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  1. HawkHybrid

    PM's in freefall??

    are you using the low in 2017 to draw the lower trend line? (2 points don't make a trend) HH
  2. HawkHybrid

    PM's in freefall??

    technical traders like to follow the trend so are likely outside of their comfort zone. they are not gamblers (those that are, are unlikely to be trading for lengthy amounts of time). the market has moved against their previous analysis(broken the previous trend), I doubt they are the ones making the calls at this point and are more likely to make trades when the market feels more predictable. losing money is a lot worse than sitting tight and re analysing the situation. personally I think some technical traders are too rigid. the use of a flexible approach to technical analysis of the current price movement should show that the trend dating back to dec 2015 has not broken yet. HH
  3. HawkHybrid

    Hatton garden metals

    usually in coin flips(plastic pouch), occasionally in capsules or other forms. HH
  4. HawkHybrid

    PM's in freefall??

    what does your strategy say you should be doing? summer is usually a time for lower pm prices. it's a matter of time and not price. I would not go all in at this point as there are things that are unclear that might get clearer in the autumn. imo long term buys on offers should be ok. HH
  5. HawkHybrid

    Michael Maloney

    look carefully and only choose the 3 pack HH
  6. HawkHybrid

    JP Morgan & Silver

    I read somewhere that there are 2 parts to the story. 1. jp morgan have a lot of silver on their books. this bit comes with proven data. what people make of it, when was it bought, for how much, who actually owns it etc. is any ones guess. 2. the government conspiracy of silver suppression. this has no data backing what so ever. (why would the us government bother to suppress silver? if they wanted something done just make a law and ban ownership, as they did with gold for a time in recent history. practical measures beats beating around the bush) the explanation given for those that push the 2nd part is so that there is someone to blame for failings such as why silver did not go to the moon after 2011 contrary to projections and shockingly plunged. some are using unproven government conspiracy theories to 'prove' that they were right in 2011 with their moon shot predictions. this would help ease the anger of their readers, supporters etc who lost money listening to their 'facts'. imo people are better off working on why/if they should stack silver and a strategy that would help them face challenges that may arise in the future. HH
  7. HawkHybrid

    Is there a benefit to having a personal GSR ratio?

    gold and silver are completely different investments in terms of strategy. (silver might even be considered more speculation than investment). their risk, time frame are very different. it's like apples to oranges ratio(and then claiming they are both fruit). what you buy should be based on your strategy. cheap can get cheaper and loading up on lots of unwanted stuff for long periods of time is not usually part of most peoples strategy. gsr is just another indicator. refining your strategy to better suit your unique abilities may produce better returns. HH
  8. HawkHybrid

    Best way to buy 5kg silver bars UK

    I think the coin bars are similar to legal tender coins bought in the eu in that they already have the vat included in the price shown. so vat is already paid. HH
  9. as jb says sovs are 22ct so one sov is 0.2354 toz of gold. 4x0.2354 = 0.9416 which is ~6% less than 1 toz of gold. HH
  10. HawkHybrid

    Sovereigns or other gold.....

    I was pointing out that I believe the cgt free status of a sovereign is worth more than people give it credit for. even at 10% cgt on 50% of the coins worth as in my example. that's still 5% on the total selling price of the coin. HH
  11. HawkHybrid

    Sovereigns or other gold.....

    what I'm trying to say is let us say you own a sovereign versus someone who own a quarter krugerrand. in 2009 bullion for sovs is ~£110. 9 years on it's ~£220. let's say the krugs bought in 2009 were worn so only weigh the same as a sov(to make the maths easier). you sell a sov at £220 cgt free. the other person sells a quarter krug at £220 (also bullion). now has: £220 -£110 = £110 in capital gains. notice how the capital gains is half of the bullion value. most of the bullion price rise is to keep in line with inflation, ie maintaining an equivalent purchasing power. capital gains is not a tax on the pure profit(gains). it's also a tax on the rise in price due to inflation. given enough time the person buying krugs will exceed their capital gains allowance in taxable 'profit' despite not seeing any material rise in purchasing power. for those who plan to hold onto their coins for 10+ years, having 50+% of the bullion value being branded as subject to capital gains is very serious indeed. (2009-2018 includes times of deflation, so may not be accurate as a longer term average for inflation) HH
  12. HawkHybrid

    Sovereigns or other gold.....

    bottom line is like for like 2 coins selling, the cgt free one is more likely to be easier to sell. also consider what if the gold coins bullion value out pace your cgt allowance due to inflation? (sovs used to cost £1 in the 1900's now they are priced at £200+ or 200x price increase due to inflation over 100 years. it only takes ~50x price for a single sovereign size gold coin to take up most of your cgt allowance. following the trend, in theory that could be possible in 25 years time.) also you cannot rely on your cgt allowance if you need to raise money for opportunity investments eg deposit for a home. sovereigns make a great savings style stacking coin. HH
  13. HawkHybrid

    Buying gold

    I vote sovereigns. if you are lucky, buying local will save on postage. HH
  14. maybe a typo here? HH
  15. HawkHybrid

    Future investment

    diversity, allocating some of their savings to sovereigns might bring advantages in flexibility. HH