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  1. HawkHybrid

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    if you have the funds and they already have you on their marketing list, then the drawbacks are fewer than before. HH
  2. HawkHybrid

    Rarity designations in English Silver Coinage?

    English Rarity Scale - from The English Silver Coinage from 1649 by Seaby & Rayner. R7 - only 1 or 2 examples known R6 - 3 - 4 R5 - 5 - 10 R4 - 11 - 20 R3 - Extremely Rare R2 - Very Rare R - Rare S - Scarce N - Normal, neither scarce nor common C - Common C2 - Very Common C3 - Extremely Common HH
  3. I was thinking the grill in front of vicky's forehead looks odd. HH
  4. HawkHybrid

    If silver shot up in value.......

    imo a better conclusion from the closure is that hochschild has thought long and hard before deciding to close the mine. with their experience they do not make that choice lightly. it takes time to close a mine. and then time to re open the mine(mine closure by q2) therefore hochschild is not expecting any serious rise in the price of silver any time soon. which other major mine has production cost close to that of arcata? how much of world production do they currently account for? (most silver is mined as a by product of other metals) even if it turns out that hochschild is leading mine closure with the closing of their arcata mine. it will take a long time for this process to continue and finish. the chances are that the closing of arcata has little to no effect on the supply of physical silver globally. this is a single event. there is no domino effect because there are no other domino pieces. HH
  5. HawkHybrid

    Silver in danger

  6. HawkHybrid

    If silver shot up in value.......

    you can't generalise like that. arcata is an old mine. the areas with the best grades have already been mined there. it is not representative of the sector as a whole. HH
  7. HawkHybrid

    Silver in danger

    a flat aisc is almost infinitely replenishable. (you are replacing every ounce mined with a ready to mine ounce at a similar price) silver mining follows a 'just in time' model for supply. there is no risk of it running out any time soon. hochschild have closed their arcata mine. as soon as the silver price goes up to a suitable price they will be reopening that mine to add to production. (in theory the silver price for that to happen should be $20 or less) there are mines 'waiting' to be opened. HH
  8. HawkHybrid

    Silver in danger

    this is like saying a wheat farmer has only one harvest worth of wheat to sell this year.(assuming yearly cyclical wheat harvest) the wheat farmer has yet to even sow the seeds for next years harvest. hence there will be less wheat from this farmer next year.(data is correct but conclusion is obviously untrue) silver mining like farming uses a delivered 'just in time' model. for miners there's the aisc(all included sustainable cost). this takes into account the cost to develop new veins/areas to replenish that which is being taken out of the ground. HH
  9. HawkHybrid

    BASHING on the forum

    my impression of the group order is that it's designed as a sort of club together of people with similar interests to save money on shipping(overall). does byb charge for his time to organise the group order? yes, indirectly via youtube videos as you've stated. is this a secret that byb hides from those in the group order? on the group order thread byb gives the impression that he'll be doing a youtube unboxing when group orders arrive, for all to see. for newer forum members who don't have a lot of knowledge and money to start with, the group order is a good start. it's cheaper for small amounts of silver, your order gets a glancing check by someone who has some experience with silver, it's relatively transparent. there's nothing amazing about it, but then there's nothing obviously wrong with it compared to other options that are currently available. going into pm's is not a risk free zone. it's easy to find fault, what are the alternatives that you are recommending? HH
  10. HawkHybrid

    Silver in danger

    silver is not under threat of extinction any time soon HH
  11. HawkHybrid

    If silver shot up in value.......

    silver increasing in value means it can be exchanged for more of other goods and services. silver increasing in price means that it's nominal value increased(this might be due to inflation across all goods and services, ie it won't actually buy more stuff). there will always be buyers and sellers in a working market. HH
  12. HawkHybrid

    BASHING on the forum

    'many negatives' yet in such a long post he fails to even come up with one negative. classy that. obviously it's ok to say bad things about others as long as you're using vague baseless accusations so that there is no way that anyone can prove that you are wrong. HH
  13. HawkHybrid

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    you're already on their marketing list, so it should cost you fairly little to max out on the discount available to you? HH
  14. HawkHybrid

    Silver Slam-a-Rama: A Poised Silver Bull?

    the pumpers need to state a time for when the silver bull market will happen. it wasn't 2012, or 2013, or 2014... (keep counting) imo entirely out to mislead people to buy from them now when it could be many years before the silver bull market might begin. fundamentals is what lost silver stackers the opportunity to more productively make use of their money for 7 years and counting. fundamentals dating back for almost 6000 years, so a mere decade of being wrong is nothing in the bigger picture. HH
  15. HawkHybrid

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    is it now priced at £258 per sovereign? HH