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  1. sg86

    Sovereign Errors, Overdates and Varieties

    That's just an awful mistake, the even more worrying thing is people who bid 5k for something they clearly know nothing about.... I think my narrow shield cost me around 7k
  2. sg86

    help with this <

    Wouldn't claim to be an authority to be honest but thanks for the nice opinion @darrol what makes you think it is a fake? Looks like a perfectly fine bullion sov to me from the pics, a bit of toning here and there is perfectly normal
  3. sg86

    Sovereign Errors, Overdates and Varieties

    So, sorting through a % of my Sydney only shields and found this new discovery 1875S - 1 over inverted 1 Something also to note is that this is on the raised W.W. variety so rarer in itself. Considering there are only 2 over dates recorded in the Sydney/Melbourne series I'm quite happy with this one. I do have quite a few newly discovered varieties in the branch mints but this is one of the better ones, just below the DFF/DEF+strange R punch used in GRATIA
  4. sg86

    Sovereign Errors, Overdates and Varieties

    Wouldn't say a great deal, mintage was still approx. 1,000,000
  5. sg86

    Best UK dealer to sell gold to

    I would recommend Sharps Pixley, I just received 98.5% and even had the item collected, fully insured.
  6. sg86

    2018 Canadian sovereigns!

    Nothing good to say, just echoing what everyone else is, and that is it's not a sovereign.
  7. sg86

    3 Gold Sovereigns

    Picture, NGC sucks compared to PCGS for photographing prior to slab
  8. sg86

    Quarter sovereign No love for the Quarter Sovereigns

    I have some if you want them
  9. sg86

    2019 Proof Sovereigns on Pre-order Now :D

    Hope ordered ones wouldn't come with black spots like the ones in the photo
  10. sg86

    HGM "young head"

    If they are saying 1838 onwards then thats very misleading. Not seen any stock of shields for probably 4-6 weeks now so wouldn't hold your breath @Madstacks If you're literally looking for bullion shields I may be able to match them
  11. sg86

    Electron Microscope

    Yes also assumed he meant 1000x not 100x. You are right about the DOF and this is why I was looking at a Zeiss optical with either a motorised stage or one that can be extended in the future. It's all about the software here to make the process of stacking easy, but I'm finding also the cameras for these scopes are 10 times the price just because they fit onto the unit! 100x is definitely not enough, this is what I have currently and you just can't see enough, look at this post which is as close and clear as I can get with my macro lens, and about the same as what I can see with my 90x stereoscope: SEMs are just too much, after having further discussions with the supplier these Phenom scopes are cheaper to buy but the same cost again to keep running every few years! Hiring usage of one in a University or other site is an option, but I think turning up with, and trying to process 100s of sovereigns may get some funny reactions!
  12. sg86

    Sovereign Errors, Overdates and Varieties

    Well I moved on from the above coins as condition just not good enough to tell. Opinions on this 1845? 100% something under there but it's not a 4/4 as have one of those:
  13. sg86

    Sovereign Errors, Overdates and Varieties

    Anyone have opinions on these two coins? Both in awful condition so hard to really tell what's going on, and images are bad too because I'm in a rush! 1843 - may be a 3/2, you can see the base of the 2 sticking out 1845 - really have no idea with this one, though it was just 5/5 but too many parts that shouldn't be there
  14. For anyone who needs to do something similar in the future I ended up using a 20mm was punch and A4 paper, worked a treat! Now I can stop rubbing in tubes for high grade sovs
  15. sg86

    Electron Microscope

    Yes more research has made me realise a high spec stereo may be better. Though my current is 90x and it's just not enough. One with a motorised stage and software to automatically z-stack is what I need, but even with these the camera quality isn't great. I guess the resolution is why people like Marsh did rent an SEM for certain errors