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  1. Lol. Drop me a PM with your best price delivered, super slow postage not a problem. D
  2. Ooh I wish you’d told me you had this when I bought the pandas from you 😳
  3. How much would you do all 9 coins for delivered to the UK via special delivery, fully insured? Thanks
  4. Hey buddy, good to speak to you again. No buddy, I actually bought it on eBay - went to see it and did a deal with him. He had it from there though. It’s a great van, biggest enjoyment is the wet heating 😄 Just set up, and now sat with a beer while the little one is on the play area. Hopefully our paths cross one day 👍 When is the first outing then pal? D Added 0 minutes later... Maybe take this to PM 😄
  5. Well done buddy. I bought one in September and we have been away about 10 times since. Love it. Just packing to go away now actually, can’t wait to get there. Towing is nerve racking but you’ll get used to it mate, every time you tow lol. Anything you need to know, give me a shout. As always, I have researched to death and know pretty much everything 😄 Added 0 minutes later...
  6. I believe my comment adds value. The OP has stated the coin is priced less than spot. This is not true. If somebody was to buy on this basis, it would not be fair.
  7. No, spot is pre-vat buddy. Spot is spot, without any taxes added.
  8. I’d go to £100 including postage, instant F&F payment? PM me if acceptable (so I get notified) Cheers
  9. I’ll take an eagle and a 2014 Britannia if still available. If so, PM me with total please (first class) cheers
  10. Thanks Stu. Would have loved them but they are a little rich for me. Very much appreciate the heads-up though. Dan
  11. No, 54 people have read your posts before and chose not to respond [emoji1]