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  1. TerryGriffiths

    for sale U.S. 90% Silver

    Sent PM, Would like to take the rest please.
  2. TerryGriffiths

    anyone stacking for SHTF?

    Top Man. I only have about 12 tins of Kenco coffee stored in the shed, plus some good quality ground coffee. Cannot be with a good cup of coffee in a shtf situation.
  3. TerryGriffiths

    London coin fair feb 2nd

    A lot of money depending on the condition, 4 figures plus, The set can go for a lot more. If you love sovereigns, you will love this fair.
  4. TerryGriffiths

    London coin fair feb 2nd

    I want to get a 1937 sovereign but a little out of my budget at the moment.
  5. TerryGriffiths

    London coin fair feb 2nd

    I will be there. Only 3 or 4 dealers I buy from at that place. If you get to know them they will look after you with good deals.
  6. TerryGriffiths

    for sale U.S. 90% Silver

    Can I have the rest please
  7. TerryGriffiths

    World Currency Silver coins......

    Yeah, He is currently in Australia traveling at present. Do buy sovereigns from him and Mexican gold. He will be back in the UK Next year.
  8. TerryGriffiths

    Three Fakes - from London Coin Show

    How much did you pay for that Panda coin?
  9. TerryGriffiths

    London Coin Fair Nov 3rd 2018

    I will be there just to have a look around. I am only looking for some pre 97 £2 coins. One of the dealers usually has quite a few of them.
  10. TerryGriffiths

    Do you have a target?

    My spending has gone through the roof this year and I already hit my targets in 2016. I got the gold sovereign bug again this year and have a considerable amount. If silver dips into the £9 pound range like it did in 2015, I will add another 500 to 1000 ounces just to be on the safe side. I got to know a few coin dealers this year and they are always given me good deals.
  11. TerryGriffiths

    Asset Allocation

    Cash 85% PM's 14% Stock Market 1%
  12. TerryGriffiths

    Bullion Book: Silver Coins for Collectors and Investors,

    Excellent book, very happy with the service as well.
  13. TerryGriffiths

    Explain your Handle/Member Name

    I wish I had his wealth.
  14. TerryGriffiths

    Explain your Handle/Member Name

    I was watching snooker on TV when I signed up and the welsh legend was playing at the time.
  15. TerryGriffiths

    Why do you buy silver?

    Fiat currencies generally revert to zero. You have to be investing it in bonds, shares and property amongst many other things just to keep up with inflation. Having Precious metals can work as a hedge. It's also a nice alternative savings plan to run alongside your other investments.