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  1. It's not bad luck . The £ is heading to irrelevance.
  2. savoyard

    Any one used goldsilver.be ?

    Stop funding these goldsilver.be cowboys (apologies to cowboys!). I've successfully ordered from a couple of German dealers listed on gold.de. I won't name them as they are family run businesses and I'd hate to see a 50k+ group order, but do your homework and you'll be fine.
  3. savoyard

    Brexit means Brexit

    It's dead on arrival . The EU cannot accept it. At least not officially.
  4. Funny this House of Lords thingy. Nigel Farage says in 2018: "Abolish it". But in 2013 UKIP begged David Cameron (remember him?) to give them a handful of peers. Lord Pearson of Rannoch (nominated as Tory, then defected to UKIP) wrote to Cameron: ""the local election results strengthen the case for more Ukip representation in the Lords": Then Nigel Farage commented (bear in mind it's 2013): "It's an insult to democracy in the UK, a country that prides itself on being open and fair and the mother of Parliaments. It puts Westminster on a par with a developing world country dictatorship. "Ukip supporters up and down the country should be enraged. The message being sent out by the prime minister is 'we don't care how you think, we don't care how you feel and not only will we wilfully ignore the way you vote we will actively block you from having any role in British politics'. "Well the more they refuse to hear our voice, the louder we will shout. Even if you are not a Ukip supporter the injustice here is apparent. They might just have shot themselves in the foot with this one."
  5. savoyard


    I suspect quite a few would be based in or around St Petersburg. Dasvidaniya!
  6. savoyard

    The Football Thread

    I guess this will trigger the battle of Epping Forest.
  7. savoyard

    Posting silver coins to Europe

    Alternatively open a borderless account on Transferwise and give the buyer your IBAN in your virtual Euro account.
  8. @swAgger how dare you not put all the blame on the EU, the liberal elite and the traitorous Remoaners? We have regained control! See, our passport will be blue again and printed by the French.
  9. savoyard


    Yet: a) making it drinkable is still relatively expensive, and: b ) we so called humans have managed to pollute it and make it virtually unusable. There are parts of Italy (Sicily for example) completely surrounded by water, yet local populations don't have water 24 hours round. The local crime syndicate regularly bombs wells and aqueducts , so that you have buy water from their vans. Suggested reading: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Not-Label-What-Really-Plate/dp/0141015667
  10. savoyard


    I reported back in August last year ( ) that I had a shocking experience with GS. In that occasion some seasoned members labelled me a whinger and a troublemaker. Some premium members on here are business partners with GS.Be and will always be on their side (the so called "White Knights"). Now to be fair the OP was very naive in making an order in GBP. It is rule no1 that you make an order in Euro if you deal with EU dealers. However their attitude is not surprising, considering what they wrote to me: I'm looking forward to Goldsilver.be or one of their White Knights to sue me or troll me. https://data.be/nl/bedrijf/Electrum-Lt-BVBA-0599920551 https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/www_goldsilver_be?_trksid=p2047675.l2559
  11. savoyard

    How do you safely store your stack?

    How small is it and where is it located? I have tons of silver that need to get rid of.
  12. savoyard

    £250 a month...

    What about: hold the money for four months and then buy an ounce gold? An ounce is marginally better bang per buck than a sov (shipping costs not factored in)
  13. Good job we're leaving the EU! https://www.gearnews.com/eu-ban-vacuum-tubes-1st-january-2019/
  14. Yes, you are in a minority here but you're not the only one. I'm strongly pro-Europe, not necessarily pro EU. The EU is a wishy washy thing. For me it's either a European Federation or nothing. But I really want the negotiations to fail . I want super dooper hard Brexit. I want the Brexiteers to be punished in their wallet. You see, I won't be in this country too long. I have already an exit strategy. I will achieve my own personal Brexit.