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  1. woops.. you're right the items for sale are the two shilling coins otherwise known as Florins. well spotted mate, the above posts have been amended but the values still remain the same, we're talking 50% silver content. Thanks
  2. UPDATE: current spot is 47.6p. I WILL DELIVER THESE FOR SPOT. (UK ONLY, ROYAL MAIL 2ND CLASS SIGNED FOR, MAX 750g) Since the definitions of "scrap" and "collectable" are somewhat subjective, there are some snaps below of what is the typical condition of the Two Shilling coins I have. **Example Orders** 239g of 0.500 silver 2 Shillings (aka Florin) = 119.5g of silver x spot @ £0.476p/g = £57 DELIVERED (SPOT) 500g of 0.500 silver 2 Shillings (aka Florin) = 250g of silver x spot @ £0.476p/g = £119 DELIVERED (SPOT) 700g of 0.500 silver 2 Shillings (aka Florin) = 350g of silver x spot @ £0.476p/g = £167 DELIVERED (SPOT)
  3. Will sell for spot + postage. All in pretty good nick. Happy to show photos if needed. *** Example Option 239g of 0.500 silver 2 Shillings/Florins = 119.5g of silver x spot @ £0.462p/g = £55.20 + Royal Mail Signed For 1st Class = £2.37 + £55.20 coins = £57.57 total delivered (equates to £0.479/g or 3.6% over spot delivered) *** SEE POST BELOW WITH UPDATED INFO *** UK only please. Bank transfer only please.
  4. Not sure if everyone has this but I just used a £10 off voucher which I used to bag myself some loot, which equated to 23% below spot. fill yer boots - expires on the 10th (assuming you have it)
  5. Not sure if everyone has this but I just used a £10 off voucher to bag myself some loot which equated to 24% below spot. Fill yer boots - expires on the 10th.
  6. Could be a love token, coins which were bent in two places slightly and given to women by their sweethearts. You lost value because of it being bent but nice to know that you're possibly holding something which could have been treasured by a young woman more than 250 years ago.
  7. forget the sudden unresponsiveness on the messages, the moment I saw he was into line dancing I knew he was a total wrong 'un and needed to be avoided.
  8. Not able to leave feedback using the feedback page link you posted above either. I've used numerous devices and a desktop but no luck. It's not urgent, just that maybe it's a bug others encounter too
  9. When I click +create at the top of the page I only see "topic" option to choose frmo. On clicking that, I see a box appear which tells me to select a forum, and then I scroll through all the forums on this site but there is nothing showing where I can leave feedback, only to create a topic in a forum of my choice. Is it because I'm not a premium member?
  10. Resurrecting this thread to ask how to leave feedback. I was the seller, I can't for the life of me see how to leave feedback for a buyer. Clicked on buyer's profile, searched the site but can't see how. Or must the buyer initiate the feedback process first?
  11. I'm sure there's a nice 3 bed semi available somewhere for 500oz. Assuming you don't mind commuting from Botswana.
  12. The telescopes have been pre-programmed to make everything look circular