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  1. A little something from Singapore. Thought @Pampfan might like it.
  2. Finding myself in Bllackpool (don't ask) I decided to pop into Chards. I bought a proof 2000 half sov, but when I checked it over in store I was suprised to see a tiny red spot on the st George side. That in itself was a no no for me but understandable as I have seen this happen on proof sovs before from the alloy metal used. What did confuse the hell out of me was what looked like black gunk around the rim of the coin. After pointing this out i was offered my choice of 2 other ones they had. No fault implied with Chards, they changed it right away and were very accommodating. What I can't get my head around is how a boxed proof half sov got in that state to begin with. Was everyone in QC at the royal mint pissed in 2000?
  3. Can't help sorry as I don't leave silver/gold sitting in my car, and I doubt many do. If I have so much gold or silver in my car that it might need a safe it means I am taking it to a specific place for a specific purpose and would not leave it in the car. I imagine a locked boot, with the items hidden under the removable boot base would hide it well from the vast majority of opportunistic thieves.
  4. Got a 2016 1/4 proof krugerrand with box and cert for £250 from the Midland coin fair.....chuffed
  5. cheers all, will stick it on the sales part here tomorrow for £150
  6. Evening, I am trying to ascertain a fair price for a 5oz 2015 proof silver panda. EBay has them for sale but only in the US it seems. Thinking about £150, does that sound fair/expensive etc? Coin is mint with box and papers.
  7. Indeed and I dont mean to sound like an arse it's just my personal bug bear. Done correctly I dont see how you would have to pay cgt with even a pretty large stack. On another forum they used to joke about a "boating accident" where all their silver and gold would accidentally be lost except for a nominal 10k but luckily their wife would have 10k worth of metals as would each of their parents, their children, their mate Bob from the pub etc etc. I hope you get my point
  8. Coins by the royal mint are aparently free from capital gains tax. Woo Dont get me started on this. Do you plan to buy hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of metal, and sell it all in one go? If this is the case there might be a case for cgt free coins. But do you have no family? No friends? Would you need to cash it all in one go? Could you not, oh I dont know "gift" 20000 worth to your partner to cash in? Or perhaps another relative? The dog? Do you plan to cash it all in with a high street dealer or would not some be private sales? And would you use the same dealer each time till you hit your cgt threshold? I guess if you were extremely conscientious or have a huge amount to cash in and need it in a hurry then cgt could be payable....but come on.... Cgt free my arse
  9. Right I will bite. Premiums Yes some its carry a premium above spot price so let's think a out some of the people who take a cut of the value of a gold or silver coin before you get it. 1) miner 2) refiner 3) mint 4) dealer All of the above are taking a cut before you get your hands on the finished product. Without them however no product would exist. Unless you personally are willing to buy a mine, operate it yourself and do the refining and minting you wont get the coin at spot. You mention trading. For many but not all collecting bullion is to store wealth, not to trade. If you wanted to trade open an etf I believe they are called, or buy mining shares. Fractionals may be harder to mint due to the size. Also like in most things the more you buy the cheaper it is. I am sure I could get an awesome deal if I wanted 10 sofas from dfs but I doubt I would get any discount if I just want 1 cushion. More thoughts incoming...at a noisy party
  10. And still 17000 in the q to get on the site
  11. I beg to differ with this one. It has the child appeal factor which I think will see it command a premium at least for 6 months or so. These are exactly the kind of thing parents would buy for children, unlike the snowman which I think is hampered by the seasonality of it. I think it comes down to if this sells out in the silver version. If it sells out today, I can see £250+ on eBay by next week. There seems to be that kind of Buzz around it, and the last time I saw that was with Peter rabbit. Could also be completely wrong.
  12. 42988 as of now. I wonder how many of these are buyers and how many just curious. If they were buyers I would have expected everything to have sold out by now. Probably a professional flipper with 42000 tabs open on their pc