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  1. KevinG

    New member from Sweden

    Hello and welcome
  2. KevinG

    Tax on importing silver from US to UK

    Last time I ordered from the US was on ebay. Beside shipping I paid an additional 30 euro. No extra surprise afterwards when the order was delivered.
  3. KevinG

    Today I Received

    Got myself a full tube of Walking Liberty Half Dollars. Majority is from the 1940's only one from 1939. The three picked out below are in the best condition. Even with shipping and the ebay import duties it came about at 8 euro a piece
  4. KevinG

    Hello from MR

    Hello and welcome
  5. KevinG


    Somewhere around 4260 gram of silver
  6. Hello and welcome
  7. KevinG

    Hi From Japan

    Hello and welcome
  8. KevinG

    Hellooo from New Jersey, USA!! :)

    Hello and welcome
  9. KevinG

    Today I bought.....

    I bought a full tube of 20 Walking liberty half Dollars. Comes from the US but still cheaper than you can find it here for.
  10. KevinG

    Do you buy new or secondhand gold?

    Most of the gold that I buy is second hand. With the old coins you can't find them new lol. But once a year I buy a brand new coin with my christmas bonus. Last year it was a 2018 Panda.
  11. KevinG

    New guy

    Hello and welcome
  12. KevinG

    Nazi Silver

    German colonial coinage is beautiful indeed. I would love to have a piece from German New Guinea.
  13. KevinG

    Nazi Silver

    No don't have a single one. I don't find them that attractive. I prefer to buy German imperial silver instead.
  14. KevinG

    What was Your First Coin?

    First coin I have bought was a 2014 silver Maple leaf
  15. KevinG

    Today I bought.....

    I bought the silver Tiger and Dragon two more Rwanda dogs and the new nautical ounce HMS Endeavour