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  1. KevinG

    Silica gel:

    No I have never used it
  2. Received the 2019 wedge tailed eagle and I backdated the ZI:SIN series.
  3. Japan samurai themed coins and Mongolia a 10 oz Genghis Khan
  4. There is a new coin bar on the market by Asahi with the Athenian owl motif.
  5. You have to be careful with bars because of VAT. In that case you could go for coin bars since they have a face value they are cheaper.
  6. KevinG

    Germania space red

    Next in line is a pink colored for the ladies
  7. KevinG

    Benevolent Dragon

    A nice coin but too much premium and I don't see any flip potential with this one.
  8. Mapless or eagles both are a good choice. But there is so much choice.
  9. You better off with with a gold koala though
  10. They made a 20th edition gold set in 2009
  11. It doesn't matter born a peasant die as a peasant
  12. I got 5 of the South Korea ZI SIN Scrofa 2019 and one 2019 wedge tailed eagle