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  1. KevinG

    Collecting gold?

    I like the old German 20 Mark coins but I stay with the cheapest ones that sell as Bullion and not the premium stuff.
  2. For me this one will never skyrocket like some coins did in the past. It will always sell for the original issue price.
  3. Thank you it was also very affordable in this grade.
  4. I got this Chinese Dragon coin today it got a bit delayed in the Fedex system.
  5. Apmex is greedy as usual. They were already making enough money at $250
  6. Aurinum in Germany has them they also have the new 2 oz orca coin of the Canadian mint.
  7. I think the box is not made for lunar serie but for wildlife as well. But you can always put some spares in them if you have more than one of the same design.
  8. Their wildlife series has come to an end so they are doing something new. Personally I like the look of this coin but that's just me.
  9. I bought my first copper coin nothing fancy though
  10. 100 gram European mint silver bar
  11. Looks good only a small panda cub this time.
  12. I think they are and overpriced to boot. Although I do like their designs.
  13. I don't have a favorite since I have coins graded by both company