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  1. now is not a good time to be calling tops. the current drop is already showing signs of putting in at least a temporary bottom soon. HH
  2. we've been using fiat currency for over 70 years now. what are the odds that it will collapse in the next few years? dotcom burst, housing market crisis have yet to make it collapse. HH
  3. how many people who are holding stocks are also holding gold? HH
  4. I vote saving in gold. that doesn't mean that I expect to see the ludicrous prices people are claiming based on currency printing. britain hasn't used gold for currency for over 90 years now. if you take it from 1947 then it' no pm's minted to circulate for over 70 years. the no-pm's system have been around for decades already. it's demise could be more than a few years away. HH
  5. you're comparing bankruptcy(which can happen very quickly) versus debt repayment which stands to be paid on or before it is due. (on currency payment date is years and decades away) a system on it's last legs can still be decades or even centuries away from collapse. eg the roman use of devalued currency was very obvious by 300ad. the eastern roman empire continued after the fall of the western roman empire and if byzantine is considered a currency extension of the eastern roman empire then that lasted until 1400ad. HH
  6. you can't use the old system to evaluate what gold should be priced at. the old system doesn't exist anymore. with the currency printing(credit) gold is not immediately worth $60000 upon the printing of the currency. it takes time for the new printed currency to re-evaluate gold to it's suitable price. we're talking years, decades, lifetimes. (the time it takes for people to produce goods and services equal in value to that which is printed. the printed currency does not represent value today but value some day in the future. gold is not worth $60000 today, it's worth $60000 some day in the future. what was printed in 1980 is becoming true today and what is being printed today will become true some time in the future. (when I owe a mate one dinner there's no point in asking for it in the morning. I'll make preparations for the dinner when it's closer to dinner time. there is a time and a place for everything.) HH
  7. someone has done a lousy job cos historically gold has topped it's 1980 high. so is the stock futures market all created to suppress the price of shares? using fiat money is making transactions based on credit. there are pro's and con's of using credit but it does have it's uses. HH
  8. on the flip side: how is it legal to buy $3 billion in a few seconds and cause the big rise in price? did the investigations show that the same/similar entities are responsible for buying up $billions worth of contracts within the same few seconds? (this may or may not be market manipulation but we're not talking market suppression here) HH
  9. it's actually normal market trading. look on any other chart with volume bars, the high volume spikes occur during significant resistance/support zones in price. market traders are there to make money. they go in big when the risk to reward shows an opportunity. at all other times they gamble with small amounts if at all. don't let your paper to physical bias influence your analysis. HH
  10. vaulted metal and physically delivered metal are not the same thing and not price comparable. (some strategies do not allow for vaulted metal) HH
  11. a rising spot price does not mean that you can find a buyer at that price for your items. the spot price is not a guarantee. it's a guide. is it so foolish to sell at a profit and have a satisfied buyer? win some lose some. alternatively you can refuse to sell at spot each time it drops and only agree to sell should it rise. how many takers are you going to get for that short straw each and every time? listing something at spot doesn't guarantee that the spot price won't rocket after you've sold. the rumour is that when spot was at $50 for silver local dealers were only able to sell at $40+ at the time. with hindsight, those who were too stubborn to accept their best local price would end up holding the bag. the spot price is a double edged sword. HH
  12. I prefer the priced at £X listings. it seems like a more genuine sales offer. like how you would list to sell any other item eg car. if you have something to sell then price what you are willing to accept. if you want to wait for a better price then do so and list it later. spot price is only a guide to what globally large quantities are averaging at. it's does not take into account local demand for private sales. ultimately you need a buyer and a seller for each transaction. both buyer and seller needs to agree on the price regardless of what the spot price is. those who want to trade the fluctuations should do so with electronic holdings. listing a fluctuating price for physical is just awkward. dealers use the spot price because they are a business. HH
  13. a silver coin(bullion) is very different from a coin which happens to be made of silver. your friend traded in coins that just happen to be made of silver. these coins have less connection with silver and fluctuations in the silver price. your friend could have traded other metal coins or any other product. in this case it's the coin and not the silver that is the redeeming feature. (think qb coins, some happen to be made of silver) HH
  14. save and buy less regularly? HH
  15. I vote this. (gold is flexible, silver takes time, lots of time) HH