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  1. It's a massive headache, I'll put up a guide on my website at some point but if you have any questions email me
  2. @1817Karl Do you have any pictures? Would you sell? I often buy fake sovereigns for research as long as they have the gold content
  3. @Yorky As you can see it's in the last image, not sure how old the book is in the first image, first edition??! "When a planchet fails to enter the coining chamber and both the hammer die strikes the anvil die, imparting design features of the opposing die into each die face. When a planchet does enter the coining chamber it is struck with the clashed dies and will show details of the obverse on the reverse and visa versa."
  4. Hmm, nothing in particular actually no, I'll keep my eye out for some more extreme ones in future . As you can see in the above post I found one the same as Yorky, I only noticed it because of the date and die and remembered his post though, not because it was particularly stand out, though it is a little worse than most. You must have seen before lots of lines running though the legends and dates, some time ago I thought they were die flaws but then realised when I saw a more extreme one it was the shape of her head and hair, then realised all those marks on the obverse I thought were tooling were in fact elements of the shield
  5. Well now you know what the marks are Not sure what version of Marsh you are looking at but mine clearly shows Die 1 for 1872. Though the site isn't complete you can check the database for coins, and always feel free to email me if you feel something isn't right, missing or you need clarification: https://thegoldsovereign.com/coin/5600-1/1872-victoria-shield-gold-sovereign-london-die-1 As it so happens I'm actually just sorting a batch of 1870s and have just come across an 1872 die 1 with the exact same die clash
  6. I do think the "coldness" described comes from the fact the coin in the photos has soooooo much lustre, even in hand it doesnt look gold to be honest, almost silvery from the light cartwheeling like crazy
  7. The issue here is my axial lighting setup, and I'm sticking with this because it's the best method imho to replicate coins over and over, I fully understand what you mean. Thanks everyone for the bites, my opinion was 8# before starting the poll so good result!
  8. Yes of course there are many 1s, I have 6, there would have been around 20,000 minted, I believe that's the correct approximate figure for a dies lifetime I see you are hoping this is a rare coin but unfortunately it isnt at all
  9. Yes loads, I dont split them out though as dont really see the point, some are more severe than other so I guess they could be more interesting. Usually you see her hair on the reverse and there are tons where you can see the harp on the obverse by her neck or in her ear.
  10. Hi @Yorky those are both just die clashes, quite common. The top bit by the crown is vicky's neck
  11. Hi @Yorky, yes I have 6 of these, what exactly have you read about errors? What do you see?
  12. Yea fully aware of this using 3 monitors myself, even same brands slightly vary in colour profile, also getting it to replicate in editing software is a tricky task! It's hard to play with styles and white balance settings and trying to compare because in hand the coins looks nothing like the photographed image, so I would prefer to get opinions on what looks best on screen as that's how i'll be displaying them
  13. Well yes there are also many other factors in older sovereigns like the alloy materials etc. What I was trying to do is apply this poll to the actual coin in hand, and then apply the difference to all other years/images if you know what I mean
  14. So before I embark on the final journey of photographing 1000s of sovereigns I just wanted to get one final opinion on how people perceive or prefer the "creative style" or colour representation of a sovereign to be. Below are a selection, please vote! 1# 2# 3# 4# 5# 6# 7# 8# 9# 10#