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  1. gkoogk

    completed WTB Queens Beasts Lion & Griffin 2oz

    STG was £32 now £94
  2. gkoogk

    completed WTB Queens Beasts Lion & Griffin 2oz

    you do know some places are charging 3x the price for the 2016 lions
  3. gkoogk

    HGM delivery times.

    i think its the 3rd week after every full moon except on a leap year lol
  4. gkoogk

    for sale 1891-M Sovereign

  5. gkoogk

    for sale 1891-M Sovereign

    hang on..he may ask for free delivery too lmao
  6. gkoogk

    Today I bought.....

    silver to go
  7. gkoogk

    Today I bought.....

    Just pulled the trigger and bought the 10 Oz Griffin..Dragon and Unicorn to match my Lion ..Bull next hehe
  8. So whether you're watching live TV on a television, computer, tablet, games console, smartphone or any other device, you'll need to pay the fee
  9. gkoogk


    Tyvm Marko..will message him ty kevin
  10. Hi Guys Does anyone know the cheapest place I can get a Queens Beast 10oz coin presentation box which houses all 10 x 10oz series please kevin
  11. im puzzled why an American would incur Europe to uk charges..then uk to usa charges when silver is just as cheap if not cheaper in usa
  12. gkoogk

    First gold purchase, what should i have?

    £5 / Crown Gold Proof Prince Philip 90th Birthday only 636 ever made. Just bought 1 at just over spot price
  13. gkoogk


    hi Anyone knows how much platinum 1 ounce coins are from Estonia please and is there a group buy in the near future from said bullion dealer thank you Regards Kevin