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  1. TerryGriffiths

    Bullion Book: Silver Coins for Collectors and Investors,

    Excellent book, very happy with the service as well.
  2. TerryGriffiths

    Explain your Handle/Member Name

    I wish I had his wealth.
  3. TerryGriffiths

    Explain your Handle/Member Name

    I was watching snooker on TV when I signed up and the welsh legend was playing at the time.
  4. TerryGriffiths

    Why do you buy silver?

    Fiat currencies generally revert to zero. You have to be investing it in bonds, shares and property amongst many other things just to keep up with inflation. Having Precious metals can work as a hedge. It's also a nice alternative savings plan to run alongside your other investments.
  5. TerryGriffiths

    completed 10 x Scottsdale Silver 1oz bars

    Best way to tell. They do look ok to me.
  6. TerryGriffiths

    completed 10 x Scottsdale Silver 1oz bars

  7. TerryGriffiths

    completed 10 x Scottsdale Silver 1oz bars

    Have you tested them with a magnet. I bought one of those type of bars from a coin fair once and it proved to be a fake.
  8. TerryGriffiths

    Age of a stacker

    43 and counting, I have been stacking for 4 years now as an alternative way of saving. Wish I could go back to the time when Gordon Brown sold off all our gold. At £300 an oz I would have loaded up big time on sovereigns.
  9. TerryGriffiths

    The london coin fair

    I will be there hunting down 2002 and 2005 sovs.
  10. TerryGriffiths

    for sale US Silver Dollars

    Pm sent
  11. TerryGriffiths

    Ebay 15% off

    Can you do multiple purchases with the voucher or do you have to do all your buying in one go?
  12. TerryGriffiths

    Ebay 15% off

    2005 Half Sovereign. Ebay should make this a regular thing.
  13. TerryGriffiths

    PM's in freefall??

    If we did see very low pm prices it's also likely that the stock market would have tanked, like commodities did in 2015. That will also present good buying opportunities particular with well managed funds, investment trusts, and dividend type stocks. Always be diversified but make sure you are stacked well with pm as back up.
  14. TerryGriffiths

    PM's in freefall??

    If we follow the 2008-2011 market pattern, I think we could see silver in $10 range. That's the time to load up with a nice 500 -1000z order.
  15. TerryGriffiths

    completed 2002 Bullion Sovereign

    pm sent