanted some more before the price goes to high ;-) Buy almost never gold coins below 1 oz, Except some sovereigns now and then :-)
  10. Dk-viking

    Today I Received.....

    Today i just recived 5 full sovereign's :-)
  11. Dk-viking

    Today I Received.....

    Just recived 4 * 10oz 2014 kookaburra and 2 * mexican 50peso gold coins 37,5 grams :-)
  12. Dk-viking

    Royal Canadian Mint

    Haha that was funny :-D
  13. Happy new year fellow members :-)
  14. In Denmark we got 6-7C degrees, and insted of snow we got lots of rain :-/
  15. Dk-viking

    DHL Tracking

    I got refunded by paypal some days ago. So in the end, nobody got what they had order at emb?