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  1. I know 1 in Hong kong But that's quite a distance away
  2. Personally I don't think so since price wise you get them cheaper to spot. But in Europe we are getting punished because of VAT on bars. It is very hard to find bars cheap.
  3. Received this Austrian 10 Corona from BW Bank.
  4. You can find them on Ebay. It is a 1 year type set so you are going to have to pay a heavy premium.
  5. I bought mine from https://www.air-tites.com I got them VAT free for 16 tubes. if you stay under a certain price point you won't get hit with VAT. In Belgium that's 22 Euro and that includes the shipping price.
  6. Indeed send me a pm with price and shipping details
  7. I bought a 1909 Austrian 10 Corona from BW Bank in Germany.
  8. Hi guys I'm looking for the following years and mint marks. 1940-D 1940-S 1943-D 1949 1949-D 1951-S 1954-S 1955-D 1956-D 1958
  9. I hope the price drops back under $1200
  10. My go to place when buying plain silver https://www.gold-silber-muenzen-shop.de for premium silver I buy from https://aurinum.de
  11. Picked these two coin albums up from the post office and was hit with 34 euro customs charge. That's pretty much what the albums are worth. Filled them up with the dates and mint marks that I had available and I am still missing some. I know both the 32's are the most expensive.
  12. Looks good will try to get one if I can
  13. I like Perth mint and for collectible coins Japan mint
  14. In total you get 900 gram of fine silver. Although the weight of the coins is 1 kilo there is 100 gram of copper included in the description. It would be better if they offered 1 kilo fine.
  15. It's a waste of money imo there is no point in overspending one silver. If you want fractional then buy US constitutional or other closer to spot price.
  16. To be honest we are having a weak summer this year. We have not yet got a single heatwave this year. Compared to last year I was already baking in may.
  17. I can't wait to see a picture
  18. There is some for sale in the sales section at the moment.
  19. Any half Dollars left?
  20. Hello and welcome