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  1. can a boxed proof sovereign be argued as having a collectable?(for confiscation purposes) HH
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0F5OkkSQP_M a little too early to tell but if the miners actually continue to hold strong versus the gold price then the elliott wave count can be considered a 1-2-(1-2...) from the dec 2015 lows.(sometimes called creating a base) HH
  3. looks pitted as opposed to worn. I would test the gold content, maybe an sg test? HH
  4. you can look it up. height of 2011 bull run, silver reaches ~$50 (rumoured street trade is in the mid-high $40's) top uk prices paid for bullion ~£38 on ~£30 spot. if the above is true then premium over spot would be <30% including uk taxes. HH
  5. call it a limited edition error pour HH
  6. would the average of the two 1/10 coins be worth more than a half sovereign? HH
  7. https://thesilverforum.com/topic/26719-november-bargain-silver-shotgrain-oz-at-spot/ HH
  8. I wouldn't recommend an i7 gaming laptop for value for money gaming. i5's from intel are better value. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIVpgsCAHZk&t=543s 8:10 HH
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgCME7Y1EO8 9:18 making it dual channel can potentially add 15%+ fps in certain games at 1080p high settings. HH
  10. this is not the stance I would take. if you want a brighter future then you put in the work/time to make personal progress(it's takes a long time but you would get there eventually). remember that oxfam ad where: 'if you give a man a fish, he can eat fish for a day. if you give him a rod, he can fish for days.' the thing is, if you educate him in making rods he can make rods for himself when ever he needs to. he will also be able to educate his community members in doing the same. and what if he strives for progress to teach himself how to make rods? he can then try to learn new skills without the help of charities? progress comes from yourself. I don't think hoping for a big reset to fix things is the way to go. I might not be able to accomplish things, but I can always die trying. HH
  11. many say this then they strangely choose to not count in decades and instead use years. lifetime events takes a lifetime to complete, a full lifetime. HH
  12. consider sourcing locally, sovereigns at 3 months savings. or if the premium is similar, half sovereigns at 2 months savings. HH
  13. fti https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoLQaBceRh8 HH
  14. for the asus laptop I mentioned. the 256GB storage is located on an m.2 nvme drive. this can be used as the windows/boot drive. more storage is just a matter of acquiring a suitable 2.5 inch drive(regular sized laptop drive) and installing that. this should be easy enough as it does not require removing anything, no swapping things out and re-installling windows. you open it up and add the new storage in. (you would need to format the storage before you first use it). installing extra ram is the same case of opening it up and adding a suitable module to the existing one. games are bloated so it's likely that you will need to add additional storage soon. 8GB ram might last for some time before an additional module is required. external optical drive would be connected via usb. gaming capable laptops don't come cheap but they are usually more upgradable which can extend their useful life.(imo the current £620 is a fair price for what you get) HH
  15. HawkHybrid

    Sovereign sale

    you could consider selling them on the forums? (pics probably required but usually better prices) HH