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  1. Stretch

    Silver Deals.....

    Anyone know why these 10oz Koalas are always significantly cheaper? The 2015s now as cheap as the 2014, is it a mintage thing or just a pretty picture?
  2. Stretch

    Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    The consensus seems to be PM's are going down.
  3. Stretch

    finding it hard

    Just work your way through the STG menu as I'm doing, cheapest first.
  4. Stretch

    Fake Pandas

    Thanks for your help Danny and Shamatti, auctions nearly up and somebody's outbid me. I'll leave it at that as I'm a bit broke at the moment anyway, cheers.
  5. Stretch

    Fake Pandas

    Thanks Danny. Hopefully I've not advertised them for me to be outbid lol
  6. Stretch

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Surprised nobody's grabbed that 2013 1oz panda. Been there a couple of weeks now. I'd a brought it myself if I wasn't buying a new bathroom for my house and skint for a while.
  7. Stretch

    Fake Pandas

    Bid price £100 + £10 postage. Calls himself silversale.
  8. Stretch

    Fake Pandas

    Pardon me for not doing a link, I don't know how on my ipad. On eBay I've bid for 6 2011 pandas, they'll come up on search if anyone can be bothered to look and see if they think there legit or not, thanks. It's not the best picture the sellers got and his feed backs limited.
  9. Stretch

    Today I bought.....

    Just won one 2015 panda in ebay auction £20.99 including postage.
  10. Stretch

    Filling a tube of....

    If you had 500 oz of silver in 1980 it was enough to buy a house which is why I thought it'd be nice to have at least 500 now ready for the next upturn, I'm currently 85 short. Saying that I've gone off silver a little as buying it is just one big loss as things stand at the moment. Unlike gold where you can get your fiat currency back far easier if needs arise.
  11. Stretch

    Filling a tube of....

    It's all bullion to me but I can understand the collector side. Can't see myself paying way over the basic maple or philly price for any coin. Numismatics is about perceived value as opposed to real value, I find that scary.
  12. Stretch

    Filling a tube of....

    I've had 500 oz in mind for a while as that's enough in 1980 prices to buy a house.
  13. Stretch

    Any one still buying at these highs?

    I'm now eager to buy more gold but not at these prices. When purchase price is less than £790 for an oz or £350 for two mixed year sovs then I'll consider buying.
  14. Stretch

    Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    Depends if the cease fire holds in Ukraine and if Obama's gonna put boots on the ground to fight Isis. That will determine pm prices next week or so.
  15. Stretch

    Today I Received

    Finally received the 60oz I ordered couple of weeks back. Two tubes of Noahs and one tube of 2014 ASE.