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  1. gkoogk

    Brexit status ...

    should have let William Hague made a 15 min speech
  2. gkoogk

    Lets talk watches!

    no camera but heres mine only needs sunlight p.s i have got a solid gold watch and strap which i bought 15 years ago but never worn as its a little big lol https://www.hsamuel.co.uk/webstore/d/8997543/citizen+eco-drive+two+tone+bracelet+watch/
  3. gkoogk

    4 coin proof sovereign set

    1989 Gold Proof Sovereign Four Coin Set - 500th Anniversary Boxed £3750
  4. worth a read but dated 2010 1050 10 response letter-1.pdf
  5. all the coins that i hold hehe
  6. gkoogk


    perhaps ? sorry read that wrong hehe i see what u mean
  7. gkoogk


    Hi members, I need a pair of coin holder earrings for two 1/10 platinum coins which I have in hand for the wife preferably in platinum or white gold ... if no luck will accept yellow gold. see attached pic for example Regards Kevin
  8. gkoogk


    Any 925 silver UK crowns for sale at best price please for my brother
  9. gkoogk

    completed WTB Queens Beasts Lion & Griffin 2oz

    STG was £32 now £94
  10. gkoogk

    completed WTB Queens Beasts Lion & Griffin 2oz

    you do know some places are charging 3x the price for the 2016 lions
  11. gkoogk

    HGM delivery times.

    i think its the 3rd week after every full moon except on a leap year lol
  12. gkoogk

    for sale 1891-M Sovereign

    hang on..he may ask for free delivery too lmao
  13. gkoogk

    Today I bought.....

    silver to go