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  1. KevinG

    US vendors

    For junk silver I would recommend coin exchange. They ship to europe and shipping price is reasonable. But yeah VAT might be a problem
  2. KevinG

    2019 china panda coin

    Silver this month the gold has to wait till I get my Christmas bonus. I also have to pay my taxes by the end of December so that sucks.
  3. KevinG

    Silver to go....

    Reliable but a bit more expensive compared to others
  4. KevinG

    Hello :)

    Hello and welcome
  5. KevinG

    Hi everyone

    Hello and welcome
  6. KevinG

    2019 china panda coin

    The panda Madonna and child version. It's cute I have to say that.
  7. KevinG

    How Do I Pay Aurinum?

    They are slow in replying your email but they are good folk.
  8. KevinG

    Official Premiere GOLD WHISKY COIN

    I rather have a full bottle instead of a little sip for my hollow tooth
  9. I do not think the next coin in the serie will be another dragon. I think it will be the fat man.
  10. KevinG


    They are very good. Email traffic can be a bit slow though.
  11. Nice looking around not a coin because of the defunct currency
  12. On the secondary market Ebay they are already going for 50 USD.
  13. KevinG

    New to the forum

    Hello and welcome
  14. I am not too fond of the design so I will be skipping these