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  1. Final bump before withdrawal and selling on eBay...
  2. Prices reduced and 10oz valiant SOLD!
  3. Come on guys this is a beautiful set, will be a shame to have to split it and sell on ebay.!
  4. Hi all, Only 199 of these were made, this is number 75. This is a Bimetallic medal Brass/copper. I am looking for £100. Thanks for looking.
  5. Hi all, Frozen coin set, ideal gift for children! In perfect condition. I am looking for £300 for the set. Thanks for looking.
  6. Thanks Jimmock, price now added!
  7. Yes, thanks Captain obvious, pictures will be up later!
  8. No pictures at the moment due to work commitments.Most people know what these coins look like though.... Genuine sale, all silver is BU in original mint capsules.