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  1. onlyroadtoheaven

    Any one used goldsilver.be ?

    They love it when you haggle with them …. no … only joking. They are the Marmite of the stacking world. I love them, others hate them. I have always gone for feisty women so I like the fact that they have a no nonsense attitude to customer service. Keep within their rules and you should be ok and get the cheapest and best variety of bullion in Europe within around 3-4 days of ordering. Stray outside the rules, or ask them a slightly daft question, and prepare yourself for the wrath of Eva. Best to read others stories on this forum to make a better informed decision. Probably worth using @BackyardBullion group order for your first order (see his thread above) to gauge the quality of coins (which in my experience has always been very good) …. he has slightly less of a bad attitude than GS.BE 😀
  2. onlyroadtoheaven


    Chard do laptops now? No wonder their customer service has gone down hill. Clearly spreading themselves to thin. 😀
  3. onlyroadtoheaven


    When I was about 15 I collected phone cards and spent a bloody fortune on collectable ones (Coca cola, Elvis and Beer related from what I remember).I even went to phone card fairs at London hotels. Quite sad now I think about it. Phone technology ravaged its value but it was always a buzz getting rare ones. Hopefully when a bit of hysteria enters the metals market that buzz will return for me so I can get specific releases rather than "bulk". Having said that I do enjoy collecting the 10oz beasts and eagerly await the next release. Anything I collect I always do so to see an increase in price. In this respect I have been wholly unsuccessful.
  4. onlyroadtoheaven

    Raw Gold

    Thank you for this. My wife has agreed for us to do a mini break up there as well as the 5 hour panning course. She refused to come to the royal mint experience in Wales so this is progress! The area looks amazing - have you been?
  5. onlyroadtoheaven

    Raw Gold

    ….. looks like I need to sell a chunk to get a decent camera …. sorry.
  6. onlyroadtoheaven

    Raw Gold

    Someone gave me this piece a while a go and I have ignored it until recently as it isn't a coin or bar 😀. Looking at it makes me realise the journey our sovereigns etc undertake before they come the round little flat fellows they are. Does anyone else have any raw gold?
  7. I would love to see you do a silver map series …. Can I pre-order the UK, Cyprus, India and the continent of Africa?
  8. onlyroadtoheaven

    For the panda lovers

    2 please.
  9. onlyroadtoheaven

    Som fun reading

    Can this be moved to the buy, sell trade section? 😊
  10. onlyroadtoheaven

    Perth Mint Lunar 2 coloured

    I would have a proper think about this before you dive in - they are generally frowned upon . When I started to collect them I found that people felt less of me on this forum for doing so! Bullying is rife on here 😀 I don't like the fact that 3rd parties colourise them. There are 3 or more different versions of the colourised goat for instance and 2 for the monkey because of the monkey king coin. I don't think there is much investment value in them - I tried selling a tube of monkeys with difficulty. However if you are certain, and you like the look of them, then crack on. Its always nice when the other half shows an interest in stacking.
  11. onlyroadtoheaven

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    All my 10ozers from GS.BE have been in perfect condition. The added attitude they add to each envelope keeps them in good nick! 😀
  12. Apparently there are 5oz gold per 1 tonne of circuit boards. As such I am all for as many self service checkouts being produced as possible. Your common sense approach to life is negatively impacting the value of my stack. Selfish 😊
  13. onlyroadtoheaven

    Pay more tax to fund the NHS

    With its well known anti bacterial qualities ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medical_uses_of_silver ) I believe us stackers should actually being paying less for the NHS as we are less "germy".
  14. onlyroadtoheaven

    Today I Received

    After over a decade of stacking I finally have a strategy! Sovereigns and 10oz Beasts only as I think these will be easier to sell when required. Anyway, 2 x 10oz dragons arrived today thanks to the @BackyardBullion group order which compliment the rest of my 10oz Beast collection - shown next to a 2oz Bull for perspective.
  15. onlyroadtoheaven

    Today I Received

    2 x 2018 sovereigns. I started collecting 2017 sovereigns last year to fill a tube. I am now up to 22 so a few more and tube 1 done! 1 sovereign on its own can be quite boring (IMO) however once you hit 5 the density of the metal is apparent and it becomes a good way to save money without storage issues.