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  1. Just had this dropped in my inbox:,f=1,u=42c9209141b03f886c27c37e36d78a3f,n=2cjxd.2dbherk,l=6cisex.k3rt70 and I wonder if it's a good deal. I'm not sure if the 20 D-Mark has any collectors value attached to it.
  2. Look, it's very simple. There are only 4 global actors in the world: the USA, Russia, China and the EU. If you want to be part of the system, you need to be part of one of the above. If you don't want to be part of the system and be an irrelevant no-entity, be my guest. Britain on its own hasn't been a global actor for decades and leaving the EU will not make it regain an Empire (but you can dream on if you want to). Now, I'm sure many pro-Brexit trolls would be actually happy for the UK to be a subsidiary of Russia instead. Das Vidania!
  3. Democracy here, democracy there. Democracy is so last century! Why don't we do like in Russia, where opposition parties are not allowed? Imagine the time we could save.
  4. If Bojo and his master Dom-Dom are happy with breaking the law, why don't they mount a proper coup, like any decent dictator would do? That would go well with his supporters. Stuff Parliament and the rule-of-law. That's the for the loony lefties!
  5. I'm not a remainer. I want the hardest possible Brexit. Unfortunately, the likes of Bo-Bo, Dom-Dom and Mogg-Mogg are as stupid as the plebs who voted for them (well, not Dom-Dom, he's an unelected bureaucrat, therefore a winner). They are not making an easy life for themselves and will be crushed sooner rather than later.
  6. Nah! If they can stomach a serial liar like BoJo, they can stomach anything.
  7. I was in Boston in the late 90s, way before the East Europeans came, and it was already a shithole. It's a fact that people dump their rubbish wherever they see a pile a rubbish.
  8. Stick to the tried and tested. There are some good German dealers and they all been mentioned on this forum. I'd stay away from Buy now before hard Wrexit.
  9. And how exactly is leaving the EU going to sort the issues caused by British citizens? Because the people whose pictures have been posted are either British citizens or non-EU citizens. I challenge you all. Call me racist then. I'd rather want more white, Christian, reasonably educated Europeans around than some homegrown born-and-bread scumbags, whatever their skin colour or religion. But the uneducated plebs have voted for a hard Brexit, I've been told. Then, please, let's have a hard Brexit, so that it'll teach them a lesson.
  10. Posters who have equated buying PMs with gambling are either dishonest or simply trolls. In no way is responsible and informed investment in gold and silver any form of gambling. If anything, it requires patience, knowledge and discipline that low-life addicts cannot have.
  11. The ones you affectionately call the Bongo-Bongo's have "buggered off" simply because the good old fashioned British pound is just as good as toilet paper and it's not worth coming from abroad and working your ass for nothing. The native population might as well experience a modest increase in their otherwise meagre wages, but their purchasing power will be lower than it was 10 or 20 years ago. It's not me saying that, it's the figures. (My sincere apologies to quitters who struggle with facts and figures. Life is not fair!) And when the last EU workers will have "buggered off", mark my words, you'll have more (I'm quoting you) Bongo-Bongos of the other kind on your doorstep.
  12. Markets don't lie. GBP is in free fall and this is just the start. Let's see what the Brexit dividend will be on Nov 1.
  13. And what's wrong this this approach? They're fighting for their own interests and so far they've been doing it very well. It wasn't the EU kicking the UK out. If a member leaves a club, there are obligations to meet. The EU have always had the upper hand. I'm just curious to see what cocky Boris can do about it.
  14. Thanks for clarifying that. Now, how are you going to implement checks on non-Irish, non-British goods and citizens without some sort of border control? The moment you put a net somewhere, innocent fish will be caught in the middle. Wasn't the whole point of Brexit taking back control of our borders?
  15. Yet you still don't understand the difference between the "populations of the two nations" and the Irish border becoming also the border between the EU and the UK. It's not that difficult, is it? It's not that the only goods and people crossing the border are only British or Irish, is it? There's absolutely no guarantee that, sooner or later, a physical border will be not put in place by either the EU or the UK. To say the opposite reveals either extreme ignorance or bad faith.
  16. The CTA only affects intra ROI-UK movement, not EU movement. EU citizens or EU goods moving across the border are not protected by this agreement.
  17. 1) The backstop was actually put forward by the UK govt. negotiators (I think at that time David Davies was still the chief negotiator) because the EU insisted, as the only solution to keep free movement between NI and ROI, that NI stay in the customs union. 2) Free movement between NI and ROI is guaranteed by the GFA, but only as long as both entities are part of the EU. If you remove UK membership from the EU, you remove free movement. It's really that simple. The backstop is simply a temporary solution to keep free movement in the area until and unless a more permanent solution is found. It is really that simple. How can anyone expect to implement the end of free movement on 1 Nov. anywhere else but not on the Irish border?
  18. Yes, I know it goes further back than the 80s. I mentioned the 80s because that's when I heard of Altiero Spinelli. He can the be considered the grandfather of the European Union. He wrote the Ventotene Manifesto in 1941, while he was detained by the Fascists. I was lucky to have seen him live just the year before he died. He was a very pragmatic man and he wasn't happy with how bureaucratic the then EEC had become. It was the 80s and Europe gave the world great statespersons: Margaret Thatcher, Helmut Kohl, Francois Mitterand.
  19. No. It _is_ bad. And this comes from someone who is both arch-pro-EU and a Germanophile. The whole point of the EEC first, and the EU later, was to make sure that continental Europe wasn't going to be a subject of either Germany or Russia. The biggest sponsors of European integration have always been the Americans. I attended a speech by Altiero Spinelli (google him) back in the mid 80s (I was just a teenager) and he said: "A pan-European superstate will happen one day. Either because we want it or because the Americans want it".
  20. When was it last time we had a referendum on Northern Ireland? You're right on this. The EU is (or it was meant to be) a stopgap between the old EEC (just Common Market) and a future federal superstate. I'm old enough to remember that it was Helmut Kohl, in the early 90s and just after the re-unification of Germany, who opposed the idea of a superstate, because Helmut Kohl, love or hate the Germans, was a great statesman and felt that the world would have perceived a unified European superstate as just a province of Germany, just like those in formed East Germany felt they were being swallowed into West Germany (any Germany-based members of this forum of a certain age will want to confirm that).
  21. There's an alternative solution to the Irish backstop issue: give NI back to the Republic, where it belongs. I'm sure most English nationalists will approve.
  22. You're not being harsh at all. I know somebody who, on top of being a gambler, is also an alcoholic and a drug abuser (not uncommon in gamblers). He wasted money on heroine, weed, alcohol, horse racing, dog racing, football betting, bitcoin and other junk *coin. I told him the best thing that has happened to him is that he did not become rich, otherwise he'd have spent all his money on drugs and overdosed. I haven't heard of him for two years. Maybe he's finally become rich.
  23. The Brexiteers' monumental ignorance and hypocrisy is shown in how they deal with the Irish backstop. First they cry foul that borders are open to everybody and, to stop that, they want to end free movement. Then they say that they don't mind having an open border with the EU, so that, not just Paddy but also Pavel or Dimitri or Miguel can enter the UK borders without checks. Brexit is incompatible with the GFA. You can have one or the other. No cake to cherry pick on.
  24. Gamblers are weak people. Them wasting money and destroying their families is just a form of natural selection. As an added bonus, gambling is a tax on the poor. Two birds with one stone.
  25. I think it's a great idea, but I'd raise pension age to 90, just to be sure. The money saved could be invested in tax breaks for the well-deserving, like Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, hedge funds, etc.
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