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  1. @darrol Don't worry, Marc doesn't understand opinions and has a strange way of conveying that he is always right 🤣 As he has told me before it's a language thing, can't quite work it out though 🥰
  2. To be totally honest minor differences in dies like this I record because they are interesting and different, they are going to be rarer for sure but I'm not sure the demand for slight varieties at this point in time is great enough to increase value by much, I do think this could change in years to come, and of course that's just my opinion . You can definitely market it as such and see, but on a young head you're probably only looking at what 290-300 at current gold?
  3. Hi, yes I've seen quite a few touching the truncation like this in different years. I did record some severe ones like this as a variety.
  4. great coins, but i still dont understand grading and how that 1911 got PR65.
  5. Shields are in here bringing the price to where its at, also the young heads that are currently selling for higher prices everywhere else!
  6. To be honest I hadn't thought about it, and I can't find the wolf in stock anywhere. Probably be looking for 155 + 165
  7. I actually have all 4 in the set, but the 2014 goes for a little more. I also have 2 x 1/10s 2015 and 2016
  8. 1220/ea, could do a little better for both. +post https://thegoldsovereign.com/store/product/call-of-the-wild-roaring-grizzly-bear-one-ounce-dated-2016/ https://thegoldsovereign.com/store/product/call-of-the-wild-gold-elk-one-ounce-dated-2017/
  9. All sealed in OMP 2017 x 2 - 155/ea 2016 x1 - 165
  10. 1220 posted https://thegoldsovereign.com/store/product/uk-lunar-year-of-the-rooster-one-ounce-dated-2017/
  11. In fact yes, there is a whole page dedicated to this coin in the Bentley collection catalogue, might be 3 examples. Two with normal dies and 1 with a proof die which was in the Quartermaster collection
  12. I wish! This was long considered a Myth until the Bentley collector managed to find one. I'm not sure there is more than a single coin known to exist, the 3 sales could easily be the same coin.
  13. Anyone interested in these before I move them on? 2013 maple - sold 2014 buffalo - sold 1oz heraeus bar 1oz unicorn beast - sold