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  1. Not even contactless. Probably weighs under 80g so an expensive piece of gold for those with more money than sense.
  2. I wish they were that chunky, a slab of 1g bars doesn't quite have the same impact lol.
  3. https://coins.www.collectors-society.com/wcm/coinview.aspx?sc=133004 " THE 1628 SHIPWRECK DISCOVERED ON LUCAYAN BEACH The Lucayan Beach wreck/treasure, sunk off Grand Bahama Island in the Bahamas. Since the accidental discovery in 1964 of around 10,000 silver cobs (dated up to and including 1628) in 10 feet of water just 1,300 yards from the Lucayan Beach Hotel, the mystery of identifying the lost vessel has never been solved. Because of the date, popular opinion associates the wreck with the taking of the Spanish 1628 Fleet in Matanzas Bay, Cuba by the Dutch pirate/national hero Piet Heyn, who reported losing two of the vessels on the way back to Europe. Three names proposed for the ship(s) by various sellers over the years were the Van Lynden, the Santa Gertrude (or Gertrudis) and the Romario, with scant evidence to support the attributions. Practically all the coins have been Mexican 8 and 4 reales of the assayer D period (Diego de Godoy 1618-1634), some in quite nice condition and a few with clear dates, which of course are rare. "
  4. Doesn't seem logical switching silver into gold when the GSR is so high. The theory is you buy silver now then when the ratio closes you switch from silver into gold so you end up with more gold for your money.
  5. Silver sounds good in theory based solely on more weight for your cash until: 1) You realise storing a 1kg bar the size of a smart phone is much easier than 85.5kg of silver 2) You wont get 85.5kg of silver as the premiums are significantly higher than gold 3) You can walk into a dealer and sell your 1kg gold in 1 hit with a tight buy/sell spread, selling that much silver takes time and a dealer is a non starter as you'll be about 20% down before you start.
  6. my daughter got given a whole retail box full of cards by the delivery driver as he forgot to give her some every week we have a food delivery. As you can see in the pic only about 1/2 the packs have been opened so far and defo have a few 106 - genie. No 36 - Ariel in the ones she's opened so far but will have a look tomorrow. pm me your address and ill send you the one card or pair is she has it in the pile.
  7. Go for it but its a slippery slope. 1g bars -> 1/10 coins -> sovs -> 1/2oz coins -> 1oz coins -> £5 sovs / 50 Peso -> ....... I started out buying 1/4 oz and 1/2 oz silver coins from the isle of man when the tax loophole was still in place
  8. I have had a few of these going back to 2014, they contain from 1/10g up. The polymer is infused with the gold and can be recovered easily using standard processes.
  9. Welcome to the forum. Its a little tougher buying silver in the UK considering VAT and higher premiums over gold which is why many buy from Europe as its cheaper. https://www.europeanmint.com/ https://goldsilver.be/en/ I would highly recommend buying from @arshimo2012 on the forum, completely trustworthy, fast shipping and cheaper than any dealer.
  10. I would be concerned that its a complete fake, these are all over alibaba including some in fake slabs
  11. I've used an Oak Island money pit storage solution over the basement
  12. One thing the internet has given us is global access to voice your opinion and for some individuals the ability to make vast amounts of data the authorities would rather keep classfied public e.g. Snowden. The smaller the information streams e.g. a handful of news channels controlled by state or a few media moguls the easier they are control. e.g you dont see the yellow jacket protests covered on the BBC considering the excessive police violence + length they have been ongoing but they jumped all over the Hong Kong protests.
  13. Just make sure you covered by the warranty on the grey market, mine had a fault on the chronograph where the button would not engage the mechanism. Sent back, fixed and returned within about a week. Ultimate watch for me would be something with a 3 axis tourbillion, could watch that movement in action for hours, its like a little heartbeat in the watch. Budget dictates that will never happen though
  14. The box it comes in is huge with lots of extras like the strap removal tool, extra links, nato strap, huge nato strap designed to fit over a space suit, booklets about the moon landing etc. Got mine new from Watchmaster about 2 years ago but they also have used ones in stock
  15. I went for the "crystal sandwich" speedie but have since removed the bracelet and now have it on a made to measure gasgasbones nato style strap which makes it look less "dress watch":