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  1. TerryGriffiths

    Today I bought.....

    Bought a 1974 Gold Sovereign.
  2. TerryGriffiths

    Anyone knows a good London coin shop with US coins?

    The coin market at charring cross is worth visiting, I am a regular visitor there. Hoping to make a visit tomorrow (subject to transport). One of the dealers usually has plenty of US coins available, I can also vouch for Philip Cohen numismatic shop near leicester square. I have bought some gold from him before and is always a pleasure to deal with. The Bloomsbury coin fair is on tomorrow, it starts at 9.30 as is near the British musuem. Address is Bloomsbury Hotel, 16-22 Great Russell Street.
  3. TerryGriffiths

    Today I bought.....

    Bought a 20 Franc Swiss gold coin and some nice French Franc Silver.
  4. TerryGriffiths

    completed Canadian silver dollars

  5. TerryGriffiths

    My stack so far :D

    How many ounces have you stacked?
  6. TerryGriffiths

    London coin fair June 2nd

    Also picked a bag of USA silver quarters and dimes. Overall not a bad day.
  7. TerryGriffiths

    London coin fair June 2nd

  8. TerryGriffiths

    London coin fair June 2nd

    I think I saw you buy that goldmick. Nice coin, well done. I only planned on spending a little but that strategy went out of the window when i saw one dealer with a few 2002 and 2005 sovereigns. Will post some pics later.
  9. TerryGriffiths

    Today I bought.....

    I am a sucker for 2002 and 2005 sovereigns 😀
  10. TerryGriffiths

    Today I bought.....

    Just bought six 2002 half sovereigns from HGM.
  11. TerryGriffiths

    for sale Silver & Gold

    Can I also have the shield back?
  12. TerryGriffiths

    for sale Silver & Gold

    Quarters and rabbit please.
  13. TerryGriffiths

    London coin fair June 2nd

    I will be going to visit certain coin dealers. I managed to pick up some 2002 and 2005 bullion sovereigns last time at very decent prices. The majority of the stuff is overpriced.
  14. TerryGriffiths

    **April 2018** Group order from European Mint

    Received mine today, Very happy with the quality of the coins and love the BYB bar. You and the Mrs did a superb job. Many thanks
  15. TerryGriffiths

    completed 1oz 2018 silver swans

    Sent PM