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  1. just remember to not let the misses handle your sales thread HH
  2. consider the strategy of buying enough gold bullion to fulfil an emergency fund. then work on how you want to go from there. HH
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uFyGinFlUg $1730 target if it moves up from $1600. HH
  4. I think I can see LRC&D ? or maybe LBC&D ? you might want to take a pic from another angle HH
  5. let's say gold is undervalued by 20%(hyperthetical) so it has retained 80% of it's value. assuming symmetrical overvaluation by 20% to even it out to 100% long term average. then buying at 80% of it's value should yield a 50%(80% to 120%) return if you sold at the next peak or a 25%(80% to 100%) gain if you sold it at the long term average. how undervalued is gold versus it's long term average?(in purchasing power, not in currency) HH
  6. it's not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing. you either: 1. can buy an equivalent value item(suit, or whatever it is) 2. you can't gold either: 1. holds it's value 2. changes in value(either up or down) ie the original statements fundamentally conflict with each other. (which is the point I was trying to make. gold can go up and down but over the long term it has historically on average held it's purchasing power. this means that due to the nature of the way gold is traded the change in the value(overvalued/undervalued) is usually not huge.) HH
  7. if gold can still buy the same suit then how hasn't it kept up with inflation? HH
  8. so 1oz of gold changed into huge amounts of currency will buy you the same suit? (so much for gold going to the moon) HH
  9. what is the average gold price for the last 12 years? (including the 2011 highs) if gold historically on average beats annual inflation by a small amount, then what 'should' the gold price range be going forward? (can we say that gold was short term overvalued during the peak in 2011?) a lot of the miracle numbers should actually be true (I'm assuming the integrity of the data) but they are multi decade figures. fundamental analysis that covers decades of activity takes decades to play out. with hindsight you could have told a victorian that their sovereign would through fundamental analysis be worth £300. just don't forget to tell them that it'll take over 90 years for it to happen. HH
  10. 1.gold is a long term store of value. 2.gold goes to the moon in a short time frame. is there a conflict of terms in the above two statements? HH
  11. it went to press sometime last year when spot was lower? the prices have been rounded down to the nearest £25 for coins valued close to spot? HH
  12. happy new year. make the most of life whatever the future brings. HH
  13. my first thoughts as well, ...more research may be required. HH