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  1. mr-dead

    Anyone getting this Perth Mint masterpiece?

    $179,000 AUD per coin a smidge over £99k
  2. mr-dead

    BASHING on the forum

    I wouldn't consider myself a "drone" as you put it and to date I haven't used the group buy service. In my opinion it can be a bit of a pain making payments to foreign companies, banks charge an excessive fee and other payment services can be less than user friendly. I dont see issue with BB doing unboxing videos, it helps promote this forum and compensates him for his time and effort pulling it all together at nill cost to those that participate. There is obviously a demand for the service as the order values keep growing and to date those that participate are all happy and thats what counts.
  3. any reason why you want a bar over coins? Either way I would stick to a well known and trusted dealer as a newbie. Buying bars on ebay is just asking to get ripped off as there are a lot of fakes out there. I would buy whatever is closest to spot as with bars very few have a premium over melt value. A good starting point: https://www.hattongardenmetals.com/buy/cid1/gold-bars
  4. mr-dead

    If silver shot up in value.......

    I would be buying outright in cash and not taking on debt for properties. Everything goes in cycles. Just buy during the crash and ride out the cycle until things recover and property prices/rent increases.
  5. mr-dead

    If silver shot up in value.......

    If gold and silver are shooting up in price it would likely be due to the fact that the world economy is going tits up and things like a property price crash underway. I would dump my pm's and transfer into property where it would generate a yield through rent.
  6. just finished watching, a great interview with someone that talks a lot of sense.
  7. mr-dead

    Outrageous train prices

    I travel from Swansea to London for the occasional meeting. A travel any time day return is just over £280. Luckily the company picks up the bill and not me.
  8. mr-dead

    Is platinum worth it

    20% vat Less liquid than gold A shift to electric vehicles leading to lower industrial demand A little is ok but I wouldn't buy a lot of it but I could be completely wrong lol
  9. mr-dead

    Brexit status ...

    About 25% currently. Bonkers really as I had no intentions initially of stacking that much but it's easy to get carried away. Can't beat waiting for a delivery when there's a 1kg gold bar in the parcel
  10. The only advantage of getting old is cheap car insurance. Recently renewed my multi car policy £1100 for my lambo and 911. Cheaper than the boy racers are paying for their 1.0 clio's lol
  11. just punched in the numbers in an inflation calculator: https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/monetary-policy/inflation/inflation-calculator £3500 then is equal to £6453 now
  12. mr-dead

    Brexit status ...

    Large Gold Bullion Shipment Moves From London to Dublin Gold Vaults As Brexit Concerns Deepen https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-11/large-gold-bullion-shipment-moves-london-dublin-gold-vaults-brexit-concerns-deepen
  13. found this but you would need to know what alloy metals are in the coin