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  1. Kman

    YouTube Trolls Funny Comments

    I think it was Frankie Boyle who said "whoever says they're their own worst critic hasn't uploaded a video to youtube"
  2. Kman

    2018 proof britannia

    The helmet and background are very well done, if the face was prettier it would be really really nice I like it, probably not enough to buy one, but it's one of the better Britannias id say
  3. Any youtubers on here? specifically talking about making videos of you PM's, is so what's your channel I'm considering starting my own channel Will have a go at making a video sometime this week, if it turns out rubbish I may give up before I've begun lol.
  4. A mint mark didn't feel special enough to me to be bothered about getting one I think they will probably hold value, whether they will do much more than that we shall see
  5. Kman

    for sale 2018 Royal Wedding Coin Range

  6. I remember a couple years ago when gold went from £800 something to £1000 something It took a while for the premium on Victoria shield sovereigns to raise up to match on Ebay, but they did I think desirable numismatic coins will always float healthily above spot, just might take some time to adjust if there's a big upswing in spot a short period
  7. My mum got a letter yesterday summoning her to be jury member She suffers quite badly from an anxiety issue which would make it pretty impossible for her to sit in court for 10 days, let alone concentrate while doing so She isn't clinically diagnosed with anything or officially classed with a disability though I told her she should probably just reply honestly to the letter and tell them about her issues and why she wouldn't be suitable; maybe she would need to get a note from the doctor She said she would rather pay a fine than be forced to attend court Anyone got any experience with getting out of jury service due to anxiety disorders?
  8. Hello, welcome I don't think it's worth grading monetarily, but if you would prefer to have it graded then by all means.
  9. Looking at prices in the 90s till now Gold you might have have 5xs your money if you bought then and held till now Silver 4xs if you managed to buy very close to spot, unless you sold everything in 2011 and then maybe 6xs Whilst the above is better than cash in the bank, as an investment it's not exactly awe inspiring
  10. Kman

    Today I Received

    I had a very vivid dream last night where I received some coins, I will bore you guys with it I dreamt that I won a competition with a bullion dealer where I could go through their shop for 5 minutes and they had hidden Victoria shield sovereigns, and the ones I found I could have I kept finding ones cut in half, which was a shame, but gold is gold I was also reminded id left some purchases with them and opened up a box and it was a 2012 proof sovereign set, but it had a lot of finger prints
  11. Kman


    That's not as scary to put off other future deserters though
  12. Kman

    Is this normal? Re: order with bullion company.

    Not to say you're at fault, but if that happened with my first order id have rang them before placing the second
  13. Kman

    Is this normal? Re: order with bullion company.

    I can't fault my experiences with Chards but, I get the feeling they're well intentioned but not always so well organised
  14. Kman

    Does anyone carry a coin or piece of silver daily

    Not going to lie, have thought about it, not done it though
  15. Just got a phone call from my mum to tell me she got a letter today to say she had been excused from jury service on this occasion She didn't need a doctors note or anything, just gave her reasons in the initial letter She sounded very relieved, which is a big relief to me too
  16. Kman


    I have about 150g
  17. "Is there one software that does everything e.g. seamlessly join different clips and add audio?" Every video editing software does this, the free windows movie maker should be fine? I personally use camtasia studio but it's paid for. What you want to do is very simple so it shouldn't be too hard at all To edit the video(s), slice/cut it up into the points you want, you would do this - https://vimeo.com/blog/post/video-101-trimming-cutting-with-windows-live-movie "How do I add commentary to a pre-recorded video?" - if you don't have a recording software, you can download audacity (free) and record yourself using it. Do you have a decent mic on your computer to use though? You would click record in audacity, open the video you want to talk over, play it and narrate, stop audacity recording, save the audio file, add it to where appropriate in windows movie maker To learn how to use anything all you ever really have to do is google "how do I ______ on audacity" or "how to ______ on windows movie maker" and tutorials will come up I personally prefer video tutorials and youtube is full of those too I think these types of things seem daunting at first but honestly simple video editing really is easy
  18. Kman

    Just Saying Hello

    Not the most politically correct name
  19. Kman

    1875 half sovereign- Sydney?

    id say S yeah
  20. Kman

    Proof Sovereigns - Missing Box and COA

    I mean there's fakes and there's fakes If it's not a remotely believable fake there's not really a problem I think those are the sort of replicas people put on top of blurry "loft find" pictures on Ebay
  21. Kman

    Proof Sovereigns - Missing Box and COA

    I think not having the original box and COA could knock off potentially 10-20% of the price Generally If people are spending a lot of money on a proof they want the perfect example of that coin, which includes everything that comes with it In 4 years of really being interested in coins, I've never seen a fake modern proof sovereign I don't think, or heard of one, I imagine matching the quality would be very difficult, probably too hard to be worth it Apparently there are some fake bullion Elizabeth sovereigns but I think those are very rare too https://goldsovereigns.co.uk/1958fakesovereign.html
  22. Kman

    Silver Deals.....

    Someone selling a silver proof 2014 1 oz Britannia for £250 or best offer - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BNIB-THE-ROYAL-MINT-2014-Britannia-999-1Oz-2-Fine-Silver-Proof-Collectable-Coin/263587923310?epid=28013100893&hash=item3d5f10856e:g:jLkAAOSwVHdaxSRw Good price even at £250
  23. Rhodium going up... Death rate in the UK going up... Either they're using Rhodium to kill us or they know Rhodium is the only cure
  24. Kman

    whats this all about?

    Is there a most faked year? From the little I know the 1887 seems to be popular to fake
  25. Kman

    Just a question

    @CosmikDebris I didn't know you could do that, been typing it all this time, thanks