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  1. Forgot this one too, some reasonably priced coins https://www.wessexcoins.co.uk/?product_cat=roman
  2. May be worth installing a codec pack to see if it helps. Something like K-Lite
  3. https://www.techradar.com/uk/how-to/windows-movie-maker-is-back-how-to-use-windows-10s-hidden-video-editor
  4. The inbuilt windows 10 "photo and video editor" is simple to use and gets the job done.
  5. mr-dead

    Today I made.....

    Did you print the tubes in PLA, if so is it safe with silver as PVC kills silver coins.
  6. mr-dead

    3D printers

    Got the Ender 3 Pro on order from gearbest. Been having a play around with autodesk ReCap. It allows you take pictures of an object from multiple angles then convert it to a 3D model. 1st attempt was creating a 3D model of my daughters favorite bear with an aim to 3D print it into a christmas tree decoration. The file can be exported into .stl format ready to print. Really happy with how the model turned out, impressive bit of software.
  7. https://www.ma-shops.nl/index.php?lang=en&save=1
  8. mr-dead

    πŸŽ… Christmas Prize Draw πŸŽ…

    I'll upgrade my 1g gold bar to a 2g gold bar to keep on a level prize value with other contributers.
  9. mr-dead

    πŸŽ… Christmas Prize Draw πŸŽ…

    If the winner is happy to take it for the upcoming service and cover the cost lol
  10. mr-dead

    πŸŽ… Christmas Prize Draw πŸŽ…

    I'll donate a 1g gold bar
  11. mr-dead

    Here we go again - eBay UK 10% off

    code = PUMPKINS until 8pm tonight
  12. Awesome looking coins, not cheap though. Seem to vary between $1k to $10k a coin https://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=booteen&ftab=AllFeedback
  13. mr-dead

    3D printers

    Just having a play around in tinkercad and knocked up a fake wall socket sovereign safe. Holds 90 sovs in little tubes of 5 coins Cant wait to get one delivered and have a proper play around
  14. mr-dead

    3D printers

    looks good, I would love try printing in castable wax then doing a silver pour.
  15. I am thinking of getting my first 3D printer. Currently looking at the Creality3D Ender - 3 pro : I was also looking at the Prusa I3 mk3 but that one is over tripple the price of the Ender 3 Pro. Any 3D printers out there on the forum have any advice?