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  1. If you're going to get into slabbed coins, buy in bulk!
  2. Cost something you would be willing to share? I ask because I keep getting offered 1838 and 1839 at what i consider stupid prices, now this is a proper grade so very interested to know the pricing.
  3. sg86

    completed Sovereign

    What monarch are you after and hoping to pay?
  4. Few pickups, both reasonbly rare in their series 1887 Sydney Shield AU58 - I think this could be a grade higher considering other coins I have 1883 Melbourne Shield AU55 - Very nice grade/coin
  5. Just wondering if anyone on here has some MS shields for sale? 😊 Please PM me!
  6. sg86

    A,s barred or unbarred?

    PCGS, pictures can't quite grab the detail, not sure why actually I used to be able to focus a lot closer..... Maybe being a little lazy with lighting as wanted to take quick picture before shut PC off, plus it's slabbed. Under scope there is a clear break though you can still see the sides, maybe the same punch but a little more worn?
  7. sg86

    A,s barred or unbarred?

    I've got a graded Unbarred 1842, let me check it.
  8. sg86

    A,s barred or unbarred?

    @Xander What date though? I must say that most "Unbarred As" are worn or damaged punches, often you can see half of the bar for example. Truly unbarred As are quite rare because the error is generally due to such punches, they were originally thought to be inverted Vs but they are not. Also please do share the seller! note: just read your post, yes Rendel is slippery and expensive. They take poor quality photos to hide condition and errors. I asked for a few images and received ones whereby you couldn't tell one way or the other note2: I see from the photo it's in a slab, so if it is labelled as Unbarred I don't actually see how it's their fault ?
  9. Right, back to a real error, what are your thoughts on this then!? One is clearly the recorded 4/inverted 4, but the other I cannot decide on, maybe just 4 over lower 4?
  10. To be honest I've not looked for dates doubled and legends not, they just occur randomly in my experience and really not at all interesting (for me anyway), so I've not looked further than that. I've seen 3 letters of a legend, whole legends, half legend, dates etc, so sure it's not going to be so rare just being the date
  11. Yes I was going to say @Lindeman this isn't an error or variety it's just been double struck, very common.
  12. @JunkBond forgot I'd listed them and not adjusted prices so a very good deal was got there, lovely coins too