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  1. Bump. 10 full sovereigns still available, gold price has increased slightly but will hold at £244 each for now.
  2. Photo added with scratch shown, wouldn't let me upload photo before
  3. Am looking to sell some of my gold, have the below sovereigns for sale They are all in pretty good condition, although the newer ones are more brilliant uncirculated as would be expected. (£244 each + Carriage) 1899 / 1982 / 1906 / 2006 / 1974 / 1913 / 1965 / 1980 / 1893 / 2014 / 1898 / 1980 / 1927 / 2013 / 1912 / 1896 / 1893 / 1981 / 1892 / 2015 If you need a photo just ask. & 1875M Australian Sovereign graded XF45 with NGC- £275 £260 + Carriage 1881S Australian Sovereign graded Au details (Removed from Jewelry) - £255 £250 + Carriage 2012 Half Sovereign still in original Royal Mint Packaging, there looks like there could be scratch on the queens cheek, but I honestly can't tell if its on the package or coin. £140 £125 + carriage Also for sale is 2 x 1/4 oz Britannias's. 1 is a proof 1999 comes in Original box with COA (photo to be added) - £290 + Carriage (SOLD) 2nd is also proof I think 1988 - £280 £265 + Carriage 1 x 1991 Double Sovereign (I think this is a proof, according to chards only proofs were minted - this one has a scratch on face hence lower price) - £510 £490 + Carriage Last but not least is an 1880 $5 Dollar, has a small bump on reverse at 11. £280 £265 + Carriage
  4. Yes this is the 2009 special edition set, all past kookaburra designs from before 2009 but all dated 2009. The case is the OMP and comes with COA. The coins don't seem to have any milks spots/marks on the kookaburra side, there is however 1 or 2 light marks on the queens side, 1 on her cheek as per photo. They are all in capsules and have never been opened.
  5. Am selling the following. 2009 Kookaburra Bullion Silver Set, includes display case, outer cardboard box and COA. 20 x 1oz Coins. £520 which includes carriage. - Sold 1oz Silver Proof Year of the Rooster, graded PF70 with NGC - £60 + carriage Sold. 1 oz Silver Proof Queens Beast, have 2 x Unicorns and 2 x Lion (All Sold). Comes in original box with COA. -£60 each + carriage.
  6. The pound being lower has helped certain sectors of our economy though (manufacturing), the order books haven't been this strong since the 80s. Sure foods and goods that are imported have risen as a result, but sterling was overvalued before Brexit. As someone who works for an engineering company the last 2 years before brexit were shite (Not helped by the oil price fall), sales for new machinery were slow and in one case we had a certain customer who built parts for a certain British car loosing contracts to European countries who were cheaper thanks to a lower Euro.
  7. Another auction win. That's it till the new year.
  8. Went for £34,000 + commission (so around £42,500). Very nice find.
  9. Very Nice. You aiming to complete the set?
  10. It is on todays DNW auction https://www.dnw.co.uk/auctions/catalogue/lot.php?auction_id=467&lot_id=868&search=1 Will be up for sale shortly. Link if you want to listen live https://livebidding.dnw.co.uk/bid_live.cfm?evtId=0FDEDFEBD6C6CEF889FA0B830CDEC7C7AD5B7979 Just make sure your not tempted by the bid button
  11. Something I don't normally go for . Bought this from todays DNW auction, went for way over the Estimate thanks to someone else who kept bidding against me - but I really life the gothic design. Its silver and 58mm in dia.
  12. Yes from Jon. Abit more than i wanted to pay , but im determined to complete the set. My other two.
  13. Bought myself a 1937 Sovereign, have wanted one for a while. I just need to get the £5 then my 1937 collection is complete.