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    Stretch got a reaction from ChrisSIlver in Gold stacker   
    This is my 8 1/2 oz of gold which has been static since I discovered STG in August. I was aiming originally for 10oz by end of the year which I would have made if not for silver stacking currently at 310oz. Looking forward to adding to my stack next year.
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    Stretch got a reaction from ChrisSIlver in Gold stacker   
    This is my 8 1/2 oz of gold which has been static since I discovered STG in August. I was aiming originally for 10oz by end of the year which I would have made if not for silver stacking currently at 310oz. Looking forward to adding to my stack next year.
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    Stretch got a reaction from BaldyBob in finding it hard   
    Just work your way through the STG menu as I'm doing, cheapest first.
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    Stretch reacted to FriedrichVonHayek in PMs in your portfolio   
    There is a system Developed by Harry Browne called the Permanent  Portfolio.
    You invest 25% Cash,25% Gold,25% Stocks and 25% Government Bonds.
    The basic premise is that you keep the allocations at around 25% in each asset class.
    If an asset class surges ahead by over 10%-15% you would sell part of it off and buy into one the assets that had performed poorly.
    It has been quite a successful strategy over the past 30 years or so.
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    Stretch reacted to ChrisSIlver in PMs in your portfolio   
    Everyone has a different plan, and different assets suit different people, but personally for me: l I think it is best to have the majority in property (property you rent out) and then to invest this passive income into PMs. Some people like shares, but me personally I would only invest in early stage businesses, or my own business(s). Large companies that trade on the stock exchanges are too volatile and manipulated (in my opinion) for my liking.

    PMs currently make up about 66% of my portfolio, but that is only because I don't have that many assets yet. Eventually the majority of my wealth will be in property, excluding any business(s) that I may own, it wouldn't bother me to hold up to 20% of my wealth in PMs.

    Say for example you have only £1000 of assets, it doesn't really matter what form this is in as it's relatively a small amount. So you could invest 100% into PMs, or cash and it doesn't really make much difference.

    Here is some examples of what happens when you have more money to play with. Say you start off with £1m in cash.

    Option 1: Invest 20% into property earning 5% per annum. And 80% into PMs
    Option 2. Invest 50% into property earning 5% per annum and 50% into PMs
    Option 3 Invest 100% into property.

    Option 1 and option 2 are silly in my opinion and here is why:

    (Assuming you have other money to live off of and all income derived from rental property is invested into PMs, and assuming that the 5% is after all fees and taxes etc. Also assume that property value and PM value does not change over this time.)

    Option 1 first year: 200k property, 800k PMs
    Option 1 after 10 years: 200k property, 900k PMs
    Option 1 after 20 years: 200k property, 1m PMs

    Option 2 first year: 500k property, 500k PMs
    Option 2 after 10 years: 500k property, 750k PMs
    Option 2 after 20 years: 500k property, £1m PMs

    Option 3 first year: £1m property, 0 PMs
    Option 3 after 10 years: £1m property, £500k PMs
    Option 3 after 20 years: £1m property, £1m PMs

    Looking at the examples above, it is my opinion that incoming producing property is far superior to PMs. Imagine also if you invested some of your income back into property and not into PMs. Obviously these examples exclude a lot of variables, including a large increase in PM prices, which is very possible. But long term I think it is best to keep a lower percentage in PMs, as a sort of insurance policy. Because if you want to be wealthy, you need income producing assets.
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    Stretch reacted to Keithoil in PMs in your portfolio   
    Property is my biggest asset. Yes they are rented.
    Then ISA's.
    Then Silver.
    Then Cash.
    Then Shares.
    Then Gold.
    Then Pension.
    Then Whisky.
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    Stretch reacted to Cointreau in PMs in your portfolio   
    At least 80% of my wealth is in pm's as I don't own a property.
    I'm not messing about here.
    Pensions and ISA'S? You a paper tiger.
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    Stretch reacted to Madstacks in PMs in your portfolio   
    For personal reasons 100%, crazy i know but will be fixed one day.
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    Stretch reacted to MAXlMUS in Fake Pandas   
    If you need any pictures of fake Pandas I have loads of them various years as I was sold them last year by some dodgy chinese ebay sellar,,,,see the link below:
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    Stretch reacted to ChrisSIlver in Silver Deals.....   
    Because of the finish. The 10oz are now matte, they don't have any nice shinny areas like before. Personally I feel the 2015 10oz koalas are terrible, Perth Mint have cheapened them. Good if you want some cheap silver, but not so nice to look at anymore in my opinion. 
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    Stretch reacted to Madstacks in Silver Deals.....   
    Pretty good,lowest i saw the 2014 koalas for was 119 each so lets see if that gets beaten:)
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    Stretch reacted to Luker2 in finding it hard   
    Perhaps you might want to take a look at a few of these sites to expand your options:
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    Stretch reacted to ArthGoch in Fake Pandas   
    Although not a one case fits all in respect of flagging potential 2011 fakes, the attached 'guess the faults' competition is a good eye opener to what to look for.
    Using this as a ready reckoner has saved me some heartache over the last couple of years and does train your eye to look for the devil in the detail 
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    Stretch reacted to Shamatti in Fake Pandas   
    They look OK to me. The guy has lots of good feedback for other coins which he has sold, including lots of other 2011 pandas, with no complaints. It's no guarantee, but I think I would be happy bidding for them. I won't
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    Stretch reacted to Danny-boy in Fake Pandas   
    Item number is 251856294944

    They look ok to me, but I'm not an expert and the picture isn't the best. Davepanda will be able to confirm I would imagine.
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    Stretch reacted to fantom in Fake Pandas   
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    Stretch reacted to Keithoil in Today I bought.....   
    Oh and I have just won a 2015 Australian Goat with Lion Privy.
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    Stretch reacted to Keithoil in Today I bought.....   
    4 PCGS MS69 coins. All from the USA.
    2015 ASE
    2015 Kookaburra
    2015 UK Sheep
    2015 Australian Goat
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    Stretch got a reaction from Agpanda in Today I bought.....   
    Just won one 2015 panda in ebay auction £20.99 including postage.
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    Stretch reacted to Danny-boy in Today I bought.....   
    Nice one Stretch, gorgeous coins.
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    Stretch reacted to Danny-boy in Chinese Pandas 2011 or 2010   
    I believe to 2010 has a quarter the Mintage of the 2011.
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    Stretch reacted to DavePanda in Chinese Pandas on Ebay   
    ..whilst we are on the subject, two more that are worth looking at, both for £100 each, a 2002 d and a 2008 both in sealed packaging, where to start??? Never a 2002 d made, only 2001, the packaging is wrong, the fur and eyes are crap, the temple side is awful, the date in the wrong font, the 2008 was never double sealed, I informed this seller a while ago, in polite terms since he may not know they are fakes, no reply, so he either doesn't believe me ( his choice) but surely 30 mins googling will confirm what I have told him, therefore one has to assume that he knows they are fakes....

    If anyone is unsure if a Panda they are looking at is fake, I would be happy to advise, (obviously with no come backs!!) please PM me and I will take a look, I have only ever purchased one fake and that was after a genuine coin was shown in the listing and a fake sent!

    Pandas are great fun investment and nothing to be scared of, all you need to do is do a little research.

    I have Peter Anthony's Panda book first issue, I will be getting his second book shortly, if anyone is interested in Pandas I will sell the old copy on an auction basis, proceeds will go to the forum running costs, I will pay the postage, I will start a new topic under buy and sell.

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    Stretch reacted to Baker77 in Goal met!   
    Today I ordered my one hundredth ounce of silver. I picked up a five ounce Armenian Noah's ark for a hundred bucks.

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    Stretch reacted to lee85 in Today I Received   
    1 gold ducat
    1/10th RM year of the sheep
    1/10th 2015 panda

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    Stretch reacted to lightjaw in Today I Received   
    A suprise gift chinese proof 5oz panda