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  1. I can confirm I have shipped a wad of gold from Canada to the UK and there are no fees or taxes due on investment grade gold. I just had to sign a declaration for FedEx confirming it was investment grade therefore exempt.
  2. pics of the bar would be a good starting point.
  3. Just wondering if it comes in a capsule due to its odd shape on the rear.
  4. some impressively high coin grades
  5. going to grab one at the end of the month when I get paid so a discount code would be very much appreciated. Another vid of his work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEdd-32oLjo
  6. A slightly cheaper way of owning a Roman Booteen hobo nickel with the original costing $10k. This is an authorised (verified on Boteen's facebook) reproduction of the original that was purchased then reverse engineered with a mintage of 999 made with a real Morgan dollar and Dos Peso $599: https://hotco.co/collections/roman-booteen/products/the-trap-coin
  7. $2600 gold is not insane when its value is measured in monopoly money that takes no more effort than a few key strokes to create.
  8. Good article on Chards: https://www.chards.co.uk/blog/special-scheme-silver/259 VAT Margin Scheme on Silver The British government introduced a VAT margin scheme which taxes the difference between the price that the dealer has paid for the item and what it is then sold for. This can be applied when we sell second-hand silver, medallions and coin sets which are not legal tender. Who said Britannia's + Queens beasts were the way to go lol
  9. anyway to work in the VAT margin scheme on "collector" silver? Would the Yales be classified as bullion despite a premium or "collector" coins as they are also part of a set where the margin scheme may apply? Just rambling as I dont know the ins and outs of tax, probably like 99% of the country lol
  10. A common misconception, guns you can legally own in the UK (with a license)
  11. Me after trying to refine silver with acid
  12. 4 X 10oz gairsoppa recovered silver bars arrived from Canada. Ready for a project
  13. Bought 4 bars in the end, just been released by customs but did get hit with vat and handling charge