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    simon13 reacted to Cointreau in Are We Worried Yet?   
    So somebody caring for the deceased Tom Duncan has contracted ebola even though that person was wearing full protective gear.
    Either that carer was extremely careless in the disposal of the protective suit, or this strain of the ebola virus is indeed airborne and
    extremely contagious.
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    simon13 reacted to StackemHigh in STG Thank you Livia   
    I signed up with STG this afternoon and placed my first order with them.
    I had some problems with the invoicing which confused my wee brain, thankfully Livia was looking after me every step of the way with very, very, very good customer service.
    It is good to know that we have Livia at the other end dealing with our inquires, orders and problems etc.
    Many Thanks Livia.
    Stack 'em.
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    simon13 reacted to Danny-boy in Thanks Bosse   
    I'd just like to publicly thank Bosse for a very kind gesture.

    I posted to a site sponsor about cap tubes, but he had no stock.

    Bosse said he had some spare via PM, and wouldn't let me pay for them.

    Thanks Bosse, I owe you a favour.

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    simon13 reacted to Shamatti in Hot Manifesto Topics   
    Perhaps we should make this it's own thread?
    I scored
    Economic Left/Right: -4.38
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.87
    I am an anarchist! But I knew that already! lol
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    simon13 got a reaction from Pipers in Hot Manifesto Topics   
    And on the US version "You are a centrist social libertarian.
    Left: 0.44, Libertarian: 5.5"
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    simon13 reacted to ChrisSIlver in Competition Launch video   
    Rules: http://thesilverforum.com/topic/1733-spot-direction-competition-rules/

    Round one entry: http://thesilverforum.com/topic/1735-1st-spot-direction-competition-round-1-enter-by-16th-october-2359-gmt/

    Chat: http://thesilverforum.com/topic/1734-spot-direction-competition-chat/
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    simon13 got a reaction from Cointreau in Are We Worried Yet?   
    @Cointreau, if conventional treatments fail then have a look at forums and online articles to see whats worked for people. Eating garlic and cloves may help and applying tee tree oil.
    Getting the body healthy will help fight off all sorts of badness.  Modern medicine seems to be focused on treating the symptoms rather than the cause... although if I was in a car crash, i'd rather go to an emergency room than a crystal healer
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    simon13 reacted to Danny-boy in Bitcoin (and other crypto currencies)   
    Well, I'm deep underwater with my various crypto investments.

    Dropping like a stone!!!!
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    simon13 reacted to Madstacks in Conspiracies   
    Cassetteboy - Cameron's Conference Rap
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    simon13 reacted to Cointreau in Are We Worried Yet?   
    You will need plenty of toilet paper if you eat that lot.
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    simon13 reacted to a_a in Are We Worried Yet?   
    Day 1: Heinz soup was on offer. I got some beans, lentils and bleach. Plus Lucozade tablets. 12x Hula Hoops was half price, so I doubled down on those bad boys.
    If I start prepping slowly, my family won't think I've lost it. Tomorrow I might get some more toothpaste - even though we have only just opened a new one. I think I can get away with it!
    Stay tuned
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    simon13 reacted to realbluegold in GSR monitoring thread   
    I don't know it the admins will like this idea...
    Currently 71.4
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    simon13 reacted to Shamatti in GSR monitoring thread   
    I swapped  load of silver to gold at 68. This would be a great time for me to swap it back again. Except I am in a different country to my stack, which might make it a little difficult.
    This is a good idea for a thread, a lot of people are probably unaware of ratios, and how they can help to make money in a falling market.
    To fill in for the newbies. The GSR is a measure of the ratio of silver to gold for your hard earned cash. So at the moment, 1 Oz of gold is worth 74Oz of silver. So to use me as the example, I swapped about 200 ounces of silver to gold at a ratio of approx 68. If I swapped it all back to silver now at a ration of 74 I would make about 17 and a half ounces of silver profit, out of thin air. (200/68*74)
    Of course it is not that easy. There are commissions to think of, and premiums etc. But that is the logic behind it.
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    simon13 reacted to HighlandTiger in Conspiracies   
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    simon13 reacted to Shamatti in Conspiracies   
    Don't get to close the the gherkin building and try to photograph it. Last I hear they still try to arrest people for that. Despite the chief of police publicly stating that it was not an offence to photograph it.
    Walk along the Thames Eastwards from Embankment station and check out the things you see in iron work. Also you will come across Cleopatra's Needle. It is part of a pair, the other one being in New York. There is also one in Paris but that came from a different site I think. Check it out! Lots of conspiracy theories about that one. Tube it along to Mansion House. Walk up to the Bank of England. Notice how all the surrounding building (The old ones) are pockmarked with scars from WWII bombs. Not how the /bank of England is remarkably unscathed!
    In fact note how the whole of the city of London was remarkably unscathed by bombs on the above map!
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    simon13 reacted to Cointreau in Conspiracies   
    It always pays to look up as there is often some fantastic architecture to look at that is not at ground level.
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    simon13 got a reaction from Shamatti in Conspiracies   
    Have to state that I disagree with the terms used and the censorship of those terms. Peoples disagreement to the terms should be enough.

    I accept the judgement of the Mods to intervene as forums do require moderation to keep the wheels turing.

    Lets try to explore some more issues without casing too much offence and pissing each-other off.

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    simon13 reacted to HighlandTiger in Conspiracies   
    I'm not allowed to say what happened..............I have been warned off by evil sinister overlords. they might even be reptillian illuminatti, I'm having to re-assess my perceptions, perhaps the matrix is collapsing, who knows........................aaaaaargh
    Be afraid Silversward, you could be next.
                     "it's a bloody conspiracy I tell ya, a bloody conspiracy"           
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    simon13 reacted to silversword in Conspiracies   
    I wish I had seen the original post before it was removed. Did the mods get the CIA to assassinate it, spray it with erasing dust from an aircraft, or did they just blow it up with explosives and say a hijacked plane crashed into it?
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    simon13 reacted to Fluttershy in Conspiracies   
    not much, pity we can`t spray them with something
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    simon13 got a reaction from Shamatti in Conspiracies   
    (I'm flying to London tomorrow) air fuel still has lead in it, I wouldn't want to live under a busy airport. Ok. Stalemate on SRM, persistent contrails and geoengineering... For now.

    Silversword, tinfoil hats protect your brain from EM radiation and aliens

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    simon13 got a reaction from Shamatti in Conspiracies   

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    simon13 got a reaction from Shamatti in Conspiracies   
    Until I watched the highest level of air traffic i've ever seen in my area lay down trails In an orderly fashion I would have doubted it myself. You may remember me doubting one of Shamanttis pics of a contrail/chemtrail earlier in this thread.

    The concept of using Solar Radiation Management (SRM) techniques as a plan B to slow a global temperature increase are discussed as an option by the Royal Institute, NASA, IPCC, CFR, Uk government committees etc. in their papers there is general consensus that stratospheric aerosol injection would be the fastest to deploy, cheapest and fastest to have effect of all SRM geoengineering techniques.

    Don't forget how serious politics is taking global warming.

    The house of commons geoengineering committee (2009) stated that the Russians have experimented with aerosol injections and that we have conducted our own small scale experiments and recommend larger scale experiments that "poke" the climate to see what would happen.

    So it has happened and lots of organisations see it as the most realistic option for a plan B to fight global warming.

    Would your government act in secret and experiment over the most sparsely populated area in Europe? (highlands where I live)

    "Millions were in germ war tests

    The Ministry of Defence turned large parts of the country into a giant laboratory to conduct a series of secret germ warfare tests on the public.
    A government report just released provides for the first time a comprehensive official history of Britain's biological weapons trials between 1940 and 1979.

    Many of these tests involved releasing potentially dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms over vast swaths of the population without the public being told. While details of some secret trials have emerged in recent years, the 60-page report reveals new information about more than 100 covert experiments."


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    simon13 reacted to Shamatti in Conspiracies   
    In this video you can see them turn the spray off, and then turn it on again.
    Can you do that with contrails?
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    simon13 got a reaction from Shamatti in Conspiracies   
    Section 48, page 23 (copy and paste of text from PDF is not working for me just now)


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