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  1. Popped into the lounge. You all had a nice selection of coins. Managed to pick up some 1/10 and 1/4 Gold Britannias at good prices from some of the dealers on the main floor.
  2. Ats bullion were surprisingly good. I managed to picked up some gold proof britannias at just over spot price. I had a look at SV collector, very good selection but wanted a little too much for his 1870 sovereign. Not as many dealers as last year but good show regardless.
  3. Welcome to the forum from another fellow Essex Man.
  4. Fair was better than it usually is. Picked up a nice sovereign and some royal mint sets. Location is better than before.
  5. Arshimo2012 is one of the best coin dealers to deal with, always annoying him with orders. Often having better prices than you can get from the European dealers.
  6. A much smaller version of the London coin fair. Its mainly the dealers from the London Fair so you might be disappointed. Have bought gold from there though at decent prices. It's worth a visit if you planning on doing other things like visiting the British Museum. The charring cross coin market is not too far away and is always worth visiting (Its near the embankment station), some good coin dealers there. Open 7am to 2pm. I will say hello if I see you at one of the fairs.
  7. Great to see another snooker legend on the forum.
  8. I got some silver jubilee silver coins and some silver liberatads on the cheap. Prices were crazy in some places.
  9. I saw that coin this morning but got distracted by the Sovereigns. Also picked up some Silver Philharmonics as well. Lovely coin, a great addition to the stack
  10. Nice pick ups, I saw that Kookaburra at local coin fair today. Forgot to ask the dealer about it.
  11. Nice Pick Up, was that at the Charring Cross Coin fair?
  12. Top Man. I only have about 12 tins of Kenco coffee stored in the shed, plus some good quality ground coffee. Cannot be with a good cup of coffee in a shtf situation.
  13. A lot of money depending on the condition, 4 figures plus, The set can go for a lot more. If you love sovereigns, you will love this fair.
  14. I want to get a 1937 sovereign but a little out of my budget at the moment.
  15. I will be there. Only 3 or 4 dealers I buy from at that place. If you get to know them they will look after you with good deals.