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  1. HawkHybrid

    Price Drop

    new records are being made all the time. record largest one week of going long in silver. record humans alive on the planet. record amount of above ground gold. I don't get what it's supposed to prove? possible explanation silver have been going up since 4th june for over a week. (notice how it's all ok that silver rises 5% over a week and a half and non of this silver manipulation theory comes out?) traders take a chance to short it. it rises further. traders check their other indicators and make a choice to increase their shorts, especially targeting friday. (for many traders friday is the day to balance their books). no market price goes up in a straight line throughout a trend. the gamble pays off. does winning a trade make you a cheat? HH
  2. HawkHybrid

    Price Drop

    most buying physical pm's will be holding onto them for longer than days before they sell them on, especially bullion. I have no proof or facts that back up my opinion on whether the markets are rigged or not. what I am saying is that your proof of the markets being rigged is flawed. so far, either the data is inconclusive or that the trade wars have little or no impact on moving the gold price up. it's all based on what logically 'should' happen. the media is there to sell stuff. their opinion is irrelevant to stating facts. HH
  3. HawkHybrid

    Price Drop

    gold went from ~$1325 in march 2018 to ~$1300 in may 2018. (if someone can post a chart for this time period it would help illustrate the point I'm trying to make) gold leads silver at the beginning of a bull market. silver leads gold towards the end of a bull market. silver tends to lead gold during a bear market. where could we be now? (which one is relevant?) gold rose in 2017 continuing it's possible bull run starting dec 2015. silver was mostly flat 2017. if the bull run materialises then who's leading who? opinions or theories need to be backed by historical facts. otherwise it's just gossip. HH
  4. HawkHybrid

    Price Drop

    wrong, look what at happened to the gold price($) since march? did it not drift lower in the few months that followed? logic can be wrong. facts are never wrong. don't base your argument on what 'should' happen. instead look at what 'has' happened in the past. remember all the logic that went into fed raising rates will make the gold price go down? I'm currently of the opinion that once this summer sale in gold is over it has a better chance of moving up to continue it's yearly rising trend. this could present itself as a good chance to buy gold. gold usually leads silver. a wedge pattern is not a consolidation pattern. it's a gathering strength pattern and could burst upwards or downwards. HH
  5. HawkHybrid

    Price Drop

    the gold chart($) shows gold drifting lower since feb 2018. the recent up move is counter trend. the default to stay in the current trend until something changes the trend is perfectly normal. the drifting lower itself is counter trend to the yearly rising up trend. (I'm currently having trouble uploading charts to illustrate this) HH
  6. HawkHybrid

    Price Drop

    my best guess on the current move is that pm's were set to drift lower over the summer months. something spooked it causing the price rise yesterday. having calmed down the price has dropped to what it would have been and maybe continue the drift for the rest of the summer. if you ignore all the excessive hype about how undervalued it is and accept that a healthy long term movement is a gradual rise with cyclical moves each year then it's done nothing out of the ordinary. HH
  7. HawkHybrid

    GSR and other ratios

    my limited research means I will unlikely be jumping on the platinum bandwagon any time soon. so far my ideas are if solar + better batteries makes electric vehicles more viable, will that affect the demand for platinum? ratios hitting extremes could be also be a sign that a trend is emerging/ changing. HH
  8. HawkHybrid

    End game / why stack / why collect

    there's little in it really. 2 sovereigns for the stack, straight and narrow. the odd half oz if you already have a sovereign backup in place, could make holding the coins a little more interesting. (half oz needs to be uk cgt free) HH
  9. HawkHybrid

    End game / why stack / why collect

    since it was fixed at ~15:1 in the early 1900's until now the gold to silver ratio have been on a mostly widening trend. it's currently ~80:1. so since the 1900's until now(hold and forget strategy) gold would have outperformed silver. if this trend continues then for long term holdings without trading gold is expected to outperform silver. imo holding some gold is better than none. in the uk(didn't realise you are not uk based) the gold sovereign is one of the best ways to hold some gold. the low spread in trading gold sovereigns means that you only require a ~6% rise in the gold price to break even. since the dec 2015 low of ~$1050, gold has risen ~$250 in about 2.5 years, or averaging ~$100/year or ~8-9% per year. so should you decide/need to sell after a year of rising gold prices you are likely to be at least break even. this liquidity means gold is a much better choice for use as savings than silver. it makes gold a better choice as part of other strategies too. HH
  10. HawkHybrid

    End game / why stack / why collect

    not entirely true. mining can be like baking fresh bread, you only bake as much as you can sell for that day. for physical silver, there are only 3 variables; current supply, current demand and stockpile. miners are not idiots, they mine close to enough to meet supply and thus maximising their revenue and profit. companies that sell on bullion silver in various forms are being supplied with sufficient stock. otherwise they would be paying more to source stock that is guaranteed to make them a profit(wouldn't you?). consider having a read on the gold to silver ratio, and maybe consider owning some sovereigns. HH
  11. HawkHybrid

    End game / why stack / why collect

    the spread(buying price minus selling price) on silver can be big. this makes it more suitable as a long term investment(decades). silver could rise a lot, it's swings from it's average are bigger. gold sovereigns are better as savings. due to the time it takes for a return, silver is a higher risk higher reward option and should be recognised as such with the appropriate limit on exposure. if you are finding it harder to see an exit strategy for silver, maybe it's because silver is harder to turn a profit. recognising all of the characteristics of silver will allow you to plan better how best to invest(or not). HH
  12. HawkHybrid

    End Game

    in terms of purchasing power, bullion metals are unlikely to rise significantly. big rises are due to inflation changing the figures. eg when zimbabwe went hyperinflation, metals went through the roof(zimbabwe dollars). in the real world the purchasing power metals didn't change much, it's the zimbabwe dollar that moved a lot. it may be better to see metals as a way of saving a reliable access to a store of value that you can use at suitable times, eg when needed or for an opportunistic purchase of undervalued assets. HH
  13. HawkHybrid

    Did I overpay for this half sovereign?

    I vote sg test HH
  14. HawkHybrid

    Copper and lithium price going up?

    I disagree. even some oil/power station companies are diversifying their investment with the addition of renewables and biofuels. companies can move with the times or stay as history. imo the battle for batteries chemistry is not quite over yet. it only takes a percentage of the batteries market to be taken by competing chemistry to remove a lot of the surplus demand that drives prices up. lithium may still be a wait and see what happens. HH
  15. HawkHybrid

    What does it cost to dump the gold price $20?

    yes to which one? a, winning tade b, losing trade HH