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    Forum bad influence?

    Please don't boil the water in a microwave
  2. A full sovereign issued by the RM is a full sovereign, there's enough sov collectors who want everything, gimmicky or not historically how many full unique sovereigns have a mintage as low as 650? They could do a special McDonald's SOTD with the queen wearing Ronald's clown nose and the arch behind the dragon, if it's a unique sovereign from RM with a mintage of 650 its going to do well gimmicky or no
  3. Under specifications on the page it says Maximum Coin Mintage 650
  4. 2017 full proof sovereign mintage 13,050; issue price around £430 (can't remember), sold out Currently selling for around £650 on eBay and only ever going to go up Would suggest to me that that there's at least around 13,000+ interested collectors and likely many more Maybe only 1/10 would be interested in this coin but that's still double the mintage The only draw back for a coin like this is if they start making loads of novelties similar and they start to seem tacky instead of special
  5. Letting people get 3 would have been a bit much, but at the same time if I could have got 3 I wouldn't have been complaining
  6. Yes same, Subject to availability
  7. The buzz of the forum does not lie
  8. Could these overtake the 1989 as the most expensive modern full sovereign? I guess it depends how many coins in a similar vein they pump out and make them too gimmicky a graded 70 1989 is at £1400 odd now looking at sales in eBay
  9. £750!! Wow lol £100 increase in 10 mins
  10. Lol they tacked on another £25 since I posted
  11. https://www.thecoinconnection.co.uk/product/2019-200th-ann-of-the-birth-of-queen-victoria-celebration-sovereign-coin-box-coa/ coin connection have it in stock for £650 which is not great vs 500 but a good price for what it will end up being in future
  12. Full sovereign with a mintsge of 650 was always going to be a winner They can do another 2019 Matt finish and plain edge combo this year but the vic cypher guarantees unique Added 0 minutes later... What time was that?
  13. I ordered at 7:01 or 2 latest, says in progress so we shall see
  14. thanks! Won't be able to use a computer at that time, will be fiddly doing it on my phone and a bit slower hmm so let's see how it goes, might be a bit stuffed not being able to auto fill payment details
  15. "Registration is now closed. An email will be sent to all that registered with details of how to buy this exclusive sovereign" I didn't sign up, I just assumed it would just be released at 9am anyone want to help me with the details? 😀 thanks
  16. If you aren't happy with it you should get it replaced or refunded Personally I would; for the price you should get a flawless finish, their quality control is poor.
  17. Can't see this one being a winner particularly in silver, ok topic but bland design, mintage seems on the higher end for that combo. Maybe in gold it's ok, have my finger off the pulse a bit with pms in the past year, not sure how widely collected gold 50ps are.
  18. I'm just now seeing this, late to the party What do you guys think about the Victoria celebration one being released later this month? I thought it seemed very special being matt and having the victoria mark, but now I see they've already done a matt one! lol so that's one unique thing taken away already
  19. With this sort of crime you kind of have to say fair play lol
  20. Turns out this is a 1870 Spanish coin https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces791.html Bit of an interesting mix, British, American, Spanish, French,
  21. Yes would be interesting to know I would guessed she got them passed down to her but unsure She suffered from Alzheimer for the past decade+ and had been living in a home, so all though it's sad she was in her 90s and she wasn't living bless her
  22. Thanks, I was looking at the price of those on Ebay, high grade ones seems to go for a good price but I think the condition of them + being cleaned will have lost nearly all value
  23. Honestly have no idea, might be French? does look like a pillar from a dime, but I think it's older than that