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  1. this, buy what you can sell on for a profit. HH
  2. I was thinking current bitcoin transactions by value, as a percentage of the market cap. (the rumour is that people are more likely to hold bitcoin as opposed to trade bitcoin) HH
  3. a bit off topic but just a thought: kinesis is not as suitable as a savings system. my argument is that if kinesis had customers but the majority were (gold bug) savers then whilst new currency would be created, insufficient currency flow would lead to not enough money via transaction fees to maintain the system. ie buy and hold is not long term sustainable? HH
  4. it's not me that's unwilling to let it go. thank you for giving up your time to answer, I wasn't expecting a lengthy answer. in case people haven't guessed kinesis is not the be and end all to my question. it was supposed to be a small part to highlight a point. and I get this : for the record: I have absolutely no interest in reading up on kinesis. all I wanted to point out is that it takes money/resources to keep a gold standard going. it's not 'free' as people are claiming it is. HH
  5. I asked one simple question to those who are claiming that kinesis should be the next big thing. I wasn't asking for the life and history of all those involved in kinesis. I wasn't doing due diligence, it was a passing comment/question. (it was intended in relation to gold as a monetary standard, but hours later we're still stuck on kinesis: the be all and end all) (didn't @sixgun create a kinesis thread somewhere) HH
  6. I'm accused of pre judging a system when it takes this much effort and to locate simple important information, that those who are supposedly interested in it are either a, unwilling to share such information or b, don't have easy access to it themselves. are these not facts? (because funding and maintenance of the system is so unimportant that they chose to include it 28 pages later) HH
  7. if those who are promoting it as such a great thing don't even know the answer to basic cash flow questions... HH
  8. that's because nobody is giving a valid answer. for the basis of sound money they could be more honest and make it simple, where money is coming in(fees for transaction etc.) and going out (eg storage fees, system maintenance). we all know that free services provided by social services is funded by tax payers money. (even the government is more transparent than they currently are) how is the free vault storage being funded? HH
  9. similar to how companies claim 'free' delivery? HH
  10. who is it that is paying for the storage of the metal? HH
  11. https://ca.linkedin.com/in/mikefoster500 HH
  12. I had similar thoughts during the summer of 2016. gold hasn't broken to the upside yet. there's still a chance that it'll drop back to $1200-$1240 nearer the end of the year. imo this is a good time to take some paper gold off the table. HH
  13. I have taken some profits at this point. we are at or near a junction. if the price goes up further, I still gain and can look for a different opportunity with the funds released (not chasing the price up). and obviously the sell is a good move if the price drops. HH
  14. change to troy ounce(toz) ? it makes life much easier when you are comparing. HH