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  1. I have a mix of 20 bullion sovereigns for sale: 9 x Young Head 4 x Shield 2 x Jubilee 5 x Edward Price: 5600
  2. As per title, I have 2 more brits for sale, I can do them for 550 + post for Bank Transfer https://thegoldsovereign.com/store/product/gold-britannia-quarter-ounce-dated-2016/ edit: Just found another one so that can be 275 also.
  3. I've just changed the price of these two coins, going to go through everything and sell off some items I no longer collect. If anyone wants some gold below spot these are actually very nicely minted coins! https://thegoldsovereign.com/store/product/lunar-series-1-dog-half-ounce-dated-2006/
  4. Probably! Some halves were but just sold
  5. Hi, Yes this is my site, just a few bits on here from a while ago and I've never adjusted prices (just did on the sovs as they were crazy cheap for now) Any issues with checkout let me know.
  6. Can't get anything decent with the light at the moment!
  7. 1839 Proof Shield - PR63 DCAM This is a lovely coin, and I believe the rarer alignment from the una set.
  8. Beautiful, I have 3 of these I think best is AU58 so congrats
  9. 1871-S: Shieldback MS62 Mint Error Now as everyone knows I've viewed many 1000s of sovereigns, and not once even with high scrutiny have I seen this type of error before, in fact because I only collect sovereigns I didn't even know it existed 🙄 Interesting little coin and bonus grade! Shame the holder sits right where the error is, may break the slab!
  10. @HighlandTiger Though not yet ready my reference will likely be the most up to date as I've discovered a few additional ones to the recorded. Give me maybe another 4-6months and it'll be good to go and linked from the main menu https://thegoldsovereign.com/shield-sovereign-die-numbers edit: I'm also looking for contributions to the database, if you have something unique . Of course have to come up with a verification method
  11. 1883-M, not many of these around either and very few in this grade.
  12. 1886-M, 1887-M - The two rarest of all Shieldback sovereigns. Finally have the pair 😍👌
  13. sg86

    Shield Half Sovereigns

    £140 for the years as others are saying
  14. This was just a brilliant set of results for me and I really appreciate the views. I know photos can change a coin's look, but all of the comments are very valid and mirror what I see in hand. @sovereignsteve Yes I also prefer the 1851 over the others, in hand it's a very nice coin and is the cleanest in terms of marks by a long way. Only under a scope can I see the faint cleaning marks, but the other two coins also exhibit the same. Time for the shock: 1851 - UNC Details (cleaned) 1861 - MS62 1871 - MS64 To be clear I didn't grade any of these coins I bought them, I've been buying lots of slabbed coins over the last month and my personal opinion is there is absolutely no consistency in what I've acquired so I will not be wasting my money grading any of my coins right now. I will improve on my slab photography for the next test!
  15. Yea I'm with you, it makes things interesting, at least for me
  16. This is the fascinating part for me, so actual dies were potentially changed during use? Pure speculation or do we have any knowledge or other examples of this? When I've been looking through different dies before I never looked for this happening. I have found an error on a die number that then exists on 4-5 others that I've seen, so just assumed all dies would be the same apart from slight wear differences
  17. Quality control was far better at this point, how could a die with this make it into use? It it more likely then to be an error whilst minting? I did think it may be a way of making sure the die wouldn't be finished and somehow made it into use but now checking I have 4 of this die number (102) and didn't record this when looking at those others. Also it's strange that it goes over the 8 but under the 1 and 7 🤔
  18. Please vote for the highest grade coin, and also post an opinion for each coin's grade in the comments! I appreciate the images are NOT the best, as I'm just testing some lighting setups for slabbed coins (pretty difficult). However the images are consistent so can be judged fairly at least. 1851 1861 1871
  19. Anyone have an idea what could have caused this?
  20. I did keep the first one over the second, but I think exposure can blow out a lot of the surface marks, still I use the same settings it's just the first one had very shiny fields. Thanks!
  21. Just wondering which coin people here would choose to keep as the best one, one clearly has more detail but has a larger scratch on the fields, how would they grade, the same maybe?
  22. Yea I agree, I've never bought anything rare or good quality off ebay (shield wise). The only thing I found was an 1880-S with A/V and won it, the seller messaged me and said he had been told via PM that it was rare and not to sell it, so he didn't post! I guess it's jus the thrill of the hunt, 1/10,000 may sell a coin they don't know what it is, like in my above story