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  1. I believe it is a fact that each die was assigned to an engraver for accountability, though I don't have any records to hand I've read it many times before. I just had assumed that only one die would ever be made for each number, but maybe instead if an error was found they would go back to the engraver and ask them to remake it. Therefore errors on die number shields, whereby the error was found and a die remade could be considered quite that much scarcer, at least I've never seen one. It does seem strange because if a die was flawed and damaged I thought again they would use another die and not remake one with the same number. I thought this could be the reason some die numbers are scarcer than others. Still learning!
  2. Anyone ever found two die numbered shield sovereigns with different dies before? The whole purpose of die numbers were to increase quality control and prevent the number of errors that occurred before they were introduced. Each number could be traced back to an engraver. So it was quite a surprise when today I found the same die number but with two different dies, proven clearly by the fact one has an overstrike 🤔
  3. Sovereign box sold, sad to see it go it's a lovely thing! Box for full Queen's beasts run still available.
  4. Lots of half sovereigns to sort through, who said isolation cant be fun 😄
  5. I really don't want to sell this custom shield box I had made but my collection has far outgrown it. It holds 60 capsules and would be perfect to display the best in your collection. Also I didn't keep up with the queens beast run, this box holds the 1oz and 1/4oz gold and 2oz silver. Would look awesome fully populated. Please note no coins or capsules included in the price! Shield Sovereign Box with custom hand embossed top with gold leaf motif, includes 3 layers with pre-cut felt for 60 capsules - 280 + post Queens Beast Box with hand embossed and detailed motif, includes 2 layers with space for the whole run - 190 + post Boxes are in mint condition, they are exactly the same size and also stack.
  6. Found some more 1/10th Eagles so added them to the list. More to me added in the next hour so keep checking back
  7. This is more of a quick expression of interest initially. I have a bunch of different tubes that I bought to put capsuled sovereigns in before my collection grew. I have 27mm, 20.5mm, 19mm diameter and maybe others, they are very well made/solid. Looking for a quid each plus post. 27mm = 9 available - 8 sold 20.5mm = 2 available - 6 sold 19mm = 2 available - 6 sold
  8. I think a few here had the ceramic ones ? New £100,000 gold one!
  9. I will let you off just this once 😅 I have a few nice coins in them dont worry!
  10. Yea I'm not 100% sure it's fully known, and why I've bought a few as I intend to try and find out a bit more. Back to the archives at Kew for me! Btw I also have a couple of coin alignment ones, according to PCGS pop they are more common but I'm not 100% sure, I think they just dont have a clue to be honest, wouldn't surprised me if there are lots out there in wrong holders.
  11. Thank you appreciate the comment, though I would say its only 20% complete so hopefully will be very useful for you and other once its done 🙂
  12. My issue is creating fake scarcity, this isn't a legal trading practice.
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