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  1. Between 2010 and 2016 the Shanghai Mint produced a series of nine 2 oz medals based around the subject of the Classical Gardens of China. These were available in a number of metals/finishes and with varying mintage runs. In 2017 the series concluded with a monster 20 oz silver medal and with the mint confirming that the series had finished However it appear that a 10th medal was struck ( or at least the design was completed) and with this medal released at the end of last year and post the 'official' completion of the series, This medal is based on the water garden of Rugao Shuihui and currently the mintage for these is towards the low end of the spectrum for the series; ( for example antique/matt is showing at 200) I know that in the past forum members have collected this series - does anyone have any credible reason to why this official-unofficial medal has now been released and similarly why was this not released at some point during the official period of the series? Cheers!
  2. I still have nightmare of the 2010 Championship playoffs but I won't hold it against you! After having Peter (The Ridler) Ridsdale any group of supporters truly have my sympathies when the owner/chairman goes off on one of their asset stripping escapades Best of luck
  3. Regardless of your political opinion history has shown that any society that tolerates, propagates and venerates the widening of income inequality will ultimately falter and fail. When in the minds of the majority the social contract to what is an acceptable level of inequality is broken this is a pointer to widespread unrest. One form of 'stall' tactic that is employed by the establishment/state is to demonize those at the lower levels of the hierarchy. In Victorian times in the UK ( and possibly the USA today,) this demonization takes the form of being lazy and worthless. Through the establishment of the welfare state a lot of this mentality was rebutted. However by way of Thatcherite economics and assisted more recently by a culture of false news we once again face the prospect of demonizing all for the actions of a what proves to be a few According to this report https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/oct/26/worlds-witnessing-a-new-gilded-age-as-billionaires-wealth-swells-to-6tn inequality levels are at there highest since the turn of the 20th century. It is encouraging to see that on all sides savvy industrialist, economists, academic and other stakeholders are waking up to the potential ramifications of widening inequality. Some countries are considering a minimal income level not just for the good of philanthropy but also as a realisation that this is one potential route for political survival of the ruling order. The Nordic countries are seen as being socially stable and in part due to their investment in social welfare and which they see as being essential to their overall prosperity. Even Trump and his advisors (he of the low tax and small government) realised the political gain in advocating and supporting large infrusture programs and which were envisaged as being akin to how Roosevelt got America back to work in the 1930s. Likewise a lot of the 'new money' Like George Soros and, Bill Gate are giving back and actively using their fortunes for the benefit of the majority. So yes, we all know a 'lazy git next door,' who is milking the system, but similarly do we recognise those that need our help and for whatever reason cannot get it.?
  4. Pre 1980s most coin flips were PVC based. The PVC alone was not the major issue, it was the type of chemical ( hydrogen chloride) added to soften the PVC that was the real killer. With a combination of moisture/humidity as well as potentially large fluctuations in the ambient temperature, along with direct sunlight, a lot of coins started to mark. Most striking is a green almost oxidization gunk that can affect the coin. Today however most flips from the likes of Lighthouse, Saflip etc are Maylar based and these are safe to use. Some people maintain that even Maylar should not be seen as a long term storage solution, but there is no indicative proof to this position. Converse to this, Saflips has been endorsed by NGC for the purpose of grading, and are also used by a number of coin museums/collections for their storage needs
  5. Don't think so as the old passport is neither the biometric, or even the data encrypted 'swipe' read pages. Thus the data being held on file relating to the expired passport would be limited With caution I would recommend that your ring the passport help line. (0300 222 0000) That said, due to my work I hold 2 x UK passports and had to renew one in July of this year. The info' that the helpline gave was counter to what the passport office in Newport would allow and lead to a couple of weeks run around to get the issues sorted out. Thus ensure you are specific on what you are asking their advice on Also just be aware that for any application they could ask for your parents to attend an interview, and with a lapse in passports for nearly 40 years you never know what they may be thinking!!!!
  6. @arshimo2012 has from time to time some good golds deals and offers. The items for sale are fairly eclectic, and he is honest in his grading/opinion. Thus you can pick up some fairly unusual coins at prices fairly close to spot.
  7. @Lindeman Not certain if this is the second in the series after the Taniwha and which NZP intimated was the first in a new set. Seems to be closely following the theme of Polynesian legends and myths, and once again is a very low mintage. Don't know if you finally bit on the 1 oz silver Taniwha but this was sold out awhile back, but now appears to be back in stock.
  8. For anyone still looking Dios111 still had these available this afternoon If you have not dealt with Friedhelm, via his emails he may come across as bit left field but I have dealt with him for coming on 7 years and has never let me down.
  9. Response received this morning from RAM
  10. HI Oystonont - Some if not all web browsers have an auto translate function to translate so you should be ok. Also a lot of the German dealers have bilingual descriptions. Failing that cut and paste into a translator! Enjoy
  11. @kimchi and @Oystonout Not sure if you are aware, but there are also for '93, '94 and '95 addition Coin Fair Show specials and which are in addition to the published mintages For '93 this was a run of 5k and then reducing to 2.5k for the other two years. The coin's design remains the same, but they came in special con fair blister packaging and one year they came in a clamshell box/COA. Sometimes these are listed as normal coins, so it is worth keeping an eye open for them because they do command a premium, albeit small, over the normal run and are a must to complete the series run For the 2007 I picked the following up from a web page way back, and just uploaded this to my database. Not certain of its provenance or where it came from, but may give you an understanding to why there is 2 x packaging produced for that year THIS WAS MINTED BY THE ROYAL AUSTRALIAN MINT WITH A LOW MINTAGE OF JUST 8,598 COINS THIS COIN IS ON THE ORIGINAL "GLOBAL PROMOTIONS" CARD AND IN THE ORIGINAL MINT CAPSULE OF ISSUE FOR THOSE NOT FAMILIAR WITH THESE COINS, THERE WERE TWO VERSIONS ON THE CARD FOR THIS YEAR BOTH VERSIONS ARE ORIGINAL, BUT NEITHER WAS ACTUALLY OFFICIALLY DONE BY THE ROYAL AUSTRALIAN MINT THE MINT DISTRIBUTED THESE COINS AND THE DISTRIBUTORS ARE THE ONES WHO DECIDED ON THE CARD THE ONE SEEN HERE IS DONE BY GLOBAL PROMOTIONS IN THE USA AND IS MORE COMMON TO THE USA THE OTHER VERSION WAS DONE BY DOWNIES IN AUSTRALIA AND IS MORE COMMON IN AUSTRALIA BOTH VERSIONS ARE ORIGINAL, BUT THEY DO VARY BY WHERE YOU BOUGHT THE COIN THE ROYAL AUSTRALIAN MINT DID NOT OFFICIALLY RELEASE EITHER CARDED VERSION OF THE 2007 COIN Numismatic folklore also states that potentially other dealer made there own blister packs at the time. I know that in the photo section MaxShiraz posted what appears to be 'an offical -unoffical blister '. One final tip! - If you are serious about retrospectively getting a date run, make sure to log on directly to the Ebay Germany site ( www.ebay.de) The Germans have actively collected the series, particularly the blister packs, and I have found the prices/availability to be better than what is found on the .com or .uk sites. Once RAM have confirmed the mintage I will posted it on here Cheers!
  12. HI Kimchi If you look at the back of the screenshot that Pete uplifted this shows the mintage as 5k for 2018. What I cut and pasted is the same details but for the 2017 issue and with this being 10k. Thus the assumption that there has been a reduction of 50% and is 5k in total That said, the RAM then contradict themselves on their own web page and where they say both 10k and 5k https://eshop.ramint.gov.au/Kangaroo-Series-–-Seasons-Change-Silver-Frosted/311027.aspx As per 2017 the stated numbers were shown as the same in both the description as well as the table. That said the table describes these as proofs, while the overall title say BU. ????? https://eshop.ramint.gov.au/Kangaroo-Series-Seasons-Change-Silver-Frosted/310917.aspx Confused? Iam Similarly what is shown below is taken directly from the EMK site = thus 5k in total? I know from 2009 to 2015 the total for each year was 20k, thus it is possible that from 2017 the RAM have started to show the mintage numbers divisible by carded and uncarded issues I have sent an email to RAM to ask for clarity and confirmation on the numbers for both 2017 and 2018 - If I get anything back I will post it here
  13. Did you notice the RAM Kanagaroo mintage numbers for this year have been cut by 50%? 2017, (as was 2016,) was 10k If this is correct, 2018 is going to be the lowest mint run since the inception of the series in 1993. This is even lower than the rare 2007 and 2008 versions, albeit 2007 did have the two different card versions Time to fill me boots me thinkest!!!.............. As you say the price never goes down on these
  14. Also fairly unique to the UK, the period from circa 1775 through to 1800 was the time when the government turned a blind eye to the private issuance of small denominated coins particularly in cooper but also in silver. This 'coinage' is collectively known as Provincial Tokens or conders Counterfeiting was rife and with George III's response being in 1774 to stop the production of small value coins - period.. Local banks, landowners, industrialists, cooperatives, shops, churches and chapels amongst others started to mint tokens that could be used in the local area and which quickly became the currency of necessity amongst the working class. When small denomination coins were once again produced in 1800, the mint refused to accept the provisional tokens in lieu of value, thus today you can still pick these up and due to the numbers that were made they are in most cases not expensive to buy. For private mints, and with only functional need, a lot of beautiful designs were used. Below is the 'Druid' from the Prys copper mines of Angelsey and which was used on tokens of varying value and for differing issuing houses. From a UK perspective they are a great insight to our social history and as I said can be picked up fairly cheaply
  15. http://thesilverforum.com/topic/7788-travel-advice/?tab=comments#comment-101340