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  1. Cornishfarmer

    Lackdales gold pandas

    Bid on those 2 and 2000. No luck
  2. Cornishfarmer

    Lackdales gold pandas

    Sale today 1oz gold panda run 1982 to 2009 mostly in omp
  3. Cornishfarmer

    Lackdales gold pandas

    anyone pick up any? What a great date run and what a pity to split up @DavePanda?
  4. Cornishfarmer

    Brexit status ...

    Don’t know too much about politics but could may trump the tories and tell them if they don’t vote with he she will call an election? Can she do that? Could the queen then refuse to let her do that?
  5. Cornishfarmer

    Royal Mail “Progress”

    i live in the sticks, i think the royal mail do a great job, most most 1st class come within a day. 97% of my connection comes with the actual post man and the one we have is brilliant. the new tracking system they use if faultless so far.
  6. Cornishfarmer

    American Gold 1$ 1873

  7. Cornishfarmer

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    HGM premium up again on half young heads, 1851,66,87,42,92,71,67,73 Don’t know mint marks
  8. Cornishfarmer

    Flights to Brisbane

    place called warwick couple hours out, its next thursday so trying to sort out work so i can get flights sorted. emirates look like the best deal so far thanks for everyones help
  9. Cornishfarmer

    for sale 1/2 gold panda

    2015 1/2 gold panda £500 plus postage. Bank transfer or Paypal f and f. Few rub marks on pandas head see photos for condition
  10. Just found out I’ve had a close friend killed in an accident near Brisbane so will probably be flying out. Any advice who to fly with or any tips please. Haven’t been to Oz for 20 years so out the loop
  11. Cornishfarmer

    for sale The Snowman

    Only double @Roy some wanting lot more, best think is up to 5 hours ago I thought everyone on the silver forum was so tight they wouldn’t pay £5 over spot for a sov now some are happy paying £100 more than they could get for a couple days ago. We must be attracting I higher standard of clientele that the old days
  12. Cornishfarmer

    U.S. Elections

    Watching the bbc today, they sound disappointed that the republicans didn’t loose in a worse manner.
  13. Cornishfarmer

    What's going to be the Royal Mint's next big hit?

    I always thought they could try football club crests. 90 odd designs 50k of each. Would make things very interesting for collecting.
  14. Cornishfarmer

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Anyone found out what the half panda is from HGM?