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  1. These are my final 2 that I am going to sell. Will post 1st class insured today if purchased. I will also include the tube they came in - everyone loves a sovereign tube right? Enjoy.
  2. Sold subject to payment. Many thanks to the buyer.
  3. I have 2 more if anyone is interested. Same price as per title. I have run out of cases so will be sent in …… giraffe print tissue paper.
  4. Full sovereign from the same tube as previous sales. I will send it in a Britannia quadrum case for safe passage. £298 delivered. Paypal F&F only please.
  5. India. Great people, great culture and some stunning scenery. Its one of those places that just magical. I especially like the southern areas (Kerala) as well as Mumbai for that bit of crazy. The fact that they are obsessed with gold underpins my choice.
  6. Huel is good stuff. The owner, James, is a top bloke and really knows his nutrition. He is also well known in the world of bodybuilding and strongman which is how I know him. More info is available on the muscletalk forum which he also owns (if you didn't already know).
  7. The BBC do have a habit of telling us what to think these days. The power they command is quite scary especially as they trade on their "unbiased" label so people take the view of the BBC as gospel. Anyway, don't laugh ….the balloons are happening …. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-44732754 ?
  8. Surely deserving of a Royal Mint struck on the day sovereign …. with privy … and special box ….. and booklet ….
  9. Welcome from another in the South Coast Massiff. The area is truly beautiful on a day like today. Good luck with your stacking …. sorry about the Cryptos ?
  10. Woohooo …. this makes me want to buy more. Those nutty youtube videos of silver to da moon over the past couple of years have made me want to buy less! Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when …… well you all know the rest. My gut feeling after a fair bit of research and anecdotal is that PMs will rise towards the end of the year and continue at a steady pace. Sentiment is poor at the moment which I believe is a good thing. Hedging is a gardening term to me so I am sure I would still make a loss if I tried it in the financial world without proper research. Cripto has burst so who knows what the next bubble will be …… PMs have to be in with a shout. Interesting subject anyway. So far its the first one in a while that hasn't ended in an argument ?
  11. They love it when you haggle with them …. no … only joking. They are the Marmite of the stacking world. I love them, others hate them. I have always gone for feisty women so I like the fact that they have a no nonsense attitude to customer service. Keep within their rules and you should be ok and get the cheapest and best variety of bullion in Europe within around 3-4 days of ordering. Stray outside the rules, or ask them a slightly daft question, and prepare yourself for the wrath of Eva. Best to read others stories on this forum to make a better informed decision. Probably worth using @BackyardBullion group order for your first order (see his thread above) to gauge the quality of coins (which in my experience has always been very good) …. he has slightly less of a bad attitude than GS.BE ?
  12. onlyroadtoheaven


    Chard do laptops now? No wonder their customer service has gone down hill. Clearly spreading themselves to thin. ?