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  1. gkoogk

    queens beasts

    Hi Guys i cant seem to find out how many 10 oz silver queen beasts are out or ready to buy as of today please kevin
  2. First in the 70s it was an ice age coming..then a huge irreparable hole in ozone layer..then global warming..now its climate CHANGE ..course the damn weathers gonna change over years
  3. gkoogk


    do you have a pic please..plus weight and price
  4. gkoogk


    Has anyone have any silver elephant bracelets or necklaces please as i missed out today on 1
  5. i would hire a kubota for the day especially as you have decided to re turf whole garden lol
  6. 3rd may prices Dry Bright Copper £4.35 a kilo Burnt Copper Wire £3.80 a kilo Unstripped Household Cable £1.10 a kilo
  7. valued customer but no name...hmmmm
  8. gkoogk


    https://www.gumtree.com/p/hobbies-collectibles/for-sale-a-gold-sovereign-coin-/1337883384 Now this MUST be too good to be true
  9. I have gone onto site and found them for £229 i put 3 in basket.it then took me to checkout i clicked buy and was given an order number,i went to check account and it asked me to log in but wouldn't accept what i thought it may be..it then asked me to make an account which i tried but refused that too..even though it auto filled in my details..wouldn't send a confirmation e mail too..but checked my account and i have £687 pending?
  10. wont let me join..says will send confirmation email but nothing
  11. gkoogk


    Well pleased with this deal this morning.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/16-x-Silver-Coin-The-Royal-Marriage-Complete-Boxed-Set-Proof-1oz-Coins/183705043866.. same set but i bought from a different buyer £99 +£15 postage.works out at £7.12 a coin