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  1. It may be sitting in Swiss banks but that doesnt equate to Swiss ownership
  2. Dont shave every day more like a few times a week. Got my daily driver which is a Japanese "Feather Artist Club SS" with Pro range blades. They are suppose to be the sharpest blade you'll ever handle unless your a surgeon. You can pick these up on ebay for about £55 new from Japan with blades costing about £15 for 20. They last much longer than a gillette and give a much better shave although it does take some practice with a few cuts on the learning curve. p.s. these are also great if you have longer facial hair because the hair doesnt clog up like it does in a multi-blade gillette type razor. Then have my custom made 7/8ths ported razor with carbon fibre scales a guy on the "straightrazorplace" forum made for me from a block of tool steel.
  3. yep still a scandal how much nazi(German) gold is still stashed in Swiss banks
  4. what unit of measure do the Germans use, tonnes, kilos, Oz's or teeth?
  5. mr-dead

    The coming Gold crash

    the reality is no one has a crystal ball. put your money where your mouth is and don't worry about what everyone else is doing.
  6. Baird and co - "Due to the current situation, please note there will be a delay on deliveries: Silver approx. 3 weeks, Platinum 1 month, Gold bars 1 week, Gold Coin TBA" Coininvest - "longer delivery times due to global increase in precious metals demand and tightening restrictions in the transportation sector" Bullionrock (Gurensey Mint) - BullionRock would like to advise customers that all sales will be honoured but deliveries will be delayed and orders held in secure storage until further notice. Silvergoldbull - "Due to unprecedented order volumes, please expect a shipping delay of 20+ business days. We appreciate your understanding."
  7. Latest updates down my way: McDonalds seating area closed, drive through only + no cash payments and contactless only. Council have stated services are likely to be reduced with bin collections completely stopped or scaled back (if corona doesnt get you the plague from the resulting rat infestion may)
  8. I used these guys when buying the wife a diamond necklace. You can pick the specific stone, setting and type of metal e.g. silver/platinum or gold of various types:
  9. "Stock futures plummet — hit ‘limit down’ — even as Fed slashes rates; Dow futures off 1,000 points"
  10. let's see what happens when markets open shortly
  11. Another to watch out for is "Nordic Gold", ebay full of the c**p. Gold coloured but its composition is 89% copper, 5% aluminium, 5% zinc and 1% tin.
  12. mr-dead

    RMS Douro

    I have a nice set of Spanish Cobs, Phillip II King of Spain (1556-1598) 1, 2 and 4 Escudos (the 8 escudos didn't exist back then). Minted in Toledo and Sevilla. All sourced from trusted dealers in France and Spain.
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