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  1. Alex Jones is many things... Controlled opposition, I don't think so. Having listened to quite a few shows, he seems to focus on plausible conspiracies and tends to stay away from aliens, lizard people, supernatural and the more outlandish 9/11 stuff. He is trying to bring to attract a large audience and the madder stuff is a complete switch off.
  2. Chinese New Year having an effect?
  3. Nice but not available until the end of the decade. Range and acceleration aren't even as good a top of the range tesla saloon you can buy today. The 800v 15 minute charge sounds good but I suspect other companies will be doing much better than that by 2020. Both my parents cars are coming to the end of their leases and he is actually considering an electric for his commuting workhorse.
  4. Just reading a BBC article on this. Not once do they say SDR but they do use the term "new world order" Which reminds me to cancel my license fee. The Chinese yuan is going global http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-34961012
  5. Sounds crazier than the flat earth stuff. You can buy yourself a camouflaged tin foil hat that looks like normal hats. http://www.lessemf.com/personal.html
  6. You probably live in a built up area and cant see the sky at night. I've seen quite a few UFOs in the North Highlands. http://youtu.be/Ix4DNH-CHic Good compilation of sightings... Pretty sure that at least 2 are drones and a couple are deliberate fakes.
  7. What about sattelites? How do they orbit the earth? We sometimes see them on clear nights. Do they use secret UFO tech to buzz around above us?
  8. What is on the underside of the disc? Why not a pedestal? If its a disc then gravity would allow you to walk over the edge and underneath. How does the disc not pull in upon itself and collapse into a spherical shape? How come all visible large objects in space are spheres?
  9. @Cointreau, i'm giving this flat earth stuff a bit of a chance and there is angle at which I can look at this and even give it an outside chance of being true. There are plenty of mad things that are possible or even likely but i'm giving the flat earth theory a 0.00000000000000000000000000000000001% chance. I think its more likely a false narrative being pushed to trap the curious in a dead end.
  10. ... (Bloody phone)... ...to distract the curious from looking into conspiracies with more merit. How high is this ice wall?
  11. I often get recommended flat earth stuff on youtube as I indulge in a lot of conspiracy stuff. I always imagined that it was a trap to distrac
  12. What happens at the edge of he disc? Say you had your own plane and just flew past the boundary?
  13. Buy yourself a telescope and observe the universe. If all the celestial bodies you can observe are round, would it not be likely that our planet is also round?
  14. Charges for charging vary all over the country. In Scotland most are pretty much free. Ecotricity Electric highway is free in England. I'm of the opinion that free is too cheap. As adoption increases charges will be needed to make the use of the infrastructure more efficient.