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  1. danman49

    Help With Some Pre-decimal Coins

    Will do!
  2. danman49

    Help With Some Pre-decimal Coins

    LOL that's the problem I have no idea of what they are worth Will try and get some time to do a bit of research and work out a price.... Or if someone else has an idea please let me know!! I am presently still taking pics of my numis, listing them and then working out what they owe me. Bit hard as I have had some for a few years now. Think I need a clone or me to do the chores whilst the real me sits down and looks after the coins!!!
  3. danman49

    Help With Some Pre-decimal Coins

    Thanks for the advice guys! Anyone interested in them by the way as they really don't fit my collection and over this way the interest is all in the Australian pre decimal coins.
  4. danman49

    Rwandan African Wildlife Series

    I ended up buying a few of the Rhino and Cheetah coins and have kept them in the original mint packaging. So far I have seen no toning at all. They really are a nice coins.
  5. danman49

    Help With Some Pre-decimal Coins

    LOL didn't even know there was a South African coin in there! I just thought they were all English. Yes some of the coins are in pretty good shape for their age, though a couple have seen better days that is for sure. I will have a look on Ebay, but must remember to make it a world wide search as the Australian Ebay has very little traffic on these guys. Cheers. Danny
  6. danman49

    Help With Some Pre-decimal Coins

    Hi guys, whilst sorting through my stack I came across a few older English coins and wondered if anyone could shed some light on whether they have any value other than their silver value! Please post any comments you might have on this thread. Thanks in advance. Danny
  7. danman49


    Hi Strenue! Nice to see a familiar face, or avatar and thank you for the kind words. Cointreau I only have a few series one lunars, I did have quite a few but have slowly been selling them and spending the money on more bullion type items, like old bars! I think I have a few coloured and gilded roosters left and there might be a few others hidden in the safety deposit box. I'll take a look tomorrow and let you know.
  8. danman49


    Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Yes Danny is a great name I'll have to put up a for sale post in the near future with some of the Perth Mint Numi and bullion coins and post a few pics of some bars on the gallery (good idea to have that as a dedicated area). Once I work out how to upload pics that is. I seem to have everything from Antarctic coins to outback coins and Aussie Rules to Rugby and really need to free up some space in the safety deposit box, so if anyone is chasing a coin please message me and I will have a look through my rather poor records.
  9. danman49


    Hi guys, thought I had better introduce myself as it is my first day here. Name is Danny and I am based in Adelaide South Australia. Stacking for "a couple" of years now and have gone through the initial buy one of every thing stage and am now on the buy lots of a single item stage. Seems to drop the price a lot! I have been a member over at Silver Stackers for a while now and really enjoy that forum and am hoping to enjoy this one also. I do a fair bit of trading (comes from the "buy lots" idea and always needing money for the next big buy) and have both bought and sold from the UK and other parts of the EU (apologies to those that don't like the idea of UK being EU ) Might even have spoken or traded with a few on here. I now try and collect the older Australian silver bars like harrington and geomin and have a few from 100 oz down. The rest of my stack ranges from Perth Mint numismatics (slowly selling them off) to bullion bars and coins in silver and a few sets of coins in gold, oh and those fantastic gold pandas! Cheers and hope to chat with a few of you soon. Danny