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  1. SolidSilverBogbrush

    Property Partner Thread

    I'm now over £500 up on my £2500 investment in Property partner over the last 6 months. The key is to buy the shares when under value and then sell at or over value.
  2. SolidSilverBogbrush

    Today I Received

    Love the one Ducat. You'll be looking for the 4 Ducat now you have the one.
  3. SolidSilverBogbrush

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Mexican - 50 Peso £883.29 http://www.hattongardenmetals.com/buy/pid64/ Sorry gone already
  4. SolidSilverBogbrush

    Today I Received

    Yes, they are re-strikes, so no idea how old it actually is. It felt very light when I first got it out of the packet, I was worried. But it is the correct weight. I suppose the size makes it seem light.
  5. SolidSilverBogbrush

    Today I Received

    Finally got my first 4 Ducat. Quite pleased.
  6. SolidSilverBogbrush

    Today I bought.....

    A good day today. Not only is today the most expensive PM buying day ever for me, but I have also bought my most expensive coin ever (I hope it's a nice one). 11 x 1oz 2016 Kookaburra 12 x 1oz 2016 Perth Mint Monkey 1 x 1oz 2016 kangaroo All the above (£370.74 inc. delivery) And ... 1 x Austria 4 Ducat (£337.62 inc. delivery)
  7. SolidSilverBogbrush

    Silver Deals.....

    All prices from STG: When spot was £9.58 at beginning of November 2014, the Lunar Goat was £17.09 and the Noah's Ark 2014 was £11.98. When spot was £10.42 on 03 December 2014, the Lunar Goat dropped to £16.01 Spot is now around £9.60 and the Lunar Monkey is £16.20 and the Noah's Ark 2015 is £12.03. So the monkeys have the potential to come down even if spot rises, but note last year I waited too long and the Lunar Goats sold out!
  8. I'm happy so far with PP. But it's still early days. I have £1000 invested.
  9. People are selling. I've been keeping a close eye on the process and yesterday there were 3000 shares at 27th available for https://www.propertypartner.co/properties/UKSE182NL001 Over the course of a few hours this number dropped to zero. Of course it could be the seller changed their mind and withdrew them from sale but that seems unlikely. Never seen any more than 1pm below value. Did see some 10 below but these dissappeared less than 10 minutes later.
  10. I missed it too. I was having lunch!
  11. £273.73 invested for me. I'll see how it goes. I wanted 1000 shares of the Plumstead property but I had to deposit to the whole pound so it seemed stupid to leave nearly a pound not invested. So I have a rather weird 1001 shares or 0.1001% I'll see how it goes and then might invest some more. Silver is still dropping so I might have spent all my spare money soon though.
  12. SolidSilverBogbrush

    Bargain on ebay or load of junk?

    Thanks everyone. I only had a short time to investigate because I was at work. I decided I could risk 160 but no more. A lucky escape indeed. I've changed my mind I hope no one on here bought it!
  13. SolidSilverBogbrush

    Bargain on ebay or load of junk?

    Thanks sovereignSteve. I don't think it's bait as that Kew 50p is obviously real but they don't mention it.Surely you would mention that in the description or remove it if you knew about the value of these coins? What's bugging me more is not knowing rather than not winning! It would be nice to hear that someone on here bought it!
  14. SolidSilverBogbrush

    Bargain on ebay or load of junk?

    I tried to bid £160 for eBay item 171796070946 today. But was outbid before even entering it. Should I have gone higher? Would love to know what that golden coloured us coin is. Definitely some valuable coins there.
  15. SolidSilverBogbrush

    piedforts , what's the point?

    I agree. That's why I like the Perth Lunars