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  1. greenrizz

    1oz coins

    Is that a 10oz kookaburra on the second picture bottom right? I would give you 20 quid for that 😀
  2. Seems legit. Thought it was to good to be true!
  3. Anyone know about how much the below coin is worth and what it is? Posting for a friend 😀
  4. Privateers for sale as a set. £250 posted Siren Privateer Plank Kraken Storm
  5. 5 X 2015 Congo gorilla's still on the cardboard backing. £150 posted.
  6. I thought European mint were far more expensive compared to gs.be?
  7. Silver to go have a good deal on UK Lunar monkeys - £16 per oz. https://www.silver-to-go.com/en/silver-coins/lunar-series-uk/1-oz-uk-lunar-year-of-the-monkey-silver-2016/ Not a bad deal for a 2016 UK coin IMO.
  8. Personally I would avoid large bars and coins. They are hard to resell in my experience. Also if you have multiple ounce coins and you need to free up some cash but dont want to sell a kilo, you have the added flexibility. Also something to consider - if the silver price went up considerably, would you be able to find a buyer quickly? Just something to think about [emoji41][emoji9][emoji38]