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  1. Please PM me with offers, looking for 20-30 Thanks!
  2. 1911 Proof 5 Sovereign - PF64 Rare and rarer in this grade 😍
  3. Thanks everyone for the ones I've managed to get, still need quite a few more though if anyone has them for sale.
  4. I was 100% the same as you, I have all my coins loose in trays organised how I want, takes up less space and is far nicer to handle and photograph. However, I have since learned how much people pay crazy money for labels by these companies, amazingly even if the coin is under-graded, or the coin on the label isn't even in the slab!! My advice therefore would be to think twice about breaking AU-58+ shields, you'll loose some money by doing that no doubt that you've partly paid for in purchasing the coin in the first place. I've still not graded a single coin myself, anything I get loose has stayed loose, but stuff that I've bought in slabs in currently staying in them
  5. @Booky586 What is the coin?
  6. They also quoted me some ridiculous price for seriously large order, bad volume discounts!
  7. Thanks for the highlight but I think im a bit late to the party to add anything to be quite honest! Also after the previous thread i was called into i would need to read everything thoroughly before giving any reply 😅
  8. Seller is reputable I would vouch for him! I will leave feedback when next on pc 😁
  9. 1861 MS62 with C over rotated C, also the R is over higher R, nice error
  10. No currency/BU sovs in 1998 so its a proof As others say proofs are collectable due to their condition, personally I wouldn't pay more for a proof thats impaired