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  1. I decided to pick up some Lunar serie 3 coins. I might get the Kilo Silver with my Christmas bonus Lunar mouse 3 Silver 1/2 oz Lunar mouse 3 Silver 1 oz Lunar mouse 3 Silver 2 oz Lunar mouse 3 Silver 5 oz Lunar mouse 3 Gold 1/10 oz
  2. I got some premium silver today.☺️ Perth mint 1 oz year of the pig Rwanda 1 oz year of the pig 25th Anniversary of the unicorn coin 1 oz
  3. KevinG

    Solid gold toilet stolen

    Maybe they wanted to shitt like a king.
  4. Easy if it is 1/10 oz size hide it in your wallet among the change.
  5. KevinG

    Where to Start

    Never buy bars unless you get them cheap. Bars fall under a different margin so you pay more VAT on them. Best is to buy the cheapest coins on the market if you want it for the silver content.
  6. I might pick one up not sure yet though.
  7. I think I will stock up on some 5 oz coins it's a bummer 10 oz is no longer made with the new serie.
  8. No only Rum and Whisky for me.😃
  9. The Canadians have done it before but that was with proofs this one is a BU. I guess they must get permission from the crown?
  10. This one is a presale with Aurinum.de I'm sure it will be available with US dealers soon enough.
  11. I got a half oz 2018 panda if you want it for spot
  12. A new coin from the Canadian mint to commemorate 100 years of mounted police. Looks like a nice coin to be honest hopefully it will not milk spot after awhile.
  13. In Belgium we don't have Bullion coins only overpriced proofs. But we do have refineries that make bars like Umicore and Tony Goetz