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  1. I'm confused. I though that, when people want Brexit, it's democracy, and when they want to revoke art 50 it's the elite interfering with democracy? Or the other way round? Damn this politics thingy!
  2. Wasn't Brexit all about "regaining control" from the pesky Eurocrats? Are you saying that the problem lies with Westminster instead?
  3. Indeed, that certain religion is the #1 world producer of conspiracy theorists.
  4. Conspiracy theorists are more likely to be criminals and to approve of other forms of anti-social behaviour, study reveals for the first time
  5. You'll find that they want to be called Irish, not Northern Irish. Anyway, NI and Scotland don't want Brexit, yet they'll have it.
  6. I don't see what the problem is with this backstop. Just give NI back to the Republic and problem solved!
  7. Looks like Brexit is already yielding its dividend: How the City has moved £900bn out of UK already to prepare for Brexit
  8. savoyard


    Good point raised here and ignored by the Hard Brexit cult followers: no deal with the EU means also an end to all deals with non-EU countries currently in place courtesy of EU membership.
  9. Many questions here are about buying platinum. My worry, instead, is about selling. I think there could be about 3-4 bullion dealers in UK willing to buy your platinum, and probably at a massive margin.
  10. Original paper is here: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/epdf/10.1111/bjso.12311?referrer_access_token=84Ar7cNu58erEQfGiufFbYta6bR2k8jH0KrdpFOxC64Kks3WBFhLRkge0VDg18xQqVwPdCWskx9f6-7hvnNPydkBES7fwZCRSDwPYInAQblnzYZXNc6nuwdh7XUARI8V
  11. Hi, I've just found this on a notoriously Socialist, pro-Marxist, anti-patriotic rag: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-6752437/Conspiracy-theorists-likely-engage-petty-crime.html
  12. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. If you wait too long, why did you wait so long. If you don't wait too long, you're a pain in the a$$ and a troublemaker. Just a little reminder of the abuse I took from a forum member when I reported the very same issue 2 years ago:
  13. Good! It was about time the EU regained control over its borders!
  14. An extension of article 50 is not unilateral. It'd have to be approved by the EU. This would lead to much confusion, as there are European elections in May. If there was an extension, the UK would have to be allowed to elect its representatives. Theresa May also said she doesn't want an extension.
  15. So, I've paid tax to the HMRC for 25 years. Does it mean I get a share of the HMRC building in Parliament Street if I leave the country?