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  1. After some forum help to identify the font used in a damaged original mold so I can get the recreation spot on. Any idea?
  2. Its not what the job pays its the money it attracts when you step down and the behind closed door deals are settled.
  3. I think the next evolutionary phase of money after another global crisis will be asset backed, state issued cryptocurrency (making all "unregulated" crypto e.g. BTC illegal in the process). It will be backed with oil, gold etc. starting out with "honest" money which will again be watered down through increasing leverage over time and we'll be back to square one in the not too distant future.
  4. Just had this pop up in my inbox, I have no affiliation with the site but it may be of interest to some: https://hotco.co/
  5. Silver should be silver, gold should be gold. End of discussion lol :)
  6. It's just shame she isnt talking about the UK in that referencel lol
  7. can you imagine the fraud when we go full electronic voting
  8. mr-dead

    Silver or not?

    a marking of 800 could mean platinum. To get your hopes up a complete lack of tarnish makes it look like its not silver
  9. unless we withdraw from the human rights act post brexit then we can dump them anywhere thats will to take them for a few £k (cheaper than holding in UK jails)
  10. A good example is Hungary. They have refused to play by the EU's rule book when it comes to uncontrolled immigration. Result, terror attacks = 0 the EU is currently looking to remove veto powers to force all member states to accept immigrant quotas.
  11. Islamic UK population = 5% yet accounted for 74% of prevented terrorist attacks over the last 2 years https://news.sky.com/story/uk-security-services-foiled-19-major-terror-attacks-over-past-two-years-says-sajid-javid-11724717 It is said you cant use racial profiling as its discrimination but when the police force has limited time, money and resources it seems perfectly logical to me. You look at the London murders, mostly stabbings (pic is only first 4 months of 2018) and is it more logical to stop and search the white guy or the coloured guy walking up the street for carrying a knife?
  12. Not an expert by any stretch of the imagination but it took about 3 minutes to make the below in tinkercard (no idea of dimensions or font used in the original): https://www.tinkercad.com/ Drop me a pm with some measurements and the font used and ill see if I can get it closer to the original and will send you the 3D file so you can pack those nice looking coins away for another day.
  13. Increasing population especially in countries like india & china that value gold. increasing money supply, especially with QE. Above ground supplies are not available supplies as central banks and private investors horde it away. Supply traded massively exceeds physical metal available with comex leveraged at about 250 paper oz to 1 real oz of physical metal
  14. People seem to think they have the right to never be offended these days which cripples free speech. My view is if you don't respect a person why do care what they say or think.