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  1. I did keep the first one over the second, but I think exposure can blow out a lot of the surface marks, still I use the same settings it's just the first one had very shiny fields. Thanks!
  2. Just wondering which coin people here would choose to keep as the best one, one clearly has more detail but has a larger scratch on the fields, how would they grade, the same maybe?
  3. Yea I agree, I've never bought anything rare or good quality off ebay (shield wise). The only thing I found was an 1880-S with A/V and won it, the seller messaged me and said he had been told via PM that it was rare and not to sell it, so he didn't post! I guess it's jus the thrill of the hunt, 1/10,000 may sell a coin they don't know what it is, like in my above story
  4. PCGS basically told me that Spink would have to recognise it, well sorry I'm not giving them my research to take credit for. NGC said they would label it as requested if they agreed with the error, but it would be added to their database and wouldn't use my reference, again not giving me credit for the time taken to research and discover these coins Looks like I'll have to work harder and get things published and recognised off my own back first 🙂
  5. Yes of course it was a risk but why not bid for a coin worth so much when the seller tells you they bought it from a large UK auction house? @jacobkenn not being rude but even with excellent pictures some of the best 1917 fakes wouldn't be discovered, they've fooled many a dealer over the years, but I'm sure you know this He even posted images online of a valuation from bullion by post etc. I'm not fussed as I will get my money back, but it was of course worth a shot!
  6. A fake 1917, sure it was on eBay but I had bid a large amount in the hope it was real, the seller denies it is fake. The circles are for the benefit of the seller in the eBay case 😂, could have just circled the whole coin...
  7. Don't own it yet I've got a few on approval just trying to figure out an offer, the prices for these are all over the place.
  8. What about my coin? I'm comparing and though mine is a slightly cleaned it seems nice, just trying to gauge prices for George IV as I only have a few.
  9. Just looking for opinions on grade for this coin, and wondering why this coin at Heritage is graded MS62 with that large scratch across the obverse? https://coins.ha.com/itm/great-britain/world-coins/great-britain-george-iv-gold-sovereign-1825-ms62-ngc-/a/3073-31189.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515 Apologies for silver tone to the coin, just got a new camera body and have not played with it yet, AWB seems to be too "auto"
  10. Full Sovereign Shieldback – Dated 1871 - Sydney Mint (x5) £285.00 plus postage https://thegoldsovereign.com/store/product/full-sovereign-shieldback-dated-1871-sydney-mint/ I have 5 of these available note: all coins are sold as bullion as it's far easier that claiming grades etc. I can offer 3% discount for bank transfer, and combined postage on multiple coins
  11. Full Sovereign Shieldback – Dated 1861 £285.00 plus postage https://thegoldsovereign.com/store/product/full-sovereign-shieldback-dated-1861/ note: all coins are sold as bullion as it's far easier that claiming grades etc. I can offer 3% discount for bank transfer, and combined postage on multiple coins
  12. 1843/8 - Extremely rare, probably the rarest overdate in the shield sovereign series. In superb MS63 condition, an ex-Bentley coin so had to pick it up.
  13. O, hopefully not! 😲
  14. Just playing devils advocate, great until somebody has a reason to seize it , or don't have a reason to seize it but they do anyway, or the company goes bust and they liquidate your box! I think the best advice would always be to spread your risk.
  15. Your bump of this thread made me read it again and spotted my pictures on page 1, that looks like a nicer coin that I've recorded it as, and I have a 3:80 ratio on this coin so it's definitely rarer!
  16. I was going to reply and say its probably 1957s, they can be picked up now and then for very very low prices so not a big deal.
  17. Used to buy all of their stock as soon as it hit the website, have not purchased from them since they raised their prices (a year ago?) They are a business, no doubt they are selling everything they acquire so if someone is willing to buy then fair enough, it's just not me (or many smart buyers!)
  18. Jubilee head sovereigns are actually very poorly understood by most. David Iverson did some amazing research and along with Steve Hill documented the findings very well, I would highly recommend their book "The Jubille Head Gold Sovereign" As @terakris pointed out, generally the first legend jubilee sovereigns are more scarce
  19. sg86

    Is this a good deal?

    Nothing from the RM is a good deal.
  20. sg86

    My first sovereign

    Eventually you won't be able to move your collection without assistance
  21. 1843 Narrow Shield - AU58 I have one of these also unslabbed but nowhere near the condition of this one, this is the second finest example graded by NGC/PCGS
  22. Nothing like some stacked sovereigns in the Bokeh 😂
  23. 1879 Sydney - C over O in VICTORIA This is recorded as a variety in the Quartermaster collection and then later in the Bentley collection, but it's more likely to me that it's a die flaw, will have a better look with scope on second pass! Regardless it's a nice example apart from the edge nick, valued at 7000 in McDonald catalog as only a few examples known to exist