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  1. In Belgium we do have coin shops but not just that many and only in the bigger cities the closest one to my is in Mechelen 10+ km away.
  2. What I got in this lot is close to 40 Dollars face. If you have some standing liberty quarters with date you are willing to sell or half Dollars send me a message.
  3. Junk silver is also fractional much better then bars. Bars have too much of a premium in my opinion.
  4. €471.34 plus another 40 Euro that you must pay separately for the shipping. To be honest if you want something like this you better get it in the the BYB group order
  5. I got my order in from the European mint 1 kilo of 90% silver mostly Quarters and Dimes I got 1 Barber quarter but unfortunately slicked out and two Standing liberty quarters with visible date.
  6. I went to the post office today to pick these up 5 Francs Hercules 1877 Paris mint 5 Francs Hercules 1874 Paris mint 5 Francs Hercules 1876 Bordeaux mint 5 Francs Hercules 1849 Paris mint 5 Francs Hercules 1873 Paris mint 5 Francs Hercules 1874 Bordeaux mint 5 Francs Louis Phillippe I 1847 Paris mint 5 Francs Louis Phillippe I 1834 Rouen mint 5 Francs Napoleon III 1867 Paris mint 5 Francs Leopold II 1870
  7. I got this in the mail today. Germany Prussia 20 Mark Wilhelm II 1889
  8. KevinG


    Hello and welcome to the forum.
  9. Hello and welcome to the forum.
  10. Hello and welcome to the forum.
  11. If you have anymore 90% half Dollars please let me know
  12. Also Sovereigns for me and everything from 1/10 to 1/4 oz
  13. I am too late damn it I was looking for some more junk.
  14. I have purchased 1 kilo USA 90% junk silver from the European mint and a 20 Mark gold coin Prussia from coininvest. Plus another 5 Dollars 90% roosevelt Dimes from Coinexchange on Ebay.
  15. Since you live in the US you can stack constitutional silver buy it at the lowest premium you can get.
  16. I would buy a 400 oz gold bar to use as a door stop
  17. I bought a tube of 90% Roosevelt Dimes from CoinExchange
  18. The clocks stop changing in 2021 the member states have to send in their preferred time by April of 2020.
  19. KevinG

    Silica gel:

    No I have never used it
  20. Received the 2019 wedge tailed eagle and I backdated the ZI:SIN series.
  21. Japan samurai themed coins and Mongolia a 10 oz Genghis Khan
  22. There is a new coin bar on the market by Asahi with the Athenian owl motif.