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    HighlandTiger reacted to AndrewSL76 in Opening up slabs   
    Ok, so I appreciate that this question may put me in the ‘mentalist’ category, but we’re all a little doo-lally in our own little ways, right??
    I collect pre Victoria sixpences and half Sovereigns and anything ‘Victoria and beyond’ is not interesting for me. I know, philestine...
    I also have all my coins in Quadrum Intercept capsules. I like the way they present in this format and it works for me with storage too. Seeing the dates runs sitting closely together for these small coins is really pleasing to the eye. 
    Collecting the earlier sixpences is not easy and sometimes the available good coins are in slabs.  I have recently bought a few in slabs and want to move them into the collection. I am obviously concerned that the coins are in good nick and not worn down, but whether something is MS62 or MS70 has no consequence for me as I will not be selling the collection.
    So, my question, is there a way to open a slab without causing damage to the coin? I intend on destroying the slab once opened and so don’t care if it breaks. 
    Many thanks and apologies to those who love slabs and think I’m a terrible person!!!!
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    HighlandTiger reacted to sovereignsteve in Gold high spot price   
    Your way of investing long term will always work IF you are in the market long enough to capture it all, but sometimes these things take a very long time. Also, I would agree it is the best way if the market ever went up or down in a straight line; but it doesn't.
    Professional traders in anything don't just buy a huge wad and then sit on their butts waiting for a big move. They are constantly buying, taking profits, selling etc with all the wiggles that happen all the time.
    I possibly have been giving you a false picture of my method. I don't actually trade as such. I have been increasing my gold holding steadily since the last bull market had run it's course and we could start looking forward to the next big increase as most of us here will invariably believe will happen at some point.
    I'm not a pure stacker as you will have guessed by now but I have been buying bullion when I deem it to be the right time and at the right price.
    It became apparent to me a good while ago now that the time wasn't right for a major re-valuation of PMs; there was too much vested interest in the system and too much manipulation. So it has proved with gold never being allowed to rise too much before it has been knocked back down again.
    I still don't think we are there yet, ready for a big move. Once the geo-political eg Gulf/Iran etc issues die down, gold will be knocked down again and thus I think it is prudent to carry on taking profits on the highs. I will be ready to buy again when it goes down. If it doesn't then I will be happy with the 90 - 95% of my PMs that I didn't sell and take advantage of the rise.
    When it does become apparent a major bull run is in progress, then I will continue buying the dips and top up my holding again.
    I don't pretend to be a major trader but my mixture of stacking, trading and collecting keeps me interested and adds enjoyment to my hobby.
    I am luckier than many here in that I don't need to build up a huge holding for the long term as I am now retired and essentially I don't need it to live from nor do I need to grow rich.
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    HighlandTiger reacted to sovereignsteve in Gold high spot price   
    Especially in the gold market of the last few years; we have seen plenty of sharp rises and then it's gone back down again. The odds are that this is another of those occasions, where it would be prudent to cash in some gains on a small part of your holding.
    There will come a time when this will be the wrong move because the price will just continue up and up but as @HawkHybridsays, this is not an issue as we still have 90% left to ride the rise and the thought of all the profit we have made selling the peaks and buying the dips over the last 5 years.
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    HighlandTiger reacted to HawkHybrid in Gold high spot price   
    will I regret taking profits on a whopping 10% of my
    original investment if the price continues to rise?
    (90% of my original investment have risen more,
    or alternatively I'll be 90% correct, 10% wrong)
    inexperienced traders do this.
    traders take the personal bias out of trading.
    you re-evaluate the market on what it's likely
    to do next regardless of your previous
    positions. you then decide how best to position
    yourself for what is likely to come.
    the world is bigger than pm's. there are other
    opportunities to invest other than pm's. I
    wouldn't be too upset in buying pm's and
    then turning a profit. it's not exactly the worse
    that could have happened. I would only buy
    back in if the analysis favours price rises.
    take every trade on it's own merits.
    (I do get the feeling that your stocks must crash
    pm's must rocket bias is influencing your analysis
    of the current situation)
    the great thing about taking profits is if it goes up
    I'm better on 90% of my investment. if it goes down
    I get to lock in profits on 10%, waiting for another
    opportunity.(a bird in hand is worth 10 in the wild)
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    HighlandTiger reacted to sovereignsteve in Gold high spot price   
    I wouldn't suggest anyone trade their whole holding on wiggles but it makes sense to take profits on part of it with a substantial increase such as this. If it does turn out to be the big move then not much has been lost.
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    HighlandTiger reacted to Abyss in Gold high spot price   
    @vand many YouTube Gold gurus saying the same thing that we have now entered into the next bull market and for the next X number of years Gold will continue to increase in price. But by it definition a bull market is a series of higher highs and lower lows sustained over longer time frame. No pull back in the price and Gold continues to rise then what we are seeing in the Gold market is vertical unsustainable parabolic move and it would advisable to either lock in some profits or take some profits in Gold. I am sure when Bitcoin $19,000 2017 December many believed price was heading towards the moon. Bitcoin in one month rose from $6,000 to $19,000 and then for 1 year retraced down to $3,000. All markets have intrinsically fear and greed. Having physical stack Gold always provides an insurance policy for a black swan events (war in Iran / Deutsche bank collapse).
    Currently have central bank buying gold at record pace but precious metals prices still manipulated. My strategy if we have a month of increasing Gold prices then I would want to lock in some profits via buying put option to lock in the value of the physical stack without having to liquidate the stack.
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    HighlandTiger reacted to HawkHybrid in Gold high spot price   
    doing the maths:
    if you sell 10% of your position for a 10% gain
    then you get 11% of your total original investment
    back for opportunities to reinvest. alternatively you
    are releasing 10% investment and securing 1%
    profit on the total investment.
    if gold continues to rise, 90% of your initial
    investment is still gaining. nobody is selling their
    positions, just trading out some to go back in.
    $1400 is a significant resistance level.
    if we take the recent history of rate rise means
    initial sell off in gold followed by sustained rise
    in prices. then we might predict for the first rate
    cut to mean an initial rise in the gold price followed
    by a more sustained fall in the price.
    the significant risk to trading now is what is the £
    going to do?
    my guess is the odds favour taking some profits.
    this allows you to release some funds at a profit
    which reduces your risk and keep your investment
    flexible. with available funds to reinvest you can
    pull the trigger on any opportunity that comes your
    if you have the time to reinvest funds released
    then now is a calculated time to take some profits.
    otherwise, sit tight as the odds still favour gold
    dropping to no more than $1180 in the most
    extreme of the likely scenarios.
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    HighlandTiger reacted to Pipers in Gold high spot price   
    I have both bought and sold on this forum and apart from one idiot who wanted a proof for the price of a bullion coin ( i sold a coin for 0.5 above spot) i have never had a problem. 
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    HighlandTiger reacted to Nick1368 in Gold high spot price   
    I have sold 12oz (14  coins) of gold on the forum since last Friday until now, received full payment for every single one of them and it couldn't have been any easier, quicker or more profitable than this had I sold them in a different way, I love this forum.
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    HighlandTiger got a reaction from MancunianStacker in Brexit status ...   
    Don't know why Hunt is saying people can vote before the TV debates. We don't get our voting forms until the 6th July at the earliest
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    HighlandTiger got a reaction from AlL in Gold stacking strategies   
    Wash your mouth out with soap. Pseudo indeed!

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    HighlandTiger got a reaction from caloundracats in UK Internet Site Blocking w/ ID Pass   
    Kleenex shares have just doubled on the latest news 
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    HighlandTiger got a reaction from caloundracats in UK Internet Site Blocking w/ ID Pass   
    The only people worried about this is Kleenex. 
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    HighlandTiger reacted to MikeG1978 in Cheap Gold Fractionals   
    Like the angel Its very tempting I have a few other people I need to fulfil my purchases with but will see if I have enough
    I would say good luck with the sale but these coins are really nice and nicely priced 👍
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    HighlandTiger reacted to augur in Conspiracies   
    If you bother to take it to the next level: Chris (the blonde one with the scar-less healing) is not gay but bisexual and complains about the media coverage of her event because it wasn't enough anti white and pro transgender... and couldn't care less about the "idiots on the bus" who smashed her face into a pulp.
    I have evaded much of the violence and oppression imposed on so many others by our capitalist, white supremacist, patriarchal system because of the privileges I enjoy by dint of my race, health, education, and conventional gender presentation.
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    HighlandTiger reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Cheap Gold Fractionals   
    @Bullionbilly weren’t you making a set of proof 1/10 Brits? 
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    HighlandTiger got a reaction from richatthecroft in Cheap Gold Fractionals   
    I have some odds and sods I've been sitting on for a while that can now go.
    A Millionaire's gold proof collection Charles 1 1/2 sovereign solid gold proof Rhodmium plated. With certificate. Weighs 4g
    Priced under spot
    1/10th Britannia gold proof 1993, with box and coa. 
    £125 - SOLD
    1/10th Isle of Man Angel,
    £115 - SOLD 
    Shipping £2.50 recorded. £6.50 Special delivery.
    Bank transfer or PPFF.

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    HighlandTiger got a reaction from caloundracats in The Next Prime Minister   
    Do you think it's only public sector workers who struggle to get to work at unsocial hours. Maybe if the public sector transport unions weren't trying to fleece the public, we could have a public transport system for the 21st century, instead of the 19th century. 
    As for my own career, as a senior manager, I've had to sleep in warehouses on cardboard boxes, because I worked in London, and lived in Kent, and finishing at 11pm and having to open again at 5am, doesn't allow me time to go home. So forgive me if my heart doesn't bleed for a few public sector workers, as I've been there, done it, and got the Tshirt.
    And whilst you are correct that most MP's wouldn't be recognised, just let this sink in. Before Jo Cox was murdered, i doubt even 0.0001% of the population even knew she existed. Most mp's do get the train, walk or even bike to parliament........during the day. Sadly though at night London is a completely different animal.  And no they don't have a private entrance to Westminster Tube Station. Although they do have an access door in the subway that goes under the road outside parliament. But that is used by all workers who have a pass to enter parliament. As I said, don't believe everything you read on FB.
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    HighlandTiger got a reaction from caloundracats in The Next Prime Minister   
    I'm not so sure the EU will offer an extension. The ruling elite have their own problems at home and in the EU in general. The whole of the EU is struggling financially and with populist groups demanding action over immigration. These populist groups are at a stage similar to what UKIP was a decade ago, and look what Farage has done since then. The EU are shitting themselves that this could bring the whole thing tumbling down. It only needs one more nation to want out of the EU and the whole thing collapses. The more the EU play hard ball with the UK, the more europeans see the lack of democracy in the EU, and more go over to populist groups. EU is split now into two camps. The younger Europeans, fed on a diet of Facebook and youtube, believe the world is going to end in a month, and are moving towards green parties. The older Europeans have seen through all this Kum Ba Ya bullshit from the EU, and just want their country back.
    Brexit is a distraction the EU need like a hole in the head.
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    HighlandTiger got a reaction from caloundracats in The Next Prime Minister   
    You've obviously never worked in the public sector then. It is VERY common for public sector workers when working away from home, to not only get free travel, but also free accommodation and a food allowance. The majority of civil servants will have an expenses account, and who do you think pays for that. Why the tax payer of course. 
    I've worked as senior management in the retail sector, and I too had an expenses account. You seem to have an obsession with tax payer funded houses for MP's when actually this will often work out cheaper than putting them up in a London Hotel. I'll ignore the crass comment about sleeping in the Houses of parliament, because of your ignorance of the layout of the place. Whilst the building may look huge in fact it would be impossible to do what you say, (I won't go into the lack of facilities that would be needed  like showers, toilets etc), there simply isn't the room. In fact they are so cramped for space that there are often 4 or 5 MP's or members of the Lords sharing an office there, and it's well known for MP's will share a desk. The place is falling apart, with many parts closed off due to health and safety issues. The electrics there are a nightmare, and need to be replaced. 
    Taxis in London would be required, because of security and safety issues. And I''m not going to worry about the TV licences, which if all MP's actually claimed for it, would cost about £80k a year. The facts are that most of them don't claim, because they either live in their sole residence, (local mp's), live in hotels, or simply just don't put it on their expenses. NHS purchasing managers waste more than that money on a daily basis. No one says a word. 
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    HighlandTiger got a reaction from caloundracats in The Next Prime Minister   
    Most of us don't work away from home 5 days a week. You obviously have no idea about how expenses work. They wouldn't need their wages topped up with expenses if they were paid the going rate for the work they do, MP's are actually paid way less than an equivalent executive. Are you aware, there are council leaders and Union leaders getting paid more money than the Prime Minister. If you want to find the real corrupt and wrong people you should really be looking there.  
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    HighlandTiger got a reaction from caloundracats in The Next Prime Minister   
    Of course he doesn't, he'd have to be looking at one a minute 24 hours a day. No, he employs one office manager and three part time assistants to do the constituency stuff. But every letter and email is read and dealt with. Sadly a vast majority of them are either malicious or from time wasters, but they have to be weeded out so the genuine ones can be dealt with.
    I'm not sure why you think they shouldn't have public funded accomodation in London. You can't pay someone from say Newcastle £75k or whatever, and expect them to pay travel to London and London accomodation costs out of that do you. If that was the case, then only the rich could become MP's and then we'd be back to the bad old days where seats were bought by the rich.
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    HighlandTiger got a reaction from RichRock in Sovereigns from the Buckingham Collection   
    Does PayPal ever work for Section 75?
    There could be circumstances where the necessary relationship may exist. For example, larger retailers may use it as a “merchant acquiring service”, which means it acts as a traditional payment processor. Yet, it's very difficult to tell – so to be on the safe side, assume not. If you’re going to get really nerdy on this (ignore this bit if you don’t want nerd-dom), it’s worth noting there are some court rulings which can be read as contradicting the Ombudsman’s view. In other words, that Section 75 does apply to PayPal, most notably if the retailer has entered into a commercial entity agreement with PayPal.
    From Moneyexpert
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    HighlandTiger got a reaction from RichRock in Sovereigns from the Buckingham Collection   
    If I end up losing the cash through technicalities, with paypal  or my credit card company, I'll just go down the small claims court. I'll close the bugger down If I don't get my cash back.  
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    HighlandTiger got a reaction from caloundracats in Brexit status ...   
    I find the hypocrisy of some of the left regarding drug use mind blowing (pardon the pun). The list of mp's who have admitted taking drugs in the past can be found on all sides. Probably on par with the general population. 1 in 10 people use drugs regularly. So the percentage of people having tried drugs even just once in their lives is probably very high. 
    After all, Obama, Clinton, and Bush have all been found to have consumed a line or two.....
    As for Abbot. I think she's probably partial to a bit of her Jamaican "heritage". Could explain her constant vacant expression and inability to put together a coherent thought. 
    I'd love to know how many of those people who are condemning drug use in the past, have a squeaky clean pasts themselves.
    For my own record, I have never snorted anything, nor swallowed any pill, but I've had a few puffs of an extremely thick roll up a couple of times, which did bugger all for me, and I went back to drinking beer as my poison of choice.