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  1. Number of proof half sovs inc 1994 proof half sov with case and cert no marks I can see £240 1982 proof half sov with case and cert no marks I can see £180 1989 proof half sov with case and cert no marks i can see £340 Payment via bank transfer please. £7 for postage
  2. 1899 sold, 1900 still available
  3. 2 graded MS64 half sovs for sale. £250 each plus £7 postage. Let me know if interested. Having a bit of a fire sale so more items to come. Payment via bank transfer and shipping in UK only.
  4. As above, 2018 1oz platinum kangeroo selling for £690 plus vat. 1 only. Payment via bank transfer please. PM me if interested. Special delivery cost of £7 in addition to the coin cost.
  5. I have seen prices rise when no one buys anything and plummet when everyone's buying. There doesnt seem to be much rhyme or reason sometimes, but I am sure that there are when you look at the bigger long term trends. I have seen share prices dive after good news even though there are buyers because a big holder liquidated their position. I wish I could make 100% accurate decisions! Because I cant, I will just carry on buying if I can afford it and sell when I need it.
  6. I won't stop buying irrespective of the price. If people stop buying at 1k per oz what's to say it won't carry on to 1500 per oz. The people who bought at 1k per oz will look good then. Or not if it goes the other way. I can't be arsed with graphs and predictions and gsr stuff. Will just buy if I want to and have the cash.
  7. I am trying to do this for my kids. My daughter got a 1oz 9ct heart and my son a 9ct Lego brick. Like the idea of them having assets in physical form. Been buying/ having them jewellery made from birth too. It might sound stupid but I think of the Jews who couldn't escape Germany as they didn't have assets to sell or use as bribes. I see it as a get the hell out of dodge card should they or their children ever need it.
  8. My one... Strike on yours seems dodgy pal, sorry
  9. Yep, well I was actually after a $2.5 Indian head and couldn't find any at the coin fair, so got pissed off and bought the first odd thing I saw 😛
  10. Something a bit different. 6.22g 18ct white gold
  11. lightjaw

    PCGS Gold Shield

    Some people may well agree that pcgs are stricter than ngc. Ngc seem to do a lot of bulk modern coins, and if they are not careful they are in danger of diluting their brand. Too many coins going through is bound to mean that eventually quality control will suffer. Given the choice I prefer pcgs to ngc but it's up to you. I was just saying don't get sucked into the gold shield thing because it has no bearing on the grade/quality of a coin.
  12. lightjaw

    PCGS Gold Shield

    As thought it means bugger all really mate https://www.pcgs.com/goldshield
  13. lightjaw

    PCGS Gold Shield

    I thought the gold shield just meant you paid a little extra at time of grading and they took some pics for their website with the coin description? Didn't know it had anything at all to do with the actual grade?