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  1. HawkHybrid

    Today I bought.....

    you can always create threads for what you want to say instead of making replies to comments made over 4 years ago. HH
  2. HawkHybrid

    Ten fold increase in gold reserves - Orban stacking?

    I would not try to catch the exact bottom. there will be pull backs but how much better pricing is anyone's guess. to avoid a fomo situation maybe go in on all the core holdings and use a smaller 'nice to buy cheap' amount to speculate. with long term yields moving up and all over the news, I don't see gold going down much further from this point. check igold's data on the dollar, it fell this time on a bonds crisis. if this repeats on subsequent bonds crisis, then we've likely seen this years low in gold already. HH
  3. HawkHybrid

    Gold tied with other PMs

    this should be enough proof that gold trades differently to silver. another example would be for the year 2017, what did gold do? what did silver do? for a whole year? you can choose the simple answer as verified by historical data, or you can choose a complicated answer with all the conspiracy theories, mass manipulation etc. HH
  4. HawkHybrid

    Ten fold increase in gold reserves - Orban stacking?

    just don't believe him if he says that with hindsight the smart thing to do in 2011 was to buy gold and not silver, due to the gsr being too low. (the crystal ball thing to do at that time was to sell both gold and silver bullion. why hold a losing trade for 4+ years?) HH
  5. HawkHybrid

    Ten fold increase in gold reserves - Orban stacking?

    how much did the gold price go up on the buying? (if it can't move the gold price then it's not that significant) HH
  6. HawkHybrid

    Gold to silver ratio.

    not always a winning trade. https://www.silver-phoenix500.com/gold-price-sees-modest-gains-us-stock-market-sell-accelerates would that trade make you money in 2017? gsr might take years to get back to normal levels. imo gold feels too spiky up to go short right now and silver can't seem to spike up enough. HH
  7. HawkHybrid

    Gold to silver ratio.

    I was referring to it's trading properties. the close to spot buy back price from almost any decent local dealer means that gold can theoretically be held(at an inconvenience) as savings. flexibility brings manoeuvrebility. if I needed to quickly fund a project I can probably due so provided I have sufficient sovereigns to sell. this is not so easy with silver as silver is the long term. you should only put what money you can afford to tie up for decades into silver. as you would not use up all of your cash to put into savings(sovereigns) similarly it's not smart to allocate all your savings to long term commitments. you can allocate more savings to long term commitments if it was the natural flow of a revised strategy. doing so because of the price drops is usually not a good idea. with an ever changing world it's less likely that people are putting more savings to long term commitments. buying silver is like buying anything else, buy what's suitable for your needs instead of buying what's cheap. HH
  8. HawkHybrid

    Gold to silver ratio.

    people hold gold for very different reasons to that of holding silver. there's no equivalence of a sovereign in silver. why should I trade sovereign in for silver if in 10, 20, or maybe 40 years time the markets might peak and the silver has increased twice the percentage of gold. during that 10+ years, silver makes a lousy insurance hold. there's gambling money and insurance money. gambling money can all be exchanged for insurance money, but it doesn't work the other way round. only the crazy, stupid or ignorant will convert all of their insurance money into gambling money. it's like giving babies whisky when it's cheap versus milk and giving grandpa milk when it's cheap versus whisky. both will not be impressed by the penny pinching. HH
  9. HawkHybrid

    22K vs 24K

    hold onto that pristine 1917 London sov good inheritance that HH
  10. HawkHybrid

    Gold to silver ratio.

    why would you want to trade silver for gold if the ratio closes? (a low ratio usually means that both metals are above average in price) HH
  11. HawkHybrid


    'Other possible whiteners include silver, platinum, chromium, cobalt, tin, zinc, and indium.' https://24carat.co.uk/frame.php?url=whatiswhitegold.html my guess is it'll be ok. HH
  12. HawkHybrid

    Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    why did gold rise this time(silver rose cos gold rose)? imo there is a treasury bonds problem. the last time it went to ~3% yield on 10 year notes, gold fell with the stock market (feb 2018). I believe the difference this time is that 10 year yields broke their down trend. people who sold bonds put their money into gold. this could be a sign of things to come. the coming few weeks should be interesting. (I think stocks sell off went into bonds) HH
  13. HawkHybrid

    Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    follow the money. you can't sell us bonds and not receive dollars. HH
  14. HawkHybrid

    Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    bond yields have broken the multi year down trend. money should begin to flow away from bonds(why take a losing position?). of the available choices gold looks the best option currently. the dollar has the risk that if inflation is causing bond yields to rise then holding cash is probably worse than holding gold. my guess is overall, gold is more likely to move up or sideways from this point than down. HH