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  1. lightjaw

    So, who got a grufallo?

    And still 17000 in the q to get on the site
  2. lightjaw

    So, who got a grufallo?

    I beg to differ with this one. It has the child appeal factor which I think will see it command a premium at least for 6 months or so. These are exactly the kind of thing parents would buy for children, unlike the snowman which I think is hampered by the seasonality of it. I think it comes down to if this sells out in the silver version. If it sells out today, I can see £250+ on eBay by next week. There seems to be that kind of Buzz around it, and the last time I saw that was with Peter rabbit. Could also be completely wrong.
  3. lightjaw

    So, who got a grufallo?

    42988 as of now. I wonder how many of these are buyers and how many just curious. If they were buyers I would have expected everything to have sold out by now. Probably a professional flipper with 42000 tabs open on their pc
  4. lightjaw

    So, who got a grufallo?

    Sadly this is par for the course for the RM. At least they have a q system now which didn't exist before. Lots of people will be buying to flip, i know I bought two with the idea of selling one.
  5. lightjaw

    So, who got a grufallo?

    I will be interested to see when/if this sells out, and how that affects the eBay price
  6. Hi all, wondering who managed to get one, and if they think this coin will be a winner? Managed to bag 2 at 2.30am.....looks like it's popular as the website still has a q
  7. lightjaw

    Silver in London

    This is how it starts....just £20 here and there...next thing you know it's £1000 a month and hiding things from the wife....
  8. lightjaw

    2019 matt finish sovereign

    Just appeared on the rm website. Mintage of 20000 (in that presentation). Any thoughts about this anyone?
  9. lightjaw

    How do you enjoy your gold/silver?

    I look at it, go "oh thats nice" then close the box/bag and stick it in the safe. Every now and then i get some nice pieces out to look at because its comforting to know that should the worst ever happen i have enough gold/silver to get me out of the bad. I sleep soundly knowing i have a gold/silver insurance policy.
  10. lightjaw

    Silver in London

    Sharps pixley, short walk past the Ritz outside green park tube station. Open after 10am. Their 100g silver bars are nice imo
  11. lightjaw

    Looking to purchase.

    Coin cost is going to vary due to daily spot changes. I wouldn't worry too much, just buy from a trusted dealer like atkinsons or chards for your gold. Atkinsons prices include delivery, chards don't ( I think). You won't go far wrong with either of them. Some people like Hatton garden metals too. Just don't over think this, if you buy from the above you can be pretty sure you are getting close to the best prices out there from a high st dealer. Should say the above advice is for gold. For silver it's probably cheaper to buy from European mint or silver to go. It really depends how much you are buying though as delivery costs come into play
  12. Back yard bullion. Search the threads on here. He has a YouTube channel. I shall summon him! @BackyardBullion
  13. You are unlikely to ever get spot price apart from private sales via forum, friend, Ebay etc. Silver needs to be refined, shaped, marketed, transported. All of which add costs on. Your best bet for silver is to join bybs group order or order yourself from somewhere like European mint or silver to go.
  14. lightjaw

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    I think you will see i deleted my post 2 secs after i posted it, as it was inappropriate. I expect you to do the same with yours. My post was inappropriate, as is your poorly veiled racism.