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  1. Kman

    2019 Tower of London - Legend of the Ravens

    Raven is cool enough looking, wouldn't actually buy it of course.
  2. Kman

    2018 India Gold Sovereign

    If they can sell them for that much good luck to them 😐
  3. Never heard of it 👀
  4. Id like them to redo some old English coins like the dutch did with the Lion dollar, celebrates history, cool designs, will be popular, wins all around Forgot to say itm worked out really nice with the 2017 proof sovereigns
  5. Guy Fawkes night is celebrating a terrorist attack failing, what is the purpose of burning Grenfell towers effigy? at best to be "edgy" at worst to offend victims for fun I do think there is a line crossed when people are being absolute c_nts and that shouldn't be ok under free speech, the Westborough baptist church come to mind picketing funerals, but I also appreciate it's extremely tricky and perhaps unworkable because who judges what is and what isn't appropriate
  6. Incredibly bad taste and insensitive, they owe the families a grovelling apology at very least, but shouldn't be a police matter
  7. Like him or no, can't fault his productions, puts together some very easily watched videos
  8. Kman

    2018 Canadian sovereigns!

    Obverse is so bad Like others have said, would have been cool if they got a license from the Royal Mint like Pamp have and made some actual C sovereigns
  9. I've got really interested in trainers/sneakers lately The other month I wanted to find the most comfortable everyday trainer to buy which got me watching a lot of youtube videos about shoes, which made me interested in the technology and design side, then I learned more about the collectible side For instance, Adidas have a new technology called 4d where they use light and oxygen to sculpt a liquid to make a comfortable/bouncy performance sole They collaborated with Daniel Arsham (a contemporary New York artist) and made this trainer which released on the 12th of this month in limited numbers It was sold by Adidas for £399.99 which is a lot, but it's already instantly reselling for £1k Nike released a trainer yesterday called Air Max 97 "the ten" Menta which is a collab with Off White (artsy street fashion label) for £159.95, already selling for £500-600 Two shoes mentioned are limited quantities which is obviously making the resale price Both shoes got released at 9am on their launch days, Adidas you get put in a queue and have to be lucky to be put through to buy (but you can have 20 different chrome users in the queue) and Nike you had to enter a raffle between 9-9:30 and again had to be lucky There's been quite a lot of money making opportunities with reselling since I've got interested, the two examples I've used are just the most recent and are both from the past week If you enjoy learning about the topic and keeping up to date with releases, then it's super obvious what shoes are going to have a high resell value and you should try and get How big the "sneaker" community is makes you appreciate how small the precious metals community is I'm finding it a lot of fun
  10. Kman

    2019 proof sovereign

    will hold value in the next decade at best most likely
  11. Kman

    2019 proof sovereign

    They're really reaching for a selling point "mintage less than last year" wow lol
  12. Kman

    2018 India Gold Sovereign

    As best I can remember they had them at around £255, put them up to £310-20? then dropped them back down to £270 Maybe they saw someone sold 1 or 2 on Ebay for £400 though and that's why they upped the price
  13. Kman

    2018 India Gold Sovereign

    Yeah they did lol I can't blame them though if people are willing to pay that, business is business (they should have given Numi a little kickback :p)
  14. Kman

    2018 India Gold Sovereign

    @NeutronJack thanks for the heads up The new brown colour is.. hmm not so nice, id be interested in one just for the novelty if nothing else, hopefully they pop up somewhere to buy in the UK
  15. Really? I think they look great the release price is I think around £100 but they will resell for £400+
  16. These are going to be a really good one to get, no release date yet, but very hotly anticipated Off-White x Serena Williams x Nike Blazer “QUEEN”
  17. Most common mens sizes will have the biggest market to sell to but also companies produce more in those sizes so I'm not 100% If it's super limited in demand shoe like the Daniel Arsham 4D was I would have bought any size I was able to btw just as an aside https://stockx.com/ is a good site to look at prices and stuff
  18. They look better on feet, also have a hidden blacklight design
  19. No idea but they're really charming aren't they
  20. Kman

    Do you have a target?

    It's more my interest in pm's has blown a bit cold and I've replaced it with something else atm art and "sneakers" I'm sure I will come back round to the shiny stuff
  21. Kman

    Do you have a target?

    If I like something+ think it will do well in years to come I will buy it, not worried about weight This year I haven't gotten any pm's yet 😐 unless the QB dragon was released this year
  22. Yeah I had three tests done which I think are just for eye health Clicking whenever you see a dot, puff of air in the eye and then I think maybe a photo with a flash? I was a bit worried because the other week I seemed to suddenly get quite a lot of floaters, but that's calmed down now