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  1. I'm still waiting until either a, it breaks out of the channel(invalidates it). b, it reaches my target of a possible channel bottom. HH
  2. https://thesilverforum.com/topic/25363-my-take-on-gold-short-term-trend-graphic/ I'm waiting to see if the down trend will hold for another fortnight or so. HH
  3. https://youtu.be/oYhCQv5tNsQ borrowed a post of a video by @Oldun instead of me repeating myself, I'm going to say that people should re-watch the video as it has pretty much all that I would say. HH
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrtK-hmWvFE new highs on s&p500 before a pullback? (the video was released before the rally this week) HH
  5. can people stop spreading the lie that the eu means europe. europe existed before the eu and can continue to exist if the eu collapses. saying the eu is europe is like saying conservative means britain. it's plain untrue. HH
  6. https://thesilverforum.com/topic/25363-my-take-on-gold-short-term-trend-graphic/ I'm currently waiting to see if gold is going to get to ~$1415 this winter. HH
  7. your're talking theory. I'm saying that salt as priced in currency has gone down dramatically since the times in history when it's impact was more significant. (you can look up the data, it is believed that people might have been partially paid in salt. if someone was paid partially in salt today, deep pockets aren't enough for them to take home their pay.) salt is more accessible and is used in more things now than it was historically. it's price is a fraction of what it was historically. it is a natural cycle. the more we practice at things the better we should get. we're now really good at extracting surplus salt from our surroundings. I'm saying the same trend may have started for silver. HH
  8. people say the word salary comes from a word for salt. historically salt was important and valuable. where is salt now? can silver go the way of salt? (salt hasn't lost any of it's ability to flavour and preserve) copper was used as money for smaller denominations than silver. where is copper now? why is it so inconceivable that silver is following the way of copper? silver being suppressed makes no sense. it is silver that is in niche markets. if you think for one moment that silver is no longer valuable like it used to be then everything makes sense, no conspiracy theories required. the simplest answer is usually close to the correct one. HH
  9. gold can and will be used to replace silver. (not tarnishing when exposed is a big thing for mirrors. there are practicalities when choosing the metal. sheer reflective and conductive is only part of the criteria) in certain applications silver cannot be used to replace gold. gold is more versatile than silver. I'm not rubbishing silver. I'm saying the facts as I see it. silver is so much inferior to gold that there is no real comparison. silver is not the poor mans gold. if it wasn't for industry the silver price would collapse. over the last 5 decades the gsr have been rising on average. silver seems to be losing it's battle to remain a precious metal. time will tell if it joins the likes of tin and aluminium. no one hoards silver because it's an absolute pain to do so. it's not good enough as a precious metal to hoard. HH
  10. by comparison silver is a rubbish metal. they are constantly trying to find new uses for it because supply constantly outstrips demand. gold on the other hand people are constantly trying to find ways of replacing using other metals etc. there's not enough gold to go around for the items that people want to make using gold. things like gold plating is not there just to look pretty. electronics have gold plated surfaces to provide better contact surfaces. gold plating on items in general provide a layer of protection for the underlying metal(against corrosion). gold is extremely malleable. you can make gold wire that are 5 microns thick. https://www.amnh.org/exhibitions/gold/incomparable-gold/gold-properties gold has properties that allow it to solve problems that are unimaginable using other metals. where silver beats gold it's only a small win. eg 30-50% more conductive. where gold beats silver it's done decisively. eg doesn't tarnish at all when exposed to water or air. HH
  11. let me re-phrase it to make my point clearer. gold is the most versatile of all metals. given sufficient quantities(this is where the hoarding comes in) you can make all manner of things with it. we restrict it's use because there isn't that much of it, not because it's incapable. it is inert so can be used, recovered and re-used(no complicated chemical bonds to break) HH
  12. no one knows what the future will bring. what we do know is brexit or not there's likely an economic downturn coming. the coming economic downturn is not caused by brexit. brexit is the result of something fundamentally wrong. it's like how higher gold prices is not the cause of the economic downturn but a signal of it coming soon. those who voted brexit, voted for the hope of better control over britain when we get hit by such a downturn. more flexibility to act facing an uncertain future. HH
  13. it's not about personal influence or power. brexit voters want the british people as a nation in control of british affairs. those who voted to remain in the eu can choose to go and live under eu law(no one is stopping you). you can exercise the freedom of movement that you voted for. why would remainers force eu law on those that voted against it?(we're not talking small percentage here) I do agree that calling those who voted remain an act of treason is a bit much. they could just be ignorant of their actions. those who originally signed the eu agreement might be tried for treason however. HH
  14. imo the forum sales is more about sourcing items that you are after without each side paying dealers cost. many/most forum sales will have pictures of the exact item for sale(similar to ebay). yet the pricing is often competitive to that of dealers (lucky dip on the condition). access to this market should determine whether or not it makes sense to choose to pay for premium membership. for monetary savings the maths is quite simple. the break even point would be £3k per year at 2% savings to make the £60 membership fee. (I'm rounding the figures to make the maths simpler, just fill in the relevant numbers for your own unique situation) (the spread on bullion sovereigns is only ~5%. there's less money to be saved on low premium products) HH
  15. this is not true. does an alcoholic have problems because he drinks? or did he turn to drinking because of his problems? money printing highlights the extent of the problem but is not the root of the problem. HH