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  1. imo these strategies would work for gold but not for silver. in recent decades, silver is more tulip mania style charts(it's more important to be able to sell at the peaks than buy at the dips). eg if you bought gold on the dip in dec 2015 you could sell on any dip afterwards and be up. if you bought silver on that same dip you would still have to time your exit to not make a loss(including all costs involved). silver is a demand driven market so it's more important to find a buyer for when you want to sell. gold is a supply driven market so it's more important to find a seller for when you want to buy. HH
  2. less valued meaning cheaper. it's currently cheaper to buy silver than in 2010(when it was also at £14). £14 in 2010 would have bought you more stuff than £14 could buy today. 1 oz silver is costing less stuff to buy today. given inflation silver should be priced higher than the £14/oz that it was priced in 2010 if the value stayed constant. HH
  3. the price of silver is not as important as the value of silver. currently silver at ~£14/oz is less valued than when it was at ~£14/oz in 2010. in investment terms physical bullion silver is very different from physical bullion gold. HH
  4. many use the us dollar worldwide. (like zimbabwe after their currency collapse) the point I was trying to make is you would use kinesis as a currency in a falling gold prices time frame. in that same time frame you would choose kinesis over paper currency despite there being no real reason to do so. without the bias, I see it as a hard sell to get people to choose to use kinesis and pay each time they use it. HH
  5. this doesn't make sense. it's not ok for paper currency to inflate away your currency. but it's ok for kinesis to drop in value? I think kinesis is more closely linked to the price of pms. why would anyone choose kinesis over paper currency if it wasn't the idea of a return to some kind of gold standard? if gold wasn't holding it's price why would you choose a gold standard? (as i understand it) the 'pay as you use' model is problematic. why would anyone choose this over the 'prepaid, free to use' model? are you relying on people to pay into the kitty who have no incentive to do so? HH
  6. if I understand this correctly, I don't think this is true. just as interest on a bank account is not diversified against the account principle. landlords rent income is not diversified versus housing prices? put another way if pms does poorly, it's highly likely that the flow of kinesis will do poorly too? HH
  7. it's suggested that silver is 60%+ correlated to gold? (the price of both gold and silver mostly move in the same direction) HH
  8. this is not about what your opinion is. the fact is having a 60% or higher correlated assets in a basket does not constitute a diversified holding because it will not perform as a diversified holding. kinesis is not expected to diversify physical bullion holdings(not yet launched but there is no reason to believe it's not 60%+ correlated to physical bullion) HH
  9. where does it say kag? you cannot diversify silver bullion using kag you cannot diversify gold bullion using kau. kinesis is not a diversification for those holding physical pm bullion. HH
  10. the question is why hold kinesis gold(kau) in addition to physical gold? ie why don't I(someone) simply hold physical gold instead of making the additional step to hold kau first? HH
  11. are you saying gold certificates diversifies a holding of gold bullion? HH
  12. just as gold certificates do not diversify physical gold holdings. to diversify physical gold bullion you need to buy something different to gold. HH
  13. businesses and trade chose to move away from a gold standard. alternatively, if you went to your employer and brought up allocating some cash reserves to physical gold, what would they say? (in this circumstance, you have the advantage of them recognising and trusting you as an employee) look at the zimbabwe currency collapse. people choose to move away from a gold standard. they are not forced away from a gold standard like they physical metals pumpers are suggesting. HH
  14. this is not true. you cannot diversify a holding of gold bullion by exchanging some of it to kinesis. HH