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  1. gkoogk

    Precious Metal Themed Songs

    silver threads and golden needles band of gold
  2. Was it not the germans and other EU countries threatening us with tariffs over brexit..now they are being threatened also by USA they are in uproar
  3. gkoogk

    20% off eBay today

    just bought the new marsh sovereign book thanks
  4. with NK firing a very long missile I thought metals would rise quick..yet gold and silver crashed ?
  5. my dad bless his heart was army all his life passed way 11 months ago aged 75...2 British legion guys arrived at his funeral to play a couple of song for free and a flag banner..teared me up and them..gave them £40 each for their kind gesture ll
  6. congratulations on the raffle idea and to make things even better I won a baby dragon ..well pleased
  7. gkoogk

    Selling Gold

    go they have Argos in Israel ? ignore that remark..got gav and gavstick confused...damn bourbon
  8. if silver crashes to less than £11 an ounce im buying as much as I can to go with my 16 kilos lol
  9. gkoogk

    Broadband Speeds

    I have virgin media too at 200 mb/s but get about 212 mb/s even stream 24 hrs a day
  10. gkoogk

    Making first purchase from Atkinsons

    I bought 4 2017 sovs from Atkinson's..everyone in perfect condition and well packed
  11. gkoogk

    Stacking goals

    2x personal stack records..hmmm...5 kilos of gold and a full Lego build of Buckingham palace ?
  12. gkoogk

    Unknown hallmarks

    correct..EP means electro plated silver
  13. gkoogk

    ATS Bullion?

    I bought 4 2017 sovs with the 200th anniversary mark from them. Cheapest price.. kept me informed with e mails and packaged very nicely..100% pleased and will not hesitate to buy from again
  14. gkoogk

    Hello silver people

    hi and welcome