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  1. Finally had my framed "mint your own" silver proof arrive today from when I had a behind the scenes visit to the mint. Taken while to come seen as I was there in the middle Sept. Daughter in the pic so its not me in a dress lol. £165 for 12g of sterling silver and a little gold plate 🙄 **edit** just realised this should have been posted in the "today I received" thread if admin want to move the post
  2. mr-dead

    Trial of the Pyx

    tried to grab some sovs but all gone
  3. mr-dead

    When will gold hit £1000

    If May gets stuck in 1 more car we are there!
  4. mr-dead

    Brexit status ...

    On a lighter note watch "Boris Johnson" get it from a remoaner protestor :
  5. mr-dead

    Brexit status ...

    How will the EU react to Macrons appeasment promises to the yellow jackets, the result of which will be a budget overspend that exceeds Italy's current budget plan. Will they get bullied and threatend with sanctions like Italy currently are or will Merkel and co sweep it all under the carpet and forget about it? Time for a display of the EU hypocrisy in action.
  6. mr-dead

    Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    We just need a trump impeachment or a US financial crisis now to realy get things moving
  7. mr-dead

    Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    Or they all have a big hug behind closed doors after declaring "everything is going to plan"
  8. mr-dead

    Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    Under a tenner to hit target
  9. You can buy extra laps. a "spotter lap" where you are shown the track and cone indicators before your real laps. You can also pay a bit extra to waive the excess should you crash. You can also buy pictures/video of your session.
  10. mr-dead

    Mr-Deads Christmas Tree Unveiled !!

    Ill have to fire up the 3D printer and make a mini version.
  11. mr-dead

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    Can confirm I have posted the gold bar to @daz by special delivery. Tracking info has been sent via pm.
  12. mr-dead

    How do i open this

    leave the coins in the capsules and grab a 1kg silver bar to chuck around lol.
  13. mr-dead

    Brexit status ...

    The above ban followed after responding to several tweets claiming crops are rotting in fields in Cornwall as there are no EU workers to pick them. I pointed out that even though EU migrants are dropping migrants from outside the EU are increasing offsetting that decline and we have a net increase in low skilled workers coming into the country. I am pretty sure these non EU immigrants are not all doctors and nurses as claimed by mainstream media so what are they doing. Seems like they are kicking back and enjoying their free housing, benefits, health care and education. Several lefties then proceeded to have a nosebleed and the ban followed lol.
  14. mr-dead

    Brexit status ...

    There are defo some leftie, pro EU serf snowflakes on twitter that cant handle a dose of reality backed by some facts. Another temp ban. They must be trying to clean house before the upcoming vote lol.
  15. mr-dead

    2018 Christmas Draw Results Thread.

    A bit of a warning for the prize donators. Double check the username of any messages received against the listed winner. There have been cases on another forum where scammers have created a similar username and sent scam shipping details.