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  1. sg86

    Today I Received

    1859 Ansell. Wear/flattening of the hair but the fields and coin overall really clean, very happy as price was fair.
  2. sg86

    What is an Arabic 1?

    That is exactly the answer I was looking for, why the hell label it different when it's the same as every other shield! Is it only PCGS that do this or NGC as well? It shouldn't be labelled different imho.
  3. sg86

    What is an Arabic 1?

    I've just received an "Arabic 1" slabbed, I don't understand it looks like a 1, maybe the serif is larger but what punch is apparently used to make it different? Hopefully a few interesting coins to report on in the next week, not posted for a while but filled some gaps in the collection
  4. sg86

    What is an Arabic 1?

    So I've seen a few of these but I think only from PCGS, what is it? I've had a close look and don't see much difference....
  5. sg86

    Today I Received

    Not posted pics for a while but had to snap a few phone pics of this 1842. I've a lot of this date but this is league above the rest, these pictures do not do the coin justice whatsoever so will retake some when I'm able with a better camera When I came across this the lustre was so great I thought it was a high grade 1880s Sydney, low and behold an 1842, and very rare in this grade in my little experience
  6. sg86

    Sovereign Errors, Overdates and Varieties

    Yea the doubling can be the whole legend, slight or very offset, or just limited to a few letters.
  7. sg86

    Sovereign Errors, Overdates and Varieties

    In my experience die doubling is extremely common in shields yes, I actually find it quite annoying when people list them as "errors", because they aren't at all in my opinion at least as they are so very common I'm sure you are aware but if not: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doubled_die What do you think about this 1? the first picture maybe highlights quite how extreme it is the best, my DSLR would capture it better but that's for another day
  8. sg86

    Sovereign Errors, Overdates and Varieties

    Any opinions on this strange "1" ? I can only think it's possibly a half sovereign 1, doesn't look just like a burr because it's raised at the same point? Again apologies for the poor pictures, still trying to get a good microscope that has fine control at higher magnification
  9. sg86

    Today I Received

    Just to clarify I don't grade coins, and I didn't buy the long set (bought the 3 coin premium and didn't even know they were releasing this). I bought the 5sov BU, and thought that was it, when I realised this was around I had no choice but to buy it 😕 Extremely happy with it though, no doubt it'll be highly sought after for years to come.
  10. sg86

    Today I Received

    This may well be the nicest coin I own, had to get it to match my BU version. These will be so sort after imho with a mintage of only 750, had to grab this PF70. This is only available in the 5 coin "long set", which were 3300 RRP and have sold for 5300 on ebay already, only a few for sale atm at 6-8k.
  11. sg86

    Today I Received

    Nice 1851, definitely something under that 5 as well
  12. Well I've found already that light at this angle isn't good for coins, it may well be for most subjects in macro but with coins it makes them look awful! Check the first set of pictures in this post and you'll see how they look from high angle light
  13. I'm trying to decide if it's better to whack up the lighting levels, then increase shutter speed. But generally I use auto ISO and set the shutter to keep ISO as close to 100 as possible. So i don't see how they can be underexposed with this method? Should i lower the lighting and leave shutter open for longer instead? My view was faster shutter will always result in a sharper image so went for the first option
  14. sg86

    Today I Received

    Very nice 1843, there is just something about the smaller head pattern that I love
  15. @augur May as well keep this lighting stuff here. I've played with angles on the copy stand a little as per @sovereignsteve's suggestion. You can see it isn't in great focus so that part needs more work, but I think the colour and field is much nicer, do you agree? When you look at 100s of different images and do this post-processing it gets hard to differentiate from one to the other note: I found center-weighted exposure metering works really well, especially when you have an illuminated back panel like i do here, then it only averages the light from the center 30-35%