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  1. Hi, I respect you for being upfront about your political views, unlike some useful idiots on the Interweb. I have one problem with what you said. I don't know how old you are, but I'm old enough to remember that Russia, in all its incarnations (the Empire, the USSR and modern Russia) is a subject you cannot play with peer to peer. You can either dominate it or be dominated by it. You can't have "good relationships" with Russia. You're either an enemy or a nation to be occupied by. They do want to beak the EU and they need useful idiots in UK to play this long game.
  2. Such as cutting ties with the EU and NATO and becoming "friendlier" with Russia? Why not, maybe allowing some Russian military nuclear base in UK?
  3. Well, this is exactly what the Kremlin would say.
  4. One has to question whether all these radical anti-EU statements come from genuine British voters or some useful idiots, who copy and paste from Putin's propaganda machine, a.k.a. troll factory Internet Research Agency. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Research_Agency There is a long list of interferences from the troll factory on Brexit, USA elections, funding nationalist parties and movements all across Europe. Russia has a vested interest in breaking up Europe. They've always wanted to but never succeeded. Their position on the global stage has weakened and they need to have satellite states in Europe like they had before 1989. Is it just a coincidence that some of the "opinions" stated here are exactly the same as the one spouted by the Russian propaganda machine?
  5. Ok. let's move on from racial/ethic profiling. Can anybody explain to me how leaving the EU will reduce terrorist threats and attacks?
  6. How many Muslims are in UK who have come from the EU route and how many from the ex-colonies? I'd like to see some hard figures in here. I know that, when it comes to facts, most Leavers struggle, but I'm willing to give them a chance. Brexiteers want to get rid of Europeans and at the same time have fewer Muslims? We'll definitely have more ex-Commonwealth migrants coming in to replace the Europeans, who, incidentally, happen to be mostly white, Christians (not that this is necessarily a plus) and net contributors to old people's pensions.
  7. I don't own one and if I did, and it was essential to me, I wouldn't sell it. I actually don't have enough money to buy a house in cash and don't want to go the mortgage route. House prices are at their all time high and silver is at its all time low. If one has money to invest, I'd say silver is a good long term investment.
  8. Well, exactly how has this got to do with leaving the EU? If Eu citizens are net contributors and non-EEA are not contributors, how is leaving the EU going to fix the problem? I've met countless brexiteers who told me they voted leave to get rid of the Muslims. Because of course most Muslims are from the EU, right? EDIT: I can't delete the box below.
  9. You don't mind me asking, what are you doing on a silver forum?
  10. Evidence of that? I've always though they were net contributors to the UK.
  11. It's not about correlation. It's about price ratios. Silver is at an almost historic low. House prices are at their top. Would you rather invest on houses or silver today?
  12. So you're saying that EU citizens have been living off our backs? Seriously?
  13. You probably mean the lowest. Do you have any charts?
  14. At the Referendum, non UK-citizens from Commonwealth countries were allowed to vote. I bet most voted Leave because they saw the Europeans are white enemies. Long term UK expats abroad, instead, were not allowed to vote , nor were EU citizens in UK for donkeys years. Maybe that would have changed that 1.7M balance the other way.
  15. OK. let's make a quick test. Consider the following sentence: "All white people should be killed". Is this free speech or not?