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  1. Turns out this is a 1870 Spanish coin https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces791.html Bit of an interesting mix, British, American, Spanish, French,
  2. Yes would be interesting to know I would guessed she got them passed down to her but unsure She suffered from Alzheimer for the past decade+ and had been living in a home, so all though it's sad she was in her 90s and she wasn't living bless her
  3. Thanks, I was looking at the price of those on Ebay, high grade ones seems to go for a good price but I think the condition of them + being cleaned will have lost nearly all value
  4. Honestly have no idea, might be French? does look like a pillar from a dime, but I think it's older than that
  5. My great aunt passed away last month, was helping my mum go through her bits and pieces today Thought you guys might like to see the coins The pennies are cleaned, the others (and my mums kitchen table) obviously aren't. Not sure if there's any value here, probably not, maybe you guys could let me know
  6. yeah PM's aren't just PM's when made into collectable designs, you enter a whole new market where spot price becomes mostly unimportant I think most do a bit of both, strictly stackers are rare People who like the idea of having PMs quickly like the idea of having nice designs and rare numismatic pieces; PM's are rare, but rare PM coins are rarer and rarity vs demand is value Flipping premium coins is also a good way to add on the oz's if you're stacking They just work hand in hand well together
  7. I recently broke up with my gf, truth be told she broke my heart and turned out to be an incredible narcissist. I've only just learned about this behaviour but looking back on the relationship now it was the classic idolise, devalue and discard https://pairedlife.com/problems/Discarded-by-The-Narcissist So I don't have any loved ones to bother with lucky me
  8. .uk domain wise it gets harder every year, the amount of good domains dropping goes down and savvy people pick up temporary exploits for their catching scripts and catch everything for a period of time The end of right of registration for .uk and general release this year is going to be veryyy interesting, A lot of money is going to be made, hopefully by me lol fingers crossed but we shall see
  9. Yeah I think sometimes I get stuck in the idea that everyone can be a chief (in terms of money making), but most people are Indians That's not to put anyone down, everyone's brains and natural talents are different Not to hype myself up but I have made a good amount doing online stuff, starting from nothing But maybe me saying "replicate me" is about as helpful as Usain Bolt saying "run fast!" You either have the knack for something or you don't I appreciate this post sounds pompous
  10. My personal philosophy is it's better to put energy into making pounds rather than saving pennies
  11. Nice design, has kind of a generic American feel to it? I don't have the artistic knowledge to describe why, just reminds me of modern US coin design. Maybe it's the sun rays Nice, but safe
  12. That's stingy, if that had been teen me working there id have let you have it lol I worked at Somerfield for a couple years 17-19 on the till and some fruit you weigh, some you put an amount, lemons and limes I always forgot you have to put the amount not weigh them The local Chinese resteraunt had a guy buy about 10 lemons, I only charged him for one, he came back in 2 minutes later to his credit and said hey I only paid for one? I said yes, my mistake all yours I was very generous with Somerfields produce
  13. Yeah no way they will honour it, but if they did it would make a good news story and advert for them
  14. Kman

    Good purchase?

    Oh? that doesn't look like something that's a reflection, but I guess you have the coin in hand Do you have a loupe? did it not come in a capsule? it looks like there's marks on it, I don't think it's possible there's no damage.
  15. Kman

    Good purchase?

    The eye on the right panda is confusing me, what is the triangle in its eye that shouldn't be there? is that just damage? I would hesitate to buy pandas unless you know what you're looking at because there's a lot of fakes (not saying this one is, I have no idea)
  16. Missing the frosting easy way to tell without getting deeper into the quality of the strike https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2004-Gold-Proof-Half-Sovereign-PCGS-PR66-DCAM-Deep-Cameo-Sov-Great-Britain/123547920193?hash=item1cc407a741:g:SEQAAOSwoZlcFoDV:rk:15:pf:0
  17. Is it a proof? doesn't look it from the pics
  18. I remember Liverpool did something like this with £1 houses, but that was just a deposit, you had to pay something like £30,000 for renovations
  19. How long had you been researching/planning to do something like this? Cool to see someone trying something different, hope it goes well for you
  20. I've not really kept up How are the Chinese medals you liked in 2017 performing now?