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  1. Haha I searched for the same. Not that bothered but I wanted to find out what everyone else was thinking
  2. Do you have a version that could hold the AirTite padded capsules?
  3. Yeah that’s why I’m here! Got to get the info from the pros
  4. Well played! Well played indeed! If this turns out to be the real deal you’ve just got yourself another customer (if the price is right).
  5. I may be able to take the 1988 on Wednesday pay day. If it hasn’t gone by then.
  6. Mines here! All good except a tiny dot of shine. A little gutted as I wanted to grade but unsure now. still it’s a bloody good looking coin for a non proof
  7. Anyone else’s not showing as an Open Order 😕
  8. I’m such an idiot! Thanks 🙏
  9. Unless I’ve missed it, what are we expecting for this 200 anniversary sovereign?
  10. creative

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    I only wanted a proof but only the Piedfort was available.
  11. creative

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    Wow I dont read a thread for a day and I come back to a novel anger, hate and justifications 😂 I’m just a small collector that collects for myself and my sons future (please hold judgement on my investment practices). So I get super upset when I’m really really after a coin and I miss out, to then find out that people have managed to buy over the household limits and are flipping for crazy money. But at the same time I totally get that it’s just life! Good luck to anyone who manages to beat the system and turn a profit...but just expect to get some ‘negative’ comments 😂 Anyway I was savvy this time and after a lot of work I managed to score a Piedfort through alternative methods, so I’m one happy chap! Also did anyone else get their Royal Mint post TODAY about the coin???? Bloody muppets!!
  12. creative

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    I was only after the Proof. Loved that guy, but I’ll get onto eBay once the hype dies down.
  13. creative

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    Waited an hour...no coins left...F#%ks sake.