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  1. creative

    Here we go again - eBay UK 10% off

    Are you sure? There’s nothing about that on the T&C’s?
  2. creative

    Libertad Reverse Proof 2018 coins are issued...

    I like them!
  3. Hi, Do we have any jewellery makers in the forum? I’m looking for someone to make me a gold signet ring for my little boys christening. Random present, but one was lost that was passed down in my family and I’d like to restart the tradition. I’d rather not end up going to a high street chain, where they knock them out from a sweatshop somewhere 😂 Recommendations also welcome.
  4. creative

    completed 2012 Anniversary Sovereign

    Aw man! Gutted I missed the 2017!
  5. I imagine the last part would be the main reasoning. It would cost a lot to set something like that up and I imagine it’s quite a small market for RM only coins vs NGC’s world wide service. They would be better off partnering with NGC to offer a service like that.
  6. Yeah when I first saw it I thought the same. I even searched the postage sleeve for a COA or something to go with it! Yeah they guarantee it is a VF coin. They do all that before you place an order.
  7. No it’s just loose in the flip. To be honest it wouldn’t be hard to copy the little card so I don’t think it’s meant to be a certificate, just more for presentation. Also a box would be nice, but then again I wouldn’t want to be paying for a box so I’m happy they basically just sent me the coin.
  8. creative

    10oz Britannia Bar in UK?

    Does anyone know if the 10oz Britannia bar will be available in the UK. I did see a thread with info a while back, but I can’t find it now. The sexy bar in question: https://www.apmex.com/product/173009/10-oz-silver-bar-the-royal-mint-britannia
  9. creative

    for sale NGC Slab Storage Boxes

    Aw man I just bought one off eBay for like £23! Amazing price!
  10. To be honest i don’t know, I’m guessing they must have partners, like select dealers they work with. I was offered a specific year, so I’m guessing they have some sort of database. If it was a premium I don’t think much was passed on. As it’s cheaper than I can find it anywhere else for the same quality. That’s exactly why I went through the mint, the price was right and knowing it’s genuine.
  11. ...in a nutshell, very pleasant. I thought I’d give my experience in case anyone else is wondering what the process is. I recently received a marketing email from the Royal Mint Historics (RMH) attempting to sell a ‘limited stock’ sovereign minted in India. However I wasn’t that interested as it was a lot cheaper elsewhere. I was in the market for a shield back so I thought I’d get in touch. I spoke with a Nicky Harris from the RMH who was quite helpful in offering me a couple of options. I went for the coin below as it was a decent price and piece of mind that it’s coming from the mint. It was super easy to do, they sent over a concent form for the payment options, either a 0% or pay in full. Start to finish it all took less than two weeks from order to delivery. The only downside I found was that I wasn’t able to be provided pictures beforehand as the coins are sourced to order, but some information was provided around the expected quality. Overall i’m happy knowing I’ve got a nice coin from a good source and while I don’t see myself buying a lot from the RMH I’d happily use them again. Below is the coin how it’s presented in a flip.
  12. creative

    Sovereign Photo Thread...

    My first pickup from the Royal Mint historic department. 1879 Sydney minted Shield.
  13. creative

    wanted 2018 Sovereign

    Before I place an order I wanted to check if anyone has a 2018 sov for sale below the Atkinson’s and RMB price?
  14. creative

    2018 1/10 oz Platinum Britannias Announced

    Where did you manage to pick one up for that price?
  15. creative

    2018 1/10 oz Platinum Britannias Announced

    So no ones selling these in the UK?