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  1. Brilliant! Just brilliant!
  2. Flippers already starting to flood eBay 😂
  3. You can buy the first coin only, but it’s a bit rubbish as a single coin.
  4. Damn, I was hoping there were 1oz or 1/4oz of the front facing DB5. I’m out! Just stupidly expensive for a pretty ‘meh’ design.
  5. I’m queuing to see what the hype is about! Are these legal tender or just medallions or whatever they call them?
  6. I’m out! No WAY am I paying £800 for such a high SOTD mintage. That’s extortion!
  7. It’s a bit of a lottery. Sometimes they really build hype especially if it’s something that will appeal to the masses. I’m guessing they haven’t marketed it because Boris didn’t sign the Brexit documents until this weekend and it’s now a bit more of a safer bet. I’d imagine the Mint will start their marketing campaign from Monday. Generally however for the SOTD, the information comes from from marketing emails well before they’re on the website.
  8. Some good points there. I’m going for it. I’m generally pretty unlucky with getting the SOTD and normally just end up ranting about the flippers 😂
  9. Yeah, not a of the 50p myself. Looks more like a 10 minute photoshop job, with 9 minutes spent choosing the font.
  10. Did anyone else get this email? - I got three! Marking the United Kingdom's Withdrawal from the European Union On 31 January 2020, a new 50p coin observing the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union will be released. The coin will be available as gold and silver Proof editions, as well as a Brilliant Uncirculated edition and as part of a two-coin historic set. In addition, a number of gold Sovereigns will be struck on the day and these particular coins will feature a portcullis privy mark. I’m super interested - even know I always miss out on SOTD - but I wanted to read others thoughts as the SOTD seem to do well, but 31st Jan release does feel a bit gimmicky.
  11. That would be a big yes! Someone will buy it despite QC issues.
  12. I’m guessing coininvest will be cheaper than the RMB website!
  13. Nice shout. Anyone managed to get an early image?
  14. Yep exactly. I’m so buying one of those bad boys!
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