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  1. These are my final 2 that I am going to sell. Will post 1st class insured today if purchased. I will also include the tube they came in - everyone loves a sovereign tube right? Enjoy.
  2. Sold subject to payment. Many thanks to the buyer.
  3. I have 2 more if anyone is interested. Same price as per title. I have run out of cases so will be sent in …… giraffe print tissue paper.
  4. Full sovereign from the same tube as previous sales. I will send it in a Britannia quadrum case for safe passage. £298 delivered. Paypal F&F only please.
  5. I have 2 of these to sell to the first to respond on here. £260 delivered. They are from a tube (as per previous sale) so I don't have any cases for them. They will be wrapped but no bow Paypal F&F preferred. I can only post to the UK and I can post them day guaranteed but can only get to the post office on Thursday. Many thanks
  6. OK, sold to @Tn21, @Bullionaire and @Elements subject to payment. Thanks guys. Messages on their way.
  7. As the title suggests - except I have 3 of these to sell. They are from a tube (as per previous sale) however I can put 2 of them in quadrum cases. The 3rd one will have to go in a Britannia quadrum so I will knock £3 off for that one so you can use the money to buy it a better fitting shell. Paypal F&F preferred. I can only post to the UK. All being well I would be able to post tomorrow so delivered Thursday …. assuming anyone wants them.
  8. I have 3 x 2017 Full sovereigns from a tube for sale. £230 each delivered by recorded post - if purchased today they should be with you Monday or Tuesday. Paypal F&F preferred. I am a trusted seller with good feedback. I am also Vegan which makes my gold more ethical than others
  9. All sold subject to payment. Sorry for the delay in responding this evening …. it was a particularly fascinating episode of the One Show tonight