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  1. HAHAHA what information do you manage? I'm from Barcelona and none of the above is true! This is the kind of propaganda anti independence press and parties give. The ballots papers were given by the schools. What a shame, I was there, from 5 in the morning trying to stop the national police from entering the schools. And the International response to try to vote was looking the other way. Ashamed of the EU, Rest of the World.
  2. Maybe you should open a public google sheet to let people see the available numbers...
  3. I received a 1/10oz maple 2017 from @MikeSol ! Thank you!
  4. What do you think about this coin? Anyone has it? It's the cheapest 1/4oz at coininvest and I was surprised...
  5. Two won bids. These are Catalan coins from the 17th century called Croats and they are silver of course - 1693 croat - 1612 half croat
  6. I didn't forget It's just the first order and I had a limited budget because all € go to gold so this side project will be done little by little
  7. My daughter turned 1 year old and I decided that I will start a silver bullion collection for her. I will buy all the typical bullion coins since she was born (2016) and when she is 18 it would be a good gift, don't you think? I plan to buy only the series that change design year after year and maybe the special britannias, maples that change its design from time to time. This is my first order: 1 oz silver NIUE 2017 ATHENIAN OWL 1 oz silver KANGAROO 2017 1 oz silver NOAH'S ARK Armenia WIENER PHILHARMONIKER - 1 oz silver 2017 1 oz silver MAPLE LEAF 2017 1 oz silver BRITANNIA 2017 1 oz silver U.S. Silver EAGLE 2017 1 oz silver SOMALIA ELEPHANT 2018 1 oz silver SOMALIA ELEPHANT 2016 1 oz silver SOMALIA ELEPHANT 2017 1 oz silver KOALA 2017 1 oz silver BRITANNIA 2017 - 20th Anniversary 1 oz silver KOALA 2016
  8. Hi! Is this better than paypal F&F ? When I buy from other SF members I always use paypal F&F but if currencyfair is better let me know. Also when sellers say bank transfer only, this applies to currencyfair also? It would be great to pay less comissions for the forum transactions!