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  1. Maybe unrelated but reports of VP Pence as below and a Russian submarine incident may be influencing price. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/pences-plane-called-back-to-dc-for-unspecified-emergency
  2. I have tried a stock test by attempting to add 9999 of each available coin and it has come back with the following results as to how many may be remaining.. 1999 - 32 coins remaining 2000 - 84 2002 - 110 2003 - 41 2004 - 111 2005 - 54 2006 - 61 £9367 would clear them out (unless they continue to re-stock)!
  3. Thanks for the responses everyone..I can stop pondering why now!
  4. Hi all, A strange question i'm sure, but one I have often pondered. There may also be a very simple answer! 3 coins, a silver maple, a silver eagle and a philharmonic all have very different 'rings' when tapped with something metallic. I'm aware of the silver ring test but I struggle to understand how metal of the same kind and usually the same fineness 999 can have such different sounds. Silver eagles tend to be higher pitched and the ring lasts much longer than the maple for example. Why is this? They usually contain the same composition alloy i.e. copper but each coin tends to have it's own unique sound. They all usually weigh 31.1g so is it simply the slight changes in diameter or width that result in the changes?
  5. The majority of the Maria Theresa Thaler coins are re-strikes that are much more modern than the 1780 date on the coin suggests. I believe there are around 390 million of these coins issued (re-strikes). Specs are weight - 28.068g, diameter between 39.5 and 41mm, fineness 0.833 and contain 0.752 troy oz. At current silver prices worth around £10 incl vat. I've picked up a few around £11 - they are 3/4 of a full troy oz..Don't have a clue at the older versions as I'm not a collector but I can imagine rarer dates/versions are worth a whole lot more..
  6. Thanks Helping Hands. I'm just trying to understand if I buy through Coininvest I pay VAT (delivered to my door). If I buy through Silver to go then I don't. How do they do this? (i'm not complaining if I don't pay VAT of course just trying to understand why/how..)
  7. Hi all, I'm new to this forum and just wanted to say it has made excellent reading and good to hear how fellow UK silver investors both view silver and how they invest. After previously using CoinInvest I had heard about Silver to go but was always dubious as to how they avoid VAT for UK purchases/deliveries. After reading this forum it gave me confidence to make a purchase, 66oz purchased just now on this drop to $19. Got a good mixture of designs, countries and am really happy that the average price per oz works out around £15. I cannot seem to find from the forum though how exactly Silver to go manage to avoid VAT - can someone explain this to me? Happy stacking folks looking forward to reading more.. Oroargento