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  1. lightjaw

    Today I bought.....

    1/4oz gold brit proof. Liking this years design a hell of a lot more than last years.
  2. lightjaw

    Where Do you buy your Bullion?

    I have bought from:- Atkinsons Chards Silver to go Coin Invest Ebay Coin shows Group buys Modern Coin Mart Den of Antiquity Forum Members Royal Mint EMK for the odd stranger item whoever has what i want really. I dont much care for shopping around unless it would save me a lot of money. A few £ extra to get what i want quickly....fine. Cant be arsed messing about.
  3. lightjaw

    1 gram gold bars - who buys them?

    Buy what you want and budget allows. Even a 1g bar is something set aside for the future or for an emergency. Rather have a 1g gold bar than spend it on pork scratchings. (though does depend on the make of pork scratchings obviously)
  4. lightjaw

    **April 2018** Group order from European Mint

    Quick question would eu mint also price match a 1oz platinum coin ie maple or kangaroo. Have a hankering for platinum at the end of the month.
  5. lightjaw

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Quick point do you know what my 1976 got @Numistacker ? Thanks
  6. lightjaw

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Not surprised by the clipped part. Strike and surface is nice though. For a coin to be choice au after 14 centuries isn't bad I feel! Thanks numi
  7. lightjaw

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Ah thanks just saw this
  8. lightjaw

    sharps pixley

    come out at green park tube station onto the main road, walk past the ritz on your right and they are on the right round the corner. really easy walk from the station, say 3 mins? oh and fyi shop doesnt open till 10am.
  9. lightjaw

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Any more news? looking forward to more reveals.
  10. lightjaw

    sharps pixley

    Been into their shop a few times just round the corner from The Ritz. Sales over the counter face to face were fine, and they gave me a nifty little drawstring bag with my purchase.
  11. lightjaw


    was about to buy a couple of oz of platinum from them. Screw them. I would rather pay the extra money than support idiots like this.
  12. lightjaw

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Enjoying this keep it up
  13. lightjaw

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Never seen harshly cleaned before. Ouch